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  1. Hey hey! I'm Yanaike, I'm a young-adult roleplayer and I'm searching for 1 or 2 new roleplaying-friends to spend some time with! :D I'm still a relatively new roleplayer and I'm not a native english writer but I have a lot of ideas I might want to try, but feel free to come up with any ideas you like.

    What do I expect/what can you expect/what do I like?
    • Writing length: No one liners! There must be something more you could tell. Anything else is fine. I do not require 5+ paragraphs or something like that. Sometimes less is more!
    • Be active: I prefer at least one post a day. If you think you need more time please tell me so in the OOC. If you do not react within a week (OOC counted as well) without explanation, I’ll consider the story dead. For me I’ll try to respond at least twice a day but my posting speed really depends on time zones, inspiration and real life.
    • OOC: Roleplaying is not only writing the story, but also discussing it. I can’t make the plotline on my own. Even after the story has started I expect you to be active in the OOC thread discussing the continuation of the story or just to have a talk ;)
    • Elementary role-play: I’m relatively new to roleplaying. Also I’m not a native English speaker/writer so I might make some grammar mistakes and I might lack some detailed vocabulary knowledge. Please keep that in mind. I expect you to know the basics about roleplaying but your grammar and vocabulary doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as its readable I’m fine with it!
    • Characters: I usually stick with pre-made characters, since I prefer to develop existing characters further then keep creating new ones. You can do whatever you want. Both pre-made characters and unique characters are okay.
    • Gender/Relationship: I prefer playing female, but I’m okay with male roles as well, depending on the plot. As for relationships any gender combination is fine but if we’re going into romance I want to do MxF. I might want to give MxM a try but only if it suits my character or in the ‘Nuclear Plant’ plot (although a MxF relationships is fine there as well). I don’t feel comfortable with a FxF love relationship, sorry.
    • Setting/Genre: I like magic, I like fantasy. But I don’t like these stories about all kinds of different races and elves and dwarves and such… Magic as a part of the story is fine, but the story shouldn’t revolve only around magic. Any time-period is fine. I like middle ages, I like future, I like normal, I’m in for mixes and if you really like to I can even try something prehistoric or roman like :p One condition: the time period has to fit the plot of the story.

    Here are a couple of plot idea’s. Feel free to click on them! They still need more input however. If you see anything you like or you want more information about or if there’s any idea not listed down below, but you still feel you’ve gotta try that with me, feel free to send me a PM or post a reply!

    Doomcruise (open)
    Once my first attempt to a RP-story. But sadly, very quickly abandoned. This idea is about two people: a boy and a girl who are totally in love with each other and have plans to marry very soon. They're travelling together on a small ship owned by the boy. But suddenly when they pass some kind of border/when they reach a certain sea/when they get close to a certain country etc. the girl suddenly collapses, her hair is turning black, she's shrinking. And after a couple of seconds a completely different person appears. She introduces herself as the boy's nightmare and she commands him to sail towards a certain direction. With this idea I like to start with my first part, which I've been re-writing in English. The appearances of the boy/girl are already made-up. But things like the personalities, goal of the girl, reason why the girl appeared and the continuation of the story are still left to our imagination. In this story I don't mind whether I play the boy or the girl.

    Nuclear Plant (open)
    Imagine a small village, a mysterious (could be abandoned) giant nuclear power plant and a group of boys (maybe a few girls) from a local school, spending the beginning of their vacation investigating the plant. Once inside, they got trapped. Communication to outside doesn't work due to nuclear interference. Also the power plant is quite far from civilization and no-one knows they are there. So the group struggles to survive, trying to find/make an exit meanwhile. Surviving gets harder and harder after the food supplies have ran out, now being dependent on small quantities on food founded in the plant. Some of the side-characters die, with unknown causes, the survivors find themselves slowly mutating into strange creatures. Also the group finds out there's a lot more hidden in the plant then they at first expected.

    The Experiment (open)

    I already do something like this with someone, but I posted it here since I still think it’s a great idea and I love to try it with someone else. However I only do this if the story goes different than the other one. So if you’re interested please PM me for more information.

    One of my ideas involves a scientific experiment, supposed to be the 'perfect' female: charming, smart, attractive etc. But she was supposed to be used for evil purposes. She realizes that those evil purposes are wrong and she either flees away or get trapped by her creator. Anyway, in this idea I would like to play 'the experiment', you could play a scientist/creator or a casual normal character who meets the experiment.

    The Manipulator (open)
    I would also like something like a manipulative person (a bad boy/girl or an evil person) and someone being manipulated. I would prefer the character being manipulated (since I already have a great character for that) but I do have some ideas for a manipulative character.

    Student & Teacher (open)
    This idea would be for a fantasy/low-fantasy setting and it would involve my character who could be ideal for a student-like character. She's the same person as the one being manipulated in the idea above so there could also be some kind of a mix between the two involving an evil teacher and a naive student or something.

    Imaginary Friend (open)
    An idea I came up with just a while ago, but it seems to be pretty cliché. But the idea is about an imaginary friend becoming real. Why or how is still up to us and I don’t mind whether I play the imaginary friend or the real person.

    Ancient Demon (open)
    A vague idea I made-up quite recently. It involves a girl being possessed by an ancient demon, who seeks revenge on the descendants of the people that killed her a long time ago. My character would be the girl/ancient demon. Your character can either be a good friend of the girl (when she wasn't a demon) or one of the descendants.

    Shapeshifter (open)
    One of my characters is a shapeshifter. He can’t control his own power and he changes at random times in random persons (not in animals or creatures). At that point he is stuck in his new body until he completes some kind of goal. I don’t have a plot for this yet but there are a lot of options: maybe he tries learning to control his power, maybe he goes on an adventure or maybe he gets stuck. As for your character it can be another shapeshifter, a friend a companion etc. Lots of options, give me your ideas :P

    Evil Clan (open)
    Still a bit of vague but I would love to write about an evil clan for once. Ideally the evil clan operates in a normal setting, but there might be a bit of magic involved. Maybe they are the only ones having control over magic and they use it for evil purposes? I’ve sort of a character for it, but I still need to figure her out a bit better.

    Pokémon (open)
    The only fandom I like to do is a Pokémon one, since I feel the anime and all ingame-stories are kind of the same: some random guy leaves home and challenges gym leaders etc. I like to try a more darker theme with Pokémon. I have two ideas for this thing: the first one is an alternative storyline about Ash where Ash never met Misty but instead some kind of mysterious girl, who has a huge impact on the choices Ash makes. I’ll play the mysterious girl in this one. Another option is two totally unique characters using Pokémon in some kind of survival-adventure. I’m open to hear any other Pokémon ideas you might have, but the chance is pretty large I’m not accepting anything else.

    The Bastion (open)

    I already do something like this with someone, but I posted it here since I still think it’s a great idea and I love to try it with someone else. However I only do this if the story goes different than the other one. So if you’re interested please PM me for more information.

    An ex-newsreporter gained a lot of popularity in one of the districts of a large metropolis. So much that she crowned herself as the empress of that district. As first people were enthusiastic, but people now experience her strict regime, her twisted mind and her ability to change people in mindless goblins (a power which she uses on everyone who disobeys her). The district has been divided in two groups of people. Those that went ‘underground’ and tried to flee for the evil empress and those that follow the empress (being afraid or actually liking her regime etc.) and do work for their queen: such as building a huge wall around the district to keep the people inside, trapped within.
    Between the group that went ‘underground’ there is a small group of four people (with/without magical abilities and/or ninja-fighting-style) that tries to save the inhabitants. But one of them has been turned into a large wild sphinx-like creature with wings, called the Chimera, who is now controlled by the empress and functions as a guard as well as her means of transportation through the city. Also there is a love-triangle going on including two members of the group (they love each other), and oddly enough the empress herself who loves one of them (they shared quite a long past together) and of course the empress is jealous on the other girl. But, how strong is their bond really. Can it be broken by the empress?
    Possible relationships:
    • Empress x one of the lovers (either the one loved by her or the other girl)
    • Lover x lover (trying to save the district together and keeping their bond strong)
    • Something including the fourth member of the team, which at this point I didn’t really had an idea for
    Anything else?
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