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  1. Hey!

    If you enjoy shameless smut and exploring kinks, you've come to the right place!

    A few important notes:
    1. I am only looking for partners willing to play females.

    2. I am perfectly okay with MxF or FxF. Pretty much any kink you feel like exploring. BDSM, tentacles, futanari... As long as it doesn't involve golden showers or scat, you'll find I have rather open boundaries.

    3. I will try to post once a day at the very least. If real life gets in the way, I'll let you know. I expect the same courtesy in return.

    Without further ado, on to what you really came for!

    Demon/Succbus x Human
    Vampire x Witch
    Vampire x Human
    Witch x Human
    Brother/Sister x Sister
    Boss x Secretary
    Master/Mistress x Slave/Maid
    Teacher x Student
    Manager x Idol
    Warden/Guard x Prisoner

    Divine Sin

    Teacher x Student (M/FxF)

    She was a young, innocent virgin who had always been a wallflower. Pretty though she was, she spent way too much time behind books and fantasies to be noticed. Besides, she knew that she would only draw the wrong kind of attention if the other students found out she dabbled in the occult.

    When she found a book of ancient spells in the library, however, untagged and untouched for ages, she never thought trying out one of the spells and rituals in the book would actually work. She never thought it would awaken an ancient god. She never imagined said god took the form of her teacher.

    The Interview

    Boss x Secretary (MxF)

    The job ad was placed surreptitiously, but it promised good pay and flexible hours, along with great benefits. Desperate for money and at the end of her rope, it sounded too good to be true. It was.

    He sat in his chair during the interview, studying her with an unreadable expression. The interview had gone on like one usually would, until he spat out an order she'd never thought she'd hear. Or obey. "Bend over the desk and pull down your panties."

    The Academy

    Master/Mistress x Maid

    St Gabrielle's Academy was a prestigious academy, set up solely to educate the scions and heiresses of wealthy, influential families, as well as their personal servants. For this reason, the school pairs up students, a master or mistress along with a maid or butler, according to preference and matching criteria.

    The system seems innocuous enough, except that the servants are expected to take care of their masters and mistresses' every need, even sexual ones. As long as they didn't disrupt classes, practically any form of debauchery is permitted.

    The maid never expected that she would be randomly assigned to someone she never met. She had assumed there would some sort of selection process where they had a choice. She did not know she was about to be shown a whole new world by her master/mistress.

    A Frozen Flower

    Witch/Wizard x Human, M/Futa!FxF

    She was the Queen, but only in name. Her marriage to the king was cold and devoid of love, for he preferred the company of men. It left the throne without an heir, and a means by which others could usurp it. So the king gave the court sorceror an order - to cast a spell that would give the royal couple an heir.

    The only problem was, no magic could create life out of thin air, and thus they needed to get creative.

    Teacher x Student, MxF

    She was a young, pretty and popular teacher, loved by all her students. She gave her job her all and enjoyed every minute of it. The only problem was that it was the only thing going right in her life - no boyfriends, hardly a social life, living away from her parents. So, in a bid for excitement, she went on a blind date only to find that the man bringing her to dinner was her student.
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  2. I like the interview.
  3. Human or Vampire X witch might be fun.
  4. Drop me a Pm and we can think of something!
  5. The Academy and Divine Sin sound interesting
  6. I would love to do The Interview
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  7. We can discuss more through PMs!
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  8. The Interview sounds fun.
  9. Are you still searching?~
  10. I like Master x Slave and Teacer x Student :).
  11. Still looking?
  12. Hey! If you are still looking, I'd love to go for one of these!
    Demon/Succubus x Human
    Witch x Human
    Brother/Sister x Sister
    Boss x Secretary
    Master/Mistress x Slave/Maid
    Teacher x Student
    Manager x Idol
  13. If your still looking, I really liked the interview plot and the academy plot. I'd like to start one of those with you if you wouldn't mind.
  14. Still looking for partners for Divine Sin.
  15. Bump.

    Added some new plots. PM me if interested!
  16. I'm interested in the student teacher one
  17. Extracurricular? PM me and we can work it out :)
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