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  1. "Follow the petals to the Reciever of Many. His arms, outstretched, welcome you with the Kiss of Death. His green eyes watch, heart blackened and unbiased. The Reaper himself, cackling laughter, harbors you forth to the afterlife..."

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    Brought to you by your ever so gracious host:

    "Follow th petals to the Reciever of many...."

    Welcome to The Rose Red Void. If you are here that can only mean one thing:

    Sorry pal, but your life in the World of the Living has come to a sad and tragic end.

    *Insert wails of sorrow and snot-nosed sniffling.*

    BUT death is only the beginning. You have come to The Red Rose Void, which is "Purgatory" for those of you too stupid to realize it.

    YES. Purgatory exists and you have been brought here because:

    A.) You haven't come to terms with your death.

    B.) You don't know how you have died.

    C.) You have "unfinished business" in the World of the Living

    D.) You are being sorted to your proper afterlife

    Introduction aside, let's get down to Brass Taxes. Let me tell you a little about myself and The Rose Red Void.

    I go by many names, always changing from century to century. Death, Hades, The Grim Reaper, etc. This century you have the honor of calling me Etticus Grim or "G" for short. I am the boss, king, lord, whatever you wish to call it, so don't piss me off. Some interests I have:

    1.) Reading

    2.) Music

    3.) Apples

    4.) Going for walks and talking about feelings!~

    Joking by the way...

    Enough about me. Let's talk about The Void. The Rose Red Void, as I said before, is a "Purgatory" of sorts, but not what you have been brought up to believe. This is a business with quotas to meet, employees to fire, and coffee to drink. What are the Quotas, you ask? SOULS. Lots and lots of souls needing to be sorted and placed into afterlife. My "loyal" employees (i.e. The Reapers) collect your soul, along with thousands of others everyday and bring them to the Rose Red Void, where they determine your afterlife. Angels and Demons make up my work force (I'm sure you can imagine the Christmas parties.) They are the ONLY divine beings who can work for me.

    -Sorry to the Wolfies and Vampies, but you can die so I have no use for you.-

    I hand pick all of my workers and hold them to the HIGHEST calibur. "Service with a smile" is what I believe...not that I have to follow it.

    "What happens when I come to purgatory?"

    Good Question. When You die, you will be brought here by either an Angel or a Demon. You will be given a number and a nametag by our lovely receptionist and then wait until your number is called. When your number is called, you will then meet your "Fate". They will go over your criteria and see which place best fits you (Either Heaven or Hell). Don't worry. I am NOT biased...but that does not mean my workers are not.

    While you wait, we have entertainment in the form or books, booze, and music. Feel free to take a seat and relax, because you are going to be here a while.

    With Love,

    The Creatures

    1.) ANGEL: Straight from the Big Guy upstairs, these guys are the embodiments of purity, holiness, righteousness, and overall heavenly beings. Because they are so "pure" they have a tendecy to be self-righteous, snobby, pompous, and overall cocky douchebags. How can you tell who they are? Look for the halo, white wings, perfect bodies and face, and a "Holier than thou" attitude.

    2.) DEMON: Usually an embodiment of 1 of the 7 deadly sins, these guys have crawled straight from the depts of Hell. Violent, Lustful, gluttonous, and overall mean creatures. They are sly and usually try to manipulate situations to go their way, usually taking any means necessary to have it happen. In the Rose Void, however, they have taken an oath to be unbiased...not meaning that they follow it.

    3.) FATES: These guys have the job of deciding who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. They are completely unbiased, although they have been known to take bribes from certain groups. Their decisions can be overrided by G. (I'm giving anyone who chooses these guys artistic freedom. Make them however you like)

    4.) "Void": This is what G has come to call himself seeing as he neither Demon, Angel, or Human. They are simply in existance.

    5.) Human: These guys make up the bulk of Purgatory as Souls. Nothing more than mildless cattle, whining and crying.

    (If you can come up with an exciting creature to add, I will be willing to listen!~ This is a very chill rp.)

    Jobs ( * is extremely important part)

    1.) *REAPER~ The most known job to have in The Rose Void. These guys are either DEMONor ANGEL only. They help the souls they are assigned to either find a place in Heaven or be dragged to Hell, WHILE tying up any loose ends they may have in the world of the living (i.e. wills, revenge, enligtenment, etc.) G hand picks his Reapers and holds them to the HIGHEST calibur of behavior and professionalism...not meaning that there aren't any fightsand disagreements between the two affiliations, but that makes for a better work space. "Friendly" competition (about 6)

    2.) *RECEPTIONIST~ Someone has to get all the numbers, take inventory, and set up meetings for G and that is where the receptionist comes in. He/She hands out numbers and nametags to the incoming souls, sets up meetings in either Heaven or Hell, while still managing to fetch G a cup of coffee and a box of Black Devils when he needs it (PROBABLY THE MOST DEMANDING JOB IS THE ROSE VOID) -only 1-

    3.) JANITOR~ somebody had to clean up all that ectoplasmic gunk the souls leave around...does a pretty damn good job as well. (Most likely has been enslaved) (only 1)

    4.) BARTENDER~ the bartender simply bartends...hands out drinks, gets tips (you know...bartender stuff) But he is also in charge of making sure G doesn't drink...the damn light weight can ruin everything. Rally up the drunken souls and other fun things...leave the puke to the janitor. (1)

    5.) BOOK KEEPERS~ 1 purpose job: FIND BOOKS FOR G. Based on the Greek Mythology Fates so get creative, but base them on being tricky. Hold back information and just make a nuisance of yourself (3 max).

    6.) *FATES OR "DECIDERS"~ These guys decide on who goes to Heaven and who goes to hell. Their job is very simple, but they are usually unbiased and unemotional when it comes to this job. -6 max-

    7.) MESSANGERS~ Carry messages between Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. they usually talk to the Secretary, rather than G, but every now and then, they get to see the big guy. -2-

    8.) SOULS: mainly NPC, but if someone wishes to back a stuck soul or something like that, message me about the details. These guys are just cattle. They bitch, whine, moan, bargain, etc. They are dead and death is bad to them, but good to us ;3

    so yeah...that's about it... Tell me what you think and stuffs and I hope this will catch your interest!~
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  2. This actually looks like it could be a lot of fun! I'm all for it~.
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  3. @You

    WOO 1 DOWN :,D
  4. Ofcourse i take the bartender role :3
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  5. Ooh is the receptionist still open?
  6. Oh gosh... those "Souls" references. I'm in!
    I'd very much like to be a decider.
  7. Everything is open, except G :3
  8. I'm happy you want to join!~
  9. Awesome then I would like to apply for the receptionist please =3
  10. @Sinopa

    Okay hun!~ ^.^ I based the character off of the Greek Mythology story of Persephone and Hades :D
  11. Oh, I guess I 'ought to claim my spot too. I'll take a Demon Reaper.

    Since Wrath is my favorite of the 7 Sins, I'll make him a Wrath demon, if that's allowed/okay to do.
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  12. That is perfect!~
  13. I'll start a character creation thread in a little bit ^.^

    Fell free to invite people you think will like the idea and such!
  14. I definitely could have some interest here but Ill need to think on what I wanna do and I have to ask. Because one of my key points anymore for rp is "Will this have combat in the plot" Im pretty opt to not joining anymore rps if they don't have a strong storyline element to them involving combat. and conflict. =) That being said This is a really freaking cool and well done original idea.
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  15. Yay XD I love that story. Oh have you read goddess of spring by p.c. cast? its based off the Persephone and Hades story and her version is amazing lol
  16. Well yes there is going to be conflict...but it is a secret for now ;3

  17. x.x

    Buh Doomy! D=
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