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Recolor, Drawings, AMVs

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Akira, Dec 16, 2014.

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  1. Yola~! I do recolor and anime styled drawings. I'm starting the thread on my phone so once I get on my computer I'll post links to some of my work. Normally I will do free commissions but the more intricate or complicated I will ask for a small fee. For AMVs I will also ask for a small fee. And I'll show what exactly I mean by intricate/complicated. But anywho here's the request form.

    Recolor or Drawings Request:
    Type: (Recolor, original drawing)
    Details: (What you want done to the image or What you want drawn)
    Image: (Either any reference images you want me to have or the image you want recolored. I would prefer either way they be in spoili not spoiler)
    Due date: (The date that you absolutely positively must have it by)
    Extras: (Anything else you want me to know)

    AMV Commission:
    Song: (either link or title/artist)
    Type: (Anime Mix or One Anime, Two-part anime DOES NOT count as a mix ex: Naruto/Shippuuden, or Fairy Tail/2014)
    Reason: (A gift to someone or you just want a Good AMV made of the song| Optional)
    Anime Featured/Required: (The anime that the song is centered around or you absolutely want it in if its a mix)
    Anime Turn-offs: (any anime that you DO NOT want under any circumstances in the video)
    Details: (Anything else you feel you need to tell me)
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  2. Maybe you should show off some examples of your work to spark some interests.
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