Red Dead Redemption: Return of the gang

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  1. watch this video if you have never played Red Dead Redemption

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Back story: You grew up in a gang where everyone cared for each other and would defend each others back, you did what ever you wanted killed anybody that looked the wrong way at you, drink how ever much you wanted, and stole what ever you wanted. This gang was your family until one day you are left behind and stranded to die due to some injury or the gang just didn't care about you anymore. Everything and everyone you had grown up with just slips out of your fingers and you have no way to catch it. DO you run after the gang and ask for forgiveness, do you run away, or do you start your own gang with others that have been left behind? These are just some basic questions that you will have to decide in the world of the Old West.[/BCOLOR]

    Plot: It has been 5 years since you where left behind by the game most people ran back towards the gang others started a gang together called the Forgotten and some people decided to start over their life. But rumors have been spreading thought out town to town that Dutch's gang is trying to find all of the men and women who had left there gang all those years ago and nobody knows if the rumor's are true or not. But one day Dutch sets a large barn on fire that was supplying food to over 15 towns and he uses the fire to write out on the field that every lost soul in his gang better start running. Do you run or face Dutch head on will you risk everything to stay free or will you die fighting for what you believe in.



    1: Revolver
    2: sawed of shot gun
    3:hunting knife
    4: shotgun
    5:scoped rifle
    7: repeaters
    9: lasso
    10: throwing knife, tomahawks

    1:No god modding
    2: please create both male and female character
    3: cursing is allowed
    4: please post at least 5 well thought out sentences
    5: have fun
    6: if you have read this post your username and I wont go back to the gang

    Dutches gang:
    second in command:

    leaders: hannah
    second in command

    the people who ran:

    character sheet:
    gang (only if your in a gang):

    name: Hannah Michelle
    age: 17
    rank: leader of Forgotten
    gang: forgotten
    weapons: lasso, throwing knife, shotgun, revolver
    husband/wife: no
    kids: currently pregnant
    personality: Is very kind and carrying towards everyone even if she doesn't know then she will always greet people with a smile. She is very protective of the Forgotten gang because they are her family and she doesn't want anything to happen to them even if it means she puts her life in danger. She is very level headed and doesn't do anything with out thinking things through and she will go to her second in command if she cant makeup her mind. She is very aggressive towards Dutches gang because of what they did to her and her family 5 years ago she doesn't live to get involved in to much conflict and when they do she will lead her group ever time.
    History: Hannah is the daughter of Dutch and she was left behind because she was to nice and sweet to everyone so her father didn't accept her and left her to die or to fend for her self to make her stronger. But what he didn't realize was that if she had to be mean and aggressive she would. So with the help of other e gang members they created the forgotten gang and it has grown for the past 5 years. She recently became pregnant when she was injured and was asleep when the doctor came in he had his way with her she has not told anybody in the gang and fears that they will see her as weak and is trying to keep it a secret for as long as possible.
    looks: [​IMG]

    name: Ryan Alexander
    age: 25
    gender: male
    rank: rancher
    gang (only if your in a gang):
    weapons: lasso, throwing knifes, repeater, sawed off shotgun
    husband/wife: none
    personality: Ryan is very outgoing he will talk to any traveler and try to make conversation with them and make then laugh if they seem to be having a bad day. He is also very self conchies and will over think even the simplest of things. He takes care of others when needed and will never take no for an answer if somebody is hurt. He is an animal lover and hates to see animals being killed for no reason.
    history: Ryan was Dutches second in command but when he stood up against Dutch to protect Hannah he was shot in the shoulder and left to die. He was found by a farmer and his wife who took Ryan in and raised him as one of his own. Ever since then the thought of Dutch and his gang coming back has been far from his mind until recently.
    looks: [​IMG]
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