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  1. For those of you who do not know what a rebus is, it's basically like a picture puzzle made of words that mean something else. For example:


    would translate to "I understand." The I is under 'stand'.. hah.. get it? Another example:


    would translate to "The big easy". Har har har, I am so clever.

    The game is to post one of your own and we'll try to guess! Feel free to use Google if you can't come up with one, but I'd love to see some original ones because they're harder to figure out! Also, please let us know when somebody gets it right so that we can move on and not be driven mad by lack of answers! I will start:

    Secret <-
  2. No, but good guess!
  3. Not quite!
  4. Nope!

    Hint: It's a common phrase/title.
  5. Top secret!
  6. top secret!
    Paladin got it first.......
  7. Yes! Good job :-) Alright, anybody feel free to post another one!
  8. All All All
    All You All
    All All All

    Let's see who can get that one.
  9. That one's tough..

    You in all doesn't seem to make sense.. um..

    All around you?
  10. Correct! :D
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  11. Alright that last one got messed up on me, let's try again..



    Excuse my poor formatting skills XD
  12. desk job?
  13. No. Pretend that's a box. I suck :-P

    Actually, here:

  14. You're on the job
  15. Not quite! It's a two word phrase ^^
  16. Yep! Good job ^^
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Not open for further replies.