Red Snow: Preying Shadows (OOC & Sign-Up)

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  1. ''Never let the light fade or they will come for you and strike. They are always watching, hoping that one day you'll forget about them and enter the darkness. Always fear the dark, for it only wants to harm you.''

    In the war of 2018, during the winter months, brothers waged war for resources and their own person reason. The weaker are forced to retreat to a town they had burned and pillaged days earlier, most of the houses destroyed and holding the frozen remains of the unlucky. The only building untouched was the church. Seeking warmth inside they huddle together and all eventually fall asleep until they all wake up in a pitch black room with screams of their fellow man surrounding them.

    Unable to move their feet are grabbed by hands and held to the ground as they are taken to a large pitch black room under the church where they are thrown into a pile of rotting bodies. The person who had put them inside closed the hard metal door as they were just beginning to stand up. With them pounding at the door he laughed and knocked on it mockingly. ''The door is thick and strong, there is no escape.'' His laugh trailed off as he left to wherever.

    Every minute they heard the sound of flesh ripping and the bloodcurdling screams of another man. The 1st day was the hardest, but that was not the ending. Water was never a problem as it flowed down the walls frequently, though food was another problem. Forced to eat another man was cruel and inhumane, but they had to do it to survive.

    How long would they be in here before they escaped?

    If major gore isn't allowed in this section, someone please tell me. I don't want to break any rules.

    And of course, if anyone has any questions about the idea just ask me. :)


    I prefer descriptions over anime pictures (Real life is fine though), thank you.
  2. Can you draw your character (with added description)? :o
  3. Yeah. :3 But they gotta look like a soldier.
Thread Status:
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