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  1. Between the Infernal Trinity in New York City, things generally go their way in terms of criminal enterprise- Even with all the would-be heroes and otherwise who seek to make a move on operations. Of course, this is perfectly natural and a sign of a healthy relationship insofar as Jackie is concerned in his view.

    They get to make a token effort to bring him down and nobody is ever strong enough to overpower the other two. Sans something incredibly deranged, it keeps the peace....Which is why these recent events are truly shaking the foundations of the Moonlit World in New York City.

    And in a subway station, one of Heartlands people awaits another....​

    Crime was an integral part of society and that held true for the Hidden World. There was just so much to take advantage of! Weapons, items unobtainable by anyone else, magic both in cantrips and more serious fare- Especially for the more dark aligned folk.

    Business was good, but it was also shadowed of late. Rumors spoke of a mass murder at the Chelsea Hotel, whispers of a nameless thing that was stalking the city. And then came an anonymous tip to Mr. Heartlands place, claiming if they wanted to know more to talk to him. On this day, this hour....This location.

    You had been waiting for two hours. Doesn't seem like anyone is coming.

    And then someone slides into the seat across, twitching as he looks around.


    "I-I-Is it safe?! Sorry, I waited for a bit till I was sure you weren't followed. Small guy like me, c-can't be certain."

    He looks a mess and smells like he hasn't showered in a while. More disquieting is the aura of fear pervading his personage.

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  2. The task fell to Gauche, aptly named as Mr. Heartland's left hand man. It was rare for the boss himself to make an appearance unless he was needed personally - he so would rather entrench himself in his club than chase the shadows of New York City - so it was Gauche that endured the wait.

    And he had such a short fuse.

    By the time he was joined by the mousy-looking fellow across the table veins were visible throbbing in his neck as he struggled to keep his temper in check. His jaw tightened and one fist landed on the table before him. Gauche was muscular and brawny for a mage, yet he definitely had the aura of one about him.

    "Who do ya think y'are, keeping me waiting like that?" he huffed, venting his frustration before leaning back in his chair and crossing his arms across his broad chest. "If ya got somethin' to tell me then spill it, I waited damn long enough."

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  3. He visibly cringed, hands thrown up before his face at the slam.

    "Sorry! L-look, these guys don't fuck around! You don't know what its like, knowing ye could be next on the chopping block. Look- Here's the deal. The murders being hushed up by the B.P.R.D.? I know why. Its all to do with old magic, older forces. I-I used to be a guy who researched these things. Never expected them to turn the tables and examine me though! But...Here."

    He reached with shaking fingers for his jacket, withdrawing a crumpled map of New York City as he smoothed it out, various locales marked in red X's.

    "Estacado territory, arms deal. Someone crashed the party, lot of bullets flew but the only guys killed were his men. Eaten alive from the inside out, by what appeared to be bugs. Chinatown, one of Lo Pan's sorcerers managed to send out a distress signal but when his people came, all they found were rats around his skeleton. I-if I-I'm correct, it'll attack again here. One of Snow's speakeasy places. Whatever got summoned? Its going after every criminal in town and while most couldn't care? Eventually, its gonna get bigger and then its gonna start eating everyone else. I see it in my dreams, all eyes and creepy-crawlies! Urgh!"

  4. Seeing his response satisfied Gauche at least somewhat, until the man had begun to speak. They were well aware murders were occurring, but not that they were particularly targeted. The city had its fair share of things that went bump in the night, and if the Heart wasn't losing people - or customers - they didn't typically involve themselves. Where Estacado and Snow were concerned though, that was a different story.

    His eyes ran across the map but he recognized the territories without it. The three factions could associate freely as they didn't step on each other's toes.

    "Snow? Tell me ya made them aware of this," Gauche scowled as he noted the location. "And when, how soon?" As an afterthought, he leaned forward and glared the man down. "Just what is it yer seeing?"

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  5. "...I see too much!"

    A gunshot rang out in the subway and he fell over, eyes rolled as he hit the floor....And then scrabbled to his feet as he started running, his jacket falling off to reveal the bulletproof vest he was wearing.

    Yay for Paranoia but it left Gauche with a clear and present problem. The would-be-assassin looking right at Gauche as a machine pistol aimed and the crowd screamed in fright as they panicked in the subway.


  6. His gut reaction to a gunshot was quick, the mousy guy was on his own as far as Gauche was concerned. His main concern was defending himself in a crowd where magic was clandestine.

    Unnoticed by the mundane was the spell he muttered under his breath, -stoneskin-, that caused his skin to briefly shimmer and change densities, hardening itself to imperviousness, as far as mundane weapons were concerned at least. In a crowd panicked by screams and a rushed stampede to escape, he could only hope it went unnoticed.

    Gauche wouldn't risk another spell, but luckily he was more than just a mage: he was also a fighter.

    His hands tightened into fists as he bum-rushed the would-be assassin, one arm raised to deflect oncoming shots, the other fist drawn back to thrust his entire strength behind it, a jab towards his abdomen.

    His first concern was defense, indeed, but his second was wringing this guy for information.

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  7. The assassin was a professional. Instead of aiming at the head, his spread went for upper abdomen shots, quick and well-aimed before the ammo ran out and the gun was tossed to the side.

    Just in time to get tackled and punched, the pair of them smashing right through into a subway car as the assassin rained blows down with no discernible effect due to the skin spell. This close, in the heat of the fight Gauche would smell rich earth and bone, the red eyes of the goggles and mask betraying nothing outwardly as the sleeve flicked and a blade came out, coming downward in an attempt to stab into Gauche's ear.

    So far, the panic was helping to keep them both isolated, but it was only a matter of time before the authorities arrived.

  8. His head angled to the side and there was the loud scrape of metal grinding against stone, the blade carving its mark into his cheek instead of its intended target; the blade's damage wouldn't unfold until the spell itself wore off, but the mark stood out as a clear line just below his eye.

    The pain only seemed to spurn Gauche on rather than deter him; he used his body weight to force his assailant back towards the far end of the subway car, laying a forearm across his neck in an effort to pin him. The crowds were thinning but Gauche knew he was pressed for time and couldn't afford dealing with mundane authorities, if he could help it. His weapons switched to words as he spat loudly, "Who are ya, huh?!"

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  9. He didn't answer....Or perhaps he couldn't. There was something wrong with this picture though. Something that close up, was niggling at the back of Gauche's mind. Was it the goggles? The lower face mask? The smell or perhaps the breathing- Wait.

    He wasn't breathing.

    And he didn't seem very choked up about it either. From his sleeve, centipedes began to emerge, using the contact in an attempt to get under Gauche's collar as the stench of a grave wafted in Gauche's face, exhaled by the assassin before it sought to follow up. First with a knee to his groin to attempt to get him off, before turning to make a run for it down the subway.

  10. "Damnit!" Gauche cursed and withdrew in reflexive disgust, both from the stench and the creepy crawlies worming their way across his skin. Luckily for him the spell had extended across his entire skin... but that wasn't to say it didn't smart something fierce still. It took him a moment to recover, and by the time he did, his assailant had a decent head-start on him. Though he had the location given to him by the mousy guy, he wasn't about to let this newcomer off easy, especially after a cheap shot like that.

    Speed wasn't Gauche's strong suit but he'd make a go of it anyways; Heartland would have been likely to berate him if he didn't at least try anyways.

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  11. Down the subway cars, Gauche pursued the assassin as the latter barreled or tackled his way through people. Until finally coming to a car where the door was locked, the car empty- Surprisingly enough.

    Calmly, the figure looked around before staring at Gauche as he came in, before flicking the bowie knife up in ready position. From its mouth area, a centipede crawled out, over the unflinching features as it vanished into the assassins ear.

    And then the assassin struck first, throwing his knife for the lights....And plunging the car into darkness.


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  12. Like Gauche himself his pursuit was as straightforward as possible, and most people - mundanes included - had enough foresight to get out of his way. He skidded to a halt when the pursuit reached the end of the line, so to speak, and his confidence swelled. Being alone meant no more worries about breaking the double-edged sword that was the Hidden World's veil of secrecy.

    Given those in command at the Bleeding Heart he was more familiar with insects than he would have preferred, though the manner in which they slunk across the assassin's body was a far cry from the synchronized flights of Heartland's fly swarms or the orchestrated choruses of cicada song. This was more reminiscent of insects crawling over a corpse.

    Gauche tightened his jaw and grit his teeth. "Alright, enough with the--"

    His words were cut off by the appearance of a knife, followed by the sudden darkness. Without skipping a beat Gauche put his fists together knuckle-to-knuckle, the impact of which wreathed both hands in fire. It wasn't flashy by any means, but magic was magic and he just had to hope they wouldn't be interrupted by some unlucky mundane. The flames threw flickering lights along the car's walls as Gauche struck again where the assassin had stood, his fists leaving arcs of fire as afterimages in the air to a hard right hook.

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  13. The being in the light of the flickering firelight loomed dangerous close, as the impact of the fire-fist smacked into it. Burns marked the place of impact, but the being seemed to ignore it. Hands reaching out instead to grab the mage by the collar and keep him there as centipedes in swarms came out from his sleeves, snaking out and crawling out under Gauche's clothing and attempting to slide into his orifices....Eyes, ears, mouth- It didn't matter.

    They wanted in.

  14. Gauche reflexively recoiled at the feel of insects on his skin, the fabric of his shirt tearing him free as he staggered backward and bat at his body to crush them or fling them off. Revolting as it was it didn't deter him for long with his blood pumping hard and his temper flaring.

    He swung a hard uppercut this time right under the assassin's jaw - damaging on its own and at least enough to crack the mask, his mouth area being the source of at least some of the insects. Gauche still wanted to incapacitate him over killing him, but the former was seeming like less of a possibility the more he pressed his attack.

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