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This thread will list Members banned from Iwaku and the reasons for their banning. Any questions or accusations of fascist conspiracy can be PMed to the Mods! :D
Johnny Sasaki has been permanently banned after being given several chances over the last 3 years to improve his behaviour.

His attitude remains depressing, uncooperative and disruptive to other members. He has ignored frequent offers of advice and assistance and has contributed nothing positive to the forum.

He also directly insulted a former Administrator and his wife.
Feral Angel has been permanently banned after returning from a previous ban and showing no improvement in behaviour.

His atttitude was depressing, attention-seeking and antagonistic of other members. He also refused to listen to mods when advised on his behaviour and persisted in ranting about certain jokes that are tolerated on Iwaku.
The Red Spy, otherwise known as Zabasaz has been permanently banned after 6 Member complaints and 3 Staff referrals from Cbox conversations.

He was banned previously for directly harassing a former Admin and trolling members in General and Counselling. After returning from this ban he then began trolling again and disrupting the Cbox through boasting, put-downs and crude comments.
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Roleplay Gal: Is a well known spammer on various other forums. Tends to spam member's PM box with links to other sites. IP address matched with one banned on the proboards site.
King Maverick: Has been banned from the forum. There are several reasons why, the most important being, proselytizing his religious and personal beliefs on others and then arguing with mods & members when they asked him to stop. When asked to stop, he made up excuses for reasons why he shouldn't. This counts as trolling and flaming.
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