Rebel Groove.

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  1. "So this is New Grealine?" a quiet whisper puffed from curved, ruby lips; the wispy curl of her disappointment crashed against a window stained with running rivulets of rain. It was a big city, stretching out toward the horizon, a lambent beacon in the midst of a mounting storm. This girl, this woman, took her eyes from the psuedosymmetrical jut of the city and watched through the water as a helicopter moved through the falling rain; a light sweeping across the flooding streets. "The Neon Tartarus," a bemused voice offered from behind, "a legendary place of suffering and villainy. This is where they find their eternal punishment." Her eyes widened, but she did not turn; it made sense, in a way, that a place like this would exist. The Mouth had opened here, after all, and clamped its jaws shut, tossing what had once been a peaceful urban sprawl into a twisting fragment of subreality. "The Mouth created this place, using biodata stolen from our world," the man stepped froward, an errant silver lance of drowned moonlight catching on the crest of his barren dome, "and it doesn't stop there, Miss Blackthorne." Miss Blackthorne, turned from the window, finally, her eyes narrowed into discontented slits, her mouth caught between a simple pout and a violent scowl. "I know that much, Ainsley," she took a few slow steps forward, thunder crashing overhead, "but what we need to do is discover what BM has hidden here."

    The bald man nodded, stepping forward, a brown briefcase clenched in his gloved fist. Miss Blackthorne shifted her eyes to it for just a fraction of a second, something Ainsley picked up on expertly. "Yes," he answered before she could inquire, face stoic, "this is supplementary system, Lucid Sequence Drive, intended for use with the Neural Inhibition Wavelength Adjustment System-or NIWAS." Miss Blackthorne laughed, a music that melded with the melody of the rain, "Ainsley, please. I know exactly what the LSD is. I made it." His reaction was more controlled than she expected, "Oh," he said in a tone that bordered on bored, "it makes sense when you say it like that. Blackthorne...BM...Blackthorne Medical." He offered a stunted laugh, placing the briefcase at his feet before sliding it toward her with a well polished shoe. She stopped it with ease, her dextrous fingers flicking open gaudy golden buckles.

    The briefcase fell open in the inky tumult and loose ends began to unfurl.

    A fresh fault runs across a porcelain facade; the world begins to crumble.

    -Three Days Later-

    He stood before them all as he had before; gigantic, a behemoth crafted of stony muscles and an unflinching scowl. Ichinose Goji was a Collector for the Jambura School and had come for his weekly restitution acquisition. Some of the first year students were scattered around him, limp and immobile, and his black uniform only showed faded crimson where their blood had splashed him during the brutal combat. Ichinose raised his massive hand, turning to the Sixth Jambura Strike Squad, his loyal enforcers and thrust his thumb towards the gathered students. "Take everything they've got. The boss wouldn't like it if we came back empty handed." It was casual, too casual, but the Sixth Strike Squad rushed forward and started laying the beat down on...thick. The gathered first years were no match, Ichinose himself was a B-Ranked Fighter and calculating the abilities of his underlings would be a trying task. "Besides," Ichinose chortled over the carnage, "it's been a few weeks since you Drasil scumsuckers even dropped a dime for us." His usual contemptuous scowl turned into a malicious grin as his muddy eyes looked over the procession. "Where is the loyalty, eh?" He kept his smile in place, as he turned, the SSS emptying out pockets and wallets and purses for the sweet loot within. All Ren did was watch, her eyes slowly shifting focus to the behemoth who strode away.

    "Oi," she said, kicking off of the wall, taking a few hurried steps after the giant.

    Ichinose Goji turned, disgusted with the Drasil greenhorn that looked up at him, and raised his massive fist. He did not swing down however, he simply released his Groove; a pillar of raging energy exploded from the large man's body and every muscle on his body tensed. Some of the other students stepped back and others sought their own Grooves, the spacial decompression heralded the arrival of myriad abilities, though Ren didn't know how many of them would really come to her aid once the battle began. It took a moment, but Ren sought her own Groove, asking the slicing question that would rend reality and reveal the unknown. Cold steel formed in her hands, the subconscious answer, familiar and glistening, poised to tear away the curtain of reality. "Titan's Outrage!" Goji called out, then, the giant chuckled, his eyes tracing the curve of the blade, flexing his hands, which were now wrapped in a metallic hue. It was as she stared that his massive fist came crashing down, knocking aside the lackluster parry that Ren had prepared and sent her sprawling across the muddied yard of Drasil Academy. She landed face down, mud filling her mouth, grip still tight on the blade her Groove had called. It was a bad start to a bad idea. Some part of her realized that one of her ribs had been broken and winced as she kicked her feet against the slick ground. "Is that all you've got? Huh!?" The titan taunted from across the battlefield, and a battlefield it was quickly becoming, shaking his metal fist at the crowd.

    Frayed and lost, what sad little dolls.
    Where has your grace gone?

    (OOC; INFO)

    But...there are still questions. There are always questions.

    Q: What is this even about?
    A: Well. Ok. What I'm talking about is the NIWAS and LSD, which are devices created by humanity to give their user, or subject, the power of being a Designated Zone Administrator. That equates to being God, practically. A lot of this is supposed to be all mysterious and stuff, but it will be explored throughout the course of this thread...I promise.

    Q: Wait, what? What does that have to do with the high school fighting stuff?!
    A: A lot. You'll see. I promise ;)

    Q: How can I get involved?
    A: However you want. Just have fun! I'll be playing Ren, so my first post bit is there. Build! Build! Build on it!

    Q: What is a Groove? Does everyone have one?
    A: A Resonance, or Resonance Groove, is an ability gifted to an individual who is created within the New Grealine Reality Shard. Those who come from the outside may obtain a Groove after existing within the NGRS for an extended period. A Groove can be a manifestation of any type, but I do expect some kind of balance, and may have a wide variety of forms and uses, so long as they keep with the original theme. Grooves can evolve and change with the user.

    Q: Any rules?
    A: Yep. No god powers, not yet. Play nice. Keep with the Groove. Have fun!

    (END OF OOC)

  2. A vending machine made a mechanical whir followed quickly by a loud thump of falling beverage. Akiyama reached into the slot at the bottom and fished around momentarily for the can, pulled it out, and pressed it to his hot forehead. Gym class had left him feeling hot and breathless. It was now late September; the leaves were tinged by the first breath of fall, frost had given way to rain in the morning, which had cleared to a steamy drizzle by lunch. It was humid, as the summer had been, but the mornings now grew chill with the late autumn dawns. "Nice game, Akiyama. You were great out there." He turned to look at the source of the voice: a student in his gym class--the one who had been on his team during gym. "The way you--" Akiyama cut him off by raising his hand. He opened his drank, and he drank loudly.

    "I'm busy, okay? Just get somewhere else." Akiyama climbed atop the 4 foot wall that bordered the perimeter and took a sip from his melon juice. It was then that he saw a girl battling a stone-fisted giant on the grounds of the other school. Her sword, her defiant stance, her--... She took a powerful blow from the heavy-handed man. That was it. Akiyama was going to fight this oaf. He dropped his can of juice and lept from the wall that separated the two fighting schools.

    "YOU DARE HIT A GIRL? Face me instead, you honor-less coward! FIST OF WINTER!" Akiyama formed an icy spear of a sword in his hand from thin air. It tingled in cold resistance.