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  1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard .

    Has anyone read this book ? It's awesome , in my opinion !

    Anyone interested in a group RP ? It'll be set after the Scarlet Guard had discovered about the mutated Reds and when the kingdom is taken over by Maven .
    Damn , butthole .

    To those who don't know , the World is divided into people with different blood : Red and Silver .

    To summarize it , Reds are basically slaves , or to be more exact , the source of living in luxury , for the Silvers . While the Silvers were seen as Gods . This was because Silvers had power - literally . Every single one of them , whether a commoner , Sentinels (Royal guards) or even the Elites . A few powers are having the ability to manipulate water , being as strong as anything or even being able to control people .

    The basic plot of the book is a Red girl suddenly having new found power - power only Silvers have . As such , with the help of the Scarlet Guard , a somewhat guerrilla group , she set out to restore equality . This genre of this RP will be Fantasy , Action and who knows , maybe Romance ?

    Want more info about the book ? Go here .

    Thanks for reading ! Let me know , okay ?
  2. I must say you have a great idea here for an RP and I would love to be a part of it as an advocate writer. ^^
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  3. Why , thank you ! The only predicament now is to look for more people who are interested . If not , this might only be a one-on-one roleplay....*^*
  4. I've never read the book, but magical caste warfare sounds pretty fun. You'll have to fill me in on the details though, especially about the political situation.
  5. I guess I'll just explain as much as I can them .

    The King , King Tiberios , has two wives - one he married after the other passed away . The King is only supposed the marry the strongest female representative of each House - there are roughly about 20 or so , if you include the smaller ones , as well . But , he married his first wive out of love , and she gave birth to a child , Cal . But she had passed away mysteriously (work of the second queen and her crony) . And soon after , King Tiberios married her , and she then bared Maven , his second son . This second queen is very conniving and she has the ability of a Singer (manipulation of the mind) .

    Anyways , back to the Red Village . The story basically centres around Mare . Everything was well , until her best friend , was to be conscipted after his 'Master' , someone who he worked for , passed away . In order to keep his away from being conscripted , she needed money to take both of them far away from the village , as such , she planned on stealing from the rich Silvers . But her sister got caught and was punished . One thing led to another , she ran away for awhile and there she tried to pickpocket off someone coming out of a bar . They talked after he caught her and even gave her two coins . The next day , a Red servant (from the palace) came in search of her . It seemed that Mare had gotten a job . When she worked , she found out the man from who she tried to pickpocket at the bar , was Cal , the first prince of the land . Long story short , there was an incident whereby all the nobels , the royalty and herself found out she had power - power only Silvers had . Not wanting to cause a stir , the King had her betrothed to Maven , the Second Prince and said she was the lost daughter of a general from a nobel house who had passed .

    Yada , yada , Mare and Cal , the First Prince , fell in love unknowingly , but nothing happened except for maybe a kiss . And he was already betrothed to another girl who hated Mare . There was a group she was working with that wanted to take down the Silvers - I forgot their name . Maven , the Second Prince has always wanted change , so he joined Mare in the fight . In the end , it was found out that he had sided with his mother to kill off this group . She controlled Cal to kill the King and now Mare and Cal are seen as traitors , with Maven as King .

    The politics ? Hmm...Basically , the nobels are divided into their respective houses , based on their powers or more accurately , abilities . Within a house , there is a hierarchy where there are common , Sentinels and Elite Silvers . Common Silvers are your merchants , artist and so on . Sentinels is just another name for Royal Guard for the King and the Elites while the Elites are the Lords and Ladies .

    So basically , when there is a new king , there will be a banquet-challenge of a sort . Each house will put forth their best female representative in hopes that she would be the Queen of the new king . The Queen is the strongest among all the girls put forth in this banquet . They don't fight each other , just flaunt their abilities .

    As for Red , there is no hierarchy except of you count those who live in the village and those who serves the Royals or nobels....

  6. Alright, so how does one gain abilities? Is it hereditary or are they determined randomly (ie a child of two House X parents being able to gain the power of House Y), and are there any ways to tell what you are other than your ability? Is the colour of a Silver's blood actually silver, or is it still red? Is your rank within a house determined by the strength of your ability, or by the profession you choose? How frequent an occurrence are mutated reds? Is Mare the only one, or 1:500, 1:2000?

    What kind of storyline do you have planned for the player characters? Will it follow Mare's adventures or will it be something separate, and just in the same world/time?
  7. It's not really clear about that , but from reading the book , I assume it's hereditary . It's not clear what happens to an offspring's ability if a parent is from House X and another House Y , I would assume THAT would be random . And as for what you are other than abilities , no , I doubt so .

    Yes , Silver's blood is actually silver in color that's why they are pale compared to Reds . As for the rank , I would assume that it's actually chosen by someone higher up and yourself because a Sentinel can be related to an Elite . And one can choose to serve the King as a Sentinel .

    The mutated Reds started only as Mare , but a professor or more like a guardian of Mare in the palace had began to research the blood of those Red that had died and found that there are those who's blood are mutated like hers . These mutated Reds are both stronger than a Red and a Silver as they are both . But the ratio is not stated , I would assume that it's about 1 in 20 , at least .

    I was thinking of having one that is a generation after Mare when she had failed to launch a successful strike . I originally thought of having two storylines interlinked - that is , if there is anyone who wants to roleplay as Silvers . If there aren't , then there would be the mutated Reds aiming to take down the Silvers . But there will be other....adventures and goals , of a sort , as well , other than taking the Silvers down .
  8. I'd be more interested in playing a silver since it would be a lot more political and deep than if it were the adventures of generic underdogs against generic oppressors.
  9. I'd definitely approve of people playing more than one character too , but it depends on how many who'd prefer the politics to the power.....
  10. What's the difference in power level between a mutated Red and a mutated Silver wielding the same ability, assuming the same quantity and the same type of training, and the same levels of intelligence? So basically, if you were to measure the raw output of the two like you might test the raw output of a bomb, which would be higher and by how much?
  11. Only mutated Reds , no mutated Silvers . That's why mutated Reds are stronger than Silver . You see , reading the book , it's clearly pointed out that say , if a Silver is a manipulator of water , he needs a source of water nearby or else , that ability of his is no use . But in the book , a mutated Red can somewhat create thag source of water .

    But if a Red doesn't know its full potential and with the right amount of training , then yes , it's possible .
  12. Oh whoops, I didn't mean to say mutated Silver, just normal silver XD That sounds to me like either a terrible plot device or an amazing one, and we'll probably never know unless the author writes about the process of creating that plot device in their memoirs...
  13. There is a second book out and I have it in my possession but I'm determined to finish Haruki Murakami's 1000+ pages of 1Q84 . I need the willpower .
  14. Only 1000 pages? Easy! Especially when it's a story. I have a book on linguistics that's 1200 pages and I've read it front to back, just for fun XD And that's saying something, because I usually have a really low attention span. I can't read proper books because I get bored; I can only read manga / comics / watch anime / films.
  15. I guess you can blame it on me insisting I read every word and every letter . Plus , this was some modern setting heading to science fiction and history thing . You may say I lost focus .

    Definition of me . (open)

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  16. Oh god, the amount of time it would take me to read anything if I read every word XD My reading style ranges from "getting the gist of what you're saying" to "I'm ignoring 9 out of 10 words here."
  17. I'm poor and stingy . I need every word if I freaking pay about $15 for a book , thank you . XD
  18. *cough* everything's free on the internet.
    *cough* everything's free if you throw it over the store's electronic gate thingy when no one's looking.
  19. OK so quick thought: You said there were 20 houses earlier. Does this mean there are only 20 abilities to pick from?
  20. I'm only picking maybe about 10 houses or less , as in the more popular ones because these are the more....useful abilities .
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