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Rebirth of the Magi

Long ago, so they say, there was magic. The elves could use it, and the humans could not. Everyone thought that magic was an intrinsic property, something that elves were born with and brought out from within themselves. They were wrong; the magic was a force, an energy like light that was around them. The gift of the elves was only its control. It was abused, and overused. Countless wars over a number of things ranging from land to petty politics burned out the supply of magic until it was gone. It has been centuries since then, and the only things that elves have to prove their ancestors' great abilities are a few traits that set them apart from humans, and the records of ancient history.

The world has long since moved on. The people, faced with a need for survival, eventually turned to a new kind of magic. Technology was something that anyone could use or invent, human or elf. After a long time civilizations even greater than those fueled by magic came to maturation, and it no longer seemed important to revive the old ways. Yet some, using the new magic, would nonetheless try to bring back the old...

Suumar 28, 645 Mundane Era. Around noon. Gateway City, with its suburbs, is hit by something terrible, and all known communications from the city cease. A wave of energy pulses out from near the city's center. Most technology reacts to the wave as if it were a powerful EMP blast. People have a far worse reaction.

Their bodies are twisted and transformed, rapidly and extremely painfully, to the shape of wild animals. The wave grows weaker as it goes farther from its source, so those far from the city's center are only partly changed. The pain is unbearable; most pass out from it for at least a few hours. When they wake up, many cannot control the instinct and the shock of their new shapes. They go insane. They become feral, unable to think or act any differently from the animal they have come to look like. Those who remain sane must work together to survive this disaster, escape the ruined city. And what then? Nobody knows...
Setting Information, Etc.

Setting Information:
Much of what's important in the macro-setting is covered in the first post. There once was magic, it was used up. The world only has humans, elves, and combinations of the two. The tech level is about the same as present-day Earth. I should probably note that part-elves had weaker control of magic, but that some legends tell of humans who were capable of incredible feats in times of dire need.

Also, there are 12 months of twenty-eight days each; the first and last are in spring: Aussen, Krane, Porma, Suumar, Darien, Pokarnra, Wahrein, Indis, Yarmez, Xirnd, Carnen, Uuey. The RP begins on Darien 1, about noon; that is, 24 hours after the event described in the intro. Your character has to have survived those first 24 hours already. Gateway city is a very big, major city, so all kinds of people could be there.

It's probably important to know that people who were turned entirely or mostly into animals lost the ability to talk like humans/elves. They can still communicate, a new language having replaced their ability to speak the old, and they can understand the human/elf language. People partially affected are still able to speak human/elf language, and able to understand the other language as well. People who were barely or not at all affected, however, can't understand the animal language at all.

The magic of this world is divided into 12 elements, and each is associated with a given month. It is believed that the month an elf was born in actually determined which of the elements that elf would be able to control, but that was 6 centuries ago, so it's not known whether it's true or not. The exact corresponding element to each month has been lost to the flow of time, but the elements themselves are as follows (in no particular order): Fire, Ice, Water, Electricity, Earth, Wind, Sound, Plant, Light, Darkness, Life, Death.

Known Month-Element correspondences:

Story so Far:
(Intend to put a summary of the events of each day here.)

More will be revealed as the story progresses.
Character Sheet & Listing

Character Sheet:

Gender: (M or F please)
Age: (elves live no longer than humans do in this RP, but they typically look younger)
Date of Birth: (must match up with age; yes, this is important.)
Affectedness: (partial, whole, or none if your character was nowhere near the city at the time of the event)
Former Race: (replace with simply "Race" if affectedness is none; elf, human or some combination of the two only)
Species: (remove entirely if affectedness is none; what animal they were turned partially or wholly into)
Appearance: (the exact description of them, if a picture use a link)
History: (Include why they were in town (if they live there say that), how close they were to the radiation center, what exactly they were doing when their forms were changed, and a summary of the events of the day between then and the beginning of the RP)[/noparse]

Character Listing:

Raerin: Half-elf, wolf, fully changed, Suumar. (Xindaris)
Darren McKlockwell: Human, deer, fully changed, Yarmez. (Mr. Popo)
Godot Leandro: Elf, lion, partially changed (>50%), Xirnd. (Big Redd)
Aimee Halburn: Human, hawk, partially changed (<50%), Carnen. (PhoenixArrande)
My Character

Name: Raerin
Gender: M
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Suumar 25
Affectedness: Whole
Former Race: Half-elf
Species: Wolf
Appearance: He is a wolf, a little bigger than average, with red fur--closer to auburn on his back and a brighter shade on his underside--and blue eyes. There is a rather recent scar visible across the left side of his muzzle.
Personality: Before being changed he was a somewhat eccentric introvert. He was affected drastically enough that his brain was twisted a little bit, and around other people he has trouble not speaking his mind, even when it's probably a bad idea to talk. His instinct as a wolf is to try to be dominant over others, but as he's usually been a fairly submissive person this feels unnatural, so he tries to push away such thoughts. He's always had the capacity to, on rare occasions, become dangerously angry, and that's not any better now.
History: Raerin was at the city with his family, on a tourist vacation that was his birthday gift, and they were packing up to leave when the pulse of energy went out. He was awake just long enough to see his family turning into all kinds of animals, and passed out for a good six hours. Everyone was gone, and the hotel room in complete disarray, when he woke up. He's been in a few scrapes with feral ones since then, only scavenging meat that was already dead, and mostly hiding away.
Name: Darren McKlockwell
Gender: M
Age: 29
Date of Birth: Yarmez 17
Affectedness: Full
Former Race: Human
Species: Deer
Personality:Darren has always been the quiet sort of person that lets his actions speak for him. He is kind and caring, but doesn't make a big deal out of it, feeling it's just the natural thing to do. He is full of honor and takes pride in all that he does. He detests people who try to wrong people and will go out of his way to defend someone that is unable to themselves. Even so, he asks for nothing in return, content to know that he's done some good. Because of this, his friends are as loyal to him as he is to them. Darren's quiet resolution inspires others to try to be like him, and many look up to him as a role model. Darren tries his best to be humble, not wanting to appear cocky.
History: Darren has lived in the city his entire life, now working as a fire-fighter for the city. When the pulse hit, he was in his condo, enjoying one of his few days off. By the time he woke up, he was still alone and things were peaceful. However, he knew something was wrong based on how his body felt. After taking about an hour to come to terms with his new form, he cautiously ventured out into the streets and saw the mayhem as the streets were overrun with animals. Being who he is, he began to work saving the creatures that hadn't yet woken up from predators, doing what feels right to him.
Name: Aimee Halburn

Gender: F

Age: 16

Date of Birth: Carnen 18

Affectedness: Partial

Former Race: Human

Species: Hawk

Appearance: She has the wings of a Hawk morphed into her arms. She still has her regular legs, but now she has claws/talons. She still has her human head as well, and, of course, her hair is still dyed.



Personality: Aimee is, of course, your average, whiny, bitchy teen. She's very selfish, and doesn't like doing things herself---she'd rather you do it for her. Her parents are a little wealthy which would explain why she is such a conninving, spoiled little brat, but you can't really blame her for being the way she is since her parents never pay her any attention at all. She's got a lot of friends, but only beacause she's one of her school's bully, and no one wants to mess with her. She doesn't give a duck's ass about anyone else or their problems, and if she were in a life or death situation with you, she'd probably let you die, first. Yes, she is overall pretty mean with no guilty consious at all. The only person she gives a damn about is Harper, and possibly her boyfriend Godot. Aimee also has MAJOR potty mouth.

History: As explained above, Aimee is a whiny, bitchy, troublemaking bully and she has been for a long time. Having a pretty big Juvie record, during one of her cases when she was 15, she met Godot. She really liked his badass attitude, and after, of course, lying about her age, they eventually started dating even up to the very day of the radiation. She has loved to play the electric guitar and sing ever since she was little. She started her own band when she was 15 (and it's surprisingly good). Ever since she was 14, on a disgruntling school trip to the zoo, she saw a baby Hawk in one of the cages. She's probably the only thing Aimee's ever really loved. Using her troublemaking tactics, she managed to smuggle it out with her, and named her "Harper". She tried releasing Harper to the wild, but, for some odd reason, she kept coming back to Aimee. Thus, Harper became her best friend, and everyday she'd always leave her bedroom window open so Harper could get in and out (but of course not during precipitation). Aimee now wonders if her changing into a Hawk has something to do with her strong connection with Harper, but, then again, it could just be coincidence. Aimee lives in Gateway City with her parents (but both her parents weren't at home during the radiation). Their mansion is kinda far off from town which is why she only got partially affected. Aimee was siiting on the living room couch listening to her ipod, watching re-runs of The Hills, and reading various magazines, when all of a sudden Harper flew in, and started acting crazy, flapping her wings in Aimee's face trying to warn Aimee of the oncoming danger. Her parents had left the previous day on some kind of "business trip". Of course, nothing could be done to change her fate, and then she was horrifyingly changed partially into a Hawk. Aimee was scared and confused, especially when she went outside and saw that everyone else had changed as well. And then, Harper began to speak.......
Mr. Popo: No problems, accepted

Phoenix: Waiting on history before doing approval stuff; I should comment that it probably would make a lot more sense considering the nature of the changes going on for a person's arms to have become wings, though without loss of functionality, than for new appendages to have grown. Let me put it this way: if a person was going to turn entirely into a hawk, their body wouldn't go to the trouble of sprouting new appendages and then getting rid of the old. The radiation behaves the same way to all people, but just isn't as effective farther out.
Name: Godot Leandro
Gender: M
Age: 22
Date of Birth: 13th Xirnd, 622
Affectedness: Partial/Majority
Former Race: Elf
Species: Panthera Leo Senegalensis (West African Lion)
Personality: A bit of a drunkard. Is weary of most people, experience after years of patrolling the streets has him on his toes most of the time, but relaxes and opens up when he's around familiar, trusted friends. A great sense of justice, not one to let crimes happen on his watch.
History: Godot was patroling Gateway City, doing his usual rounds, until he came across a robbery in progress, two men robbing a convenience store. He responded to it immediately, engaging the suspects and keeping them there until backup arrived, but for Godot and the robbers, backup would never come. A huge flash in the sky interrupted their fight, tossing Godot skyward, through the convienience store window and almost getting crushed by display stands, injuring himself and wounding an eye with broken glass. Hours later, he arose to see ruin and disarray all around him.
The two robbers had gone, without a trace. Soon after, Godot discovered he'd been turned partly into a lion. He didn't know how to deal with his new visage, so he simply began to wander the streets, trying to make sense of it all, talking and helping anyone else he could, searching for anyone he knew, like Aimee, a girl he met on a previous case.
Godot's fine.
Glad I didn't have to wait for him.[/obscure reference]

Um...I'm wondering if there's a particular reason everyone seems to be choosing humans? I'm keeping some details under wraps, but I can tell you that humans won't become able to use magic, as they've never been able to do so in the distant past. (There will be something supernatural they can do, but it isn't magic)
In the modern society of the world, there's generally little to no difference in how humans or elves are treated; there might be a very small population of racists against one or the other, but they're regarded as equal for the most part.
Hmm, interesting. Perhaps I'll switch to elf. That'd be interesting, with what me and Phoenix have planned. Might make for a bit more drama-llama.
EDIT: Hah, I love that play.
Phoenix: Aimee is fine now.
I'm on the fence about whether the wave would be able to give existing animals sentience, or in fact whether it would affect them at all, but such things can still be left open to mystery and wonder, I guess. Them sensing it I can certainly see...
How many will we be waiting for until we start?
We have enough to begin (especially since I keep sign-ups open once IC starts), I've been meaning to say that I'll try and get one up soon. Maybe tomorrow I'll see if I can.
(Tell me if I need to change anything)

Name: Neal
Gender: M
Age: 18
Date of Birth: Suumar 5
Affectedness: Partial
Former Race: Human
Species: Some kind of primate
Appearance: Standing he is 5'8" with long thick arms covered in coarse hair. His shoulders are broad and his muscular build is lean and imposing. His face protrudes slightly and his teeth are basically normal except they are more like thick fangs now. The coarse hair covers most of his body, it's not exactly fur, just really tough hair. His arms are long enough for him to run on all fours, he can use his feet like hands. As for his eyes, they are brown with a tint of yellow. The hair on his head is shaggy and a very dark brown color that matches the coarse hair on his body. He still wears clothes, like a big hoodie with long enough sleeves for his arms. Shoes don't really work out for him, but he wears pants.
Personality: When he was human Neal was most of the time an easy going dude, friendly, goofy, and slightly distant. He was very curious and liked to know things for the sake of knowing them, he respected wisdom and he mostly respected other people. He liked being able to solve problems and help others learn to do things, if he could teach them and if not he'd try to find some one who could. Neal felt very strongly about certain values like respect, honor, sportsmanship, consideration for others, courtesy. When others disrespected these values, like blatant disregard for another person, he'd become righteously furious and try to intimidate them into thinking twice about being mean and stuff. But mostly he would just shout and bottle away his fury. It wouldn't do his family good if he got into trouble. After the effects of the blast he felt his anger would spike quicker, increasing the attention he had to pay to keep himself calm. Mostly he feels stoney, contemplative, and reserved despite his sensative nature.
History: Neal lived with his mom and siblings. Ten years ago his father was tried to convince a total stranger to not kill himself and ended up being killed by the man. This spawned a strong dislike for selfish people and little tolerance for suicidal folk. Neal, being the oldest of the kids, helped his mom take care of everyone and worked where ever he could. Three years ago his mom met some one. The guy turned out to be pretty respectable and Neal accepted him into the family. The dude helped out a lot and pretty soon Neals mom was encouraging him to start living his life for himself. So now at age twenty Neal had most of what little stuff he had in his new apartment which was further out than where his family lived, his mom still lived near the Radiation Center where his dad had worked. Spending the previous night at the apartment he decided to visit his family. On his way the pulse sweeps through the city and his car dies, his body starts to change, and he blacks out from the pain. When he awakens it takes him a moment to focus, and then panic. He rushes to his mom's house on foot, only noticing the changes to his body after finding the house empty, claw marks on the floor, a couple of broken windows. Neal ran around for a while, calling the name of his family members until ferals started attacking him and he fled into his former home until the next day.
Are you still accepting anymore players?

The RP seems very interesting. >:3
Name: Mel
Gender: M
Age: 23
Date of Birth: Indis 3
Affectedness: Whole
Former Race: Elf
Species: Black Fox
Personality: Mel has never, even as en elf, been fond of company from others and has always liked to be kept alone. He sets things straight with people if they begin to get to his nerves, he doesn't care to show emotions, and likes to be "unknown." His true personality is hard to fully grasp. Even as his transformed self, he still acts pretty much the same, but now he doesn't feel quit complete anymore, as if he has become vulnerable to something that he can't see.

History: Mel remembers little of his child hood. For as long as he could remember, he has always took care of himself; he doesn't even remember his parents or if he even had any. Up till the age of seven, he had been in a couple of different orphanages where he always ran away from eventually. Finally, he was able to fully escape from ever being in one of those homes again. He had planned, and successfully pulled off a suicide trick. From what he remembers, he had gone to the beach, dipped his shoes in the water, which had his name on the inside, and then left them on the shore, near the break of the waves. He had also taken off his shirt, cut his stomach to get some blood on it, and thrown it out to sea. A chunk of his hair had also gone with it. A few days later, reporters and newscasters had exclaimed that the boy was dead, although his body was never found.
Ever since then, Mel has roamed the allies of Gateway City, stealing and being homeless. Not many care to try and set him straight, afraid of what he may be capable of. Mel has always known though, that what the People thought of him as, was completely different than what he really was. But he always let it slide pass, letting people be afraid or anxious.

And then, the day came. Suumar 28. The day when Mel's life changed forever. When the systems blew, and the city lost communication, which was around the time Mel was searching for some food to steal, everything seemed to have frozen. Mel wasn't sure what was happening as the world grew dark and pain surged into his limbs. He doesn't remember slamming into the ground or when he transformed.
When he woke, all he focused on was trying to get up. He went to get up on his legs, but they faltered and fell from under him. The he realized, as he went to put his hands on the ground to help himself up, where his hands should have been, a set of black, furry paws had replaced them. He looked at what he could of his body, which was a black, small body of fur. His legs were skinny and also paws ended at the tips. He was some kind of animal. Then he saw his tail. A bushy black mess with a tip of white. He was a fox. A black fox. He cursed. He was a four legged animal. He stood on all fours, then tried to figure out how to walk. Different, but he could manage. He stammered into an alleyway, where he passed out for the night.

(Hope this is good! ^_^ )