INTEREST CHECK Reboot? Yeah? Maybe?

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  1. Luricshia: Element's Chaos


    The shambles of Luricshia may not hold many voices;
    but they do hold many secrets.

    The greatest men have fallen here. The most dominant woman have knelt.
    And the youngest children were raised by the blood of the fallen.
    These children are known as The Poised: The bravest and most skilled children of their time.

    But, like Luricshia, everything must fall.

    The Poised were scattered, growing up with age, until finally hitting their late teens.
    Each of them have embraced the control and constant manipulations of the elements...


    All of the elements have chosen their hosts...but at a cost.

    The Poised are faced with their own inner trials. The blood of the fallen do not take well with being silenced in the shambles of Luricshia for long.
    They have formed themselves into the elements, selecting certain members of the Poised as their hosts.

    The main goal of the Fallen is complete and utter control of their current host. No longer are they satisfied with being a mere element. They want to feel again. Love again. Live again. However, with the Fallen gaining their lives back, the Poised host will eventually become a shell of the person they used to be, now completely being overtaken by the Fallen's mind, hear t, and power.
    The dominant women and fallen men all have a past...a love...a history...

    ...and they are all lodged in the hearts of the children who have grown.

    In the darkest of times... is always the thing that relinquishes the heart, free the mind, and tame the beast.

    Did this before! Maybe I should reboot it again and see if we can get all lovey-lovey all while being super bad ass with elements and shit! :D
  2. I'd definitely be interested if you decided to reboot this idea :D This sounds awesome