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  1. Hello all!

    I would love to create a tight-knit ensemble: a loyal, long-term crew.

    - Pirates
    - Mercenaries
    - Rogues
    - Investigators
    - Bounty hunters
    - Mages
    - Tomb raiders / archaeologists
    - Vampire coven
    - Ideas?

    I don't need many. One would suffice; two would be delightful.

    I have a deep fondness for the Middle Ages and Victorian era.

    Someone who is of a detail-oriented, "aggressive," DM-variety would be great, as I am more passive. I become very immersed, but I like to be a follower.

    I am very quest-driven, and love the bond that a traveling party develops.

    Do let me know if you're interested!

    EDIT: This posting is for the purpose of recruiting either an adventuring party (more than one other character / player) or one player for one x one RPing.
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  2. Hello there :) I didn't understand this part of your message. You wish to have a traveler companion for your rp, but I didn't understand if you want one or two separate rps, or one or two companions for an adventurers party. I'm saying this because I'm looking for a rp, but I prefer doing onexone.

    That said, I've being playing tabletop rpgs for almost 7 years, and I've been DMing for a year. The two games I've played the most, Dungeons & Dragons and Vampire the Masquerade, are compatible with the things you listed. If we rp, I can carry the story. Reply or pm me if you're interested. Cheers~
  3. I think it would be entertaining to create a party / group of players' characters, in order to bond together through ongoing quests.

    I can see how it's confusing! This is a posting for both one x one roleplays, and people would are interested in creating a small adventure party.

    I've never played Vampire: The Masquerade, but if you give me the necessary background information, I'm sure I can adapt. :)

    What kind of one x one pairing do you prefer?
  4. Hooray for both being Beastmasters!
  5. I just noticed we have the same signature xD Horray!

    Vampire the Masquerade is a roleplaying game about vampires. Vampires are divided by sects, each sect with its own religious and political beliefs. Each sect is divided by clans, each clan having its own vampiric powers and personality archetypes. One can break those archetypes though. Most of the times, those are the most interesting characters. And since this game is from the series World of Darkness, one can encounter other creatures from that setting, like hunters, werewolves, angels, demons, etc.

    I don't know if you're saying 'pairing' in the romantic sense. Assuming you're not, I like characters who will have a good time together, and will be able to become friends in the long term. For the action part, I like characters whose powers complement. For example: mage + warrior. Archer + warlock. Healer + beastmaster. Just to name a few.
  6. I'm not entirely sure if you are looking for a one on one rp, or a small group, but either way, I'm available for roleplay! Reply or pm if interested. xD
  7. I don't really do romance, unless someone convinces me it's imperative for moving the story along, and even then I don't get overly involved in it. I meant pairing in the numerical sense. :P I am the same way; I even enjoy two characters who have a respectful rivalry toward each other, or grudgingly agree to team up but befriend each other over time. Do you prefer to play spell casters? I like the person to stake their claim on a character, and then I'll play the complement.
  8. I'm looking for both. However, no one has come here with an explicit interest to create a party so we can do a one x one RP. What characters do you like to play, and what plot line are you interested in?
  9. I don't have much preference with characters, and I love all the ideas you had up there. I was thinking somewhere along vampires, with any of those other bullet points above. You choose, I'm not really picky. I've been dying for some rp these days.
  10. Vampire artifact hunters? ;) Perhaps stealing (or "taking back") from other supernatural factions?

    I'm horrendous at plots, ha!!
  11. I like it...Could the other supernatural factions be werewolves, undead/ghosts, and the like? And do you want to stick a limit to the number of characters...?
  12. The supernatural factions can comprise of whomever you wish! Do you mean characters as in NPCs? We might need at least a handful to account for conspiracies, plots, faction hostilities, and whatnot.
  13. I mean that, as well as the characters we use to interact with. I typically use more than one.
  14. Sure, why not!
  15. Okay, i'll start out with just two or three. Do you want to send the characters over pm?
  16. That sounds good. Do you want to hash out some plot ideas over PM before we create CS? Do you want (at least one) of our characters to be in alliance?
  17. That sounds good. And sure.
  18. I would love to form an adventuring troupe with you, senpai! *salutes*

    Also, wouldn't it be cool to have the vampires trying to find an artifact that would remove their weakness to the sun? (just throwing my two cents into that)

    As for my personal ideas...I've had this idea in my head that sort of pulls from World of Darkness and Criminal Minds. Almost like we are recruited into a branch of the FBI that tries to profile and classify supernatural 'killers'.

    I also DM with my D&D/WoD group, so...I have some experience with that. XD If you're interested throw me a PM. :3
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  19. Yes, I prefer spell casters. Specially those who are able to heal their allies. And those kind of relationships your mentioned sound interesting, for a dynamic rp. So, are you up for a onexone then?
  20. Sounds great!
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