~ Realms ~ {1x1 - MissOutlaw & Lyrawolf}

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  1. (Picking up where last session left off)


    It was the last night before the sun rose high. The creatures of the night started to gather their things and finished their meals before the sun came. Slowly Faye's eyes opened as she looked out the window. Her hands came up to her eyes as she rubbed them tiredly. Faye stretched as she sat up in bed, a small smile playing across her face. She was happy she finally got a good nights sleep. Her silk night gowned lightly clinged to her fragile form as she walked into the bathroom. Her long sliver white hair was slightly messy as she looked into the mirror. Faye giggled softly grabbing her comb to brush it out. She had decided to leave it down today, feeling very at home here. She turned from the mirror and walked out of the bathroom and over to her nightstand. She lightly grabbed the knob and pulled out the drawer. Inside was a small gold key, causing Faye to smile again. Her delicate finger curled around it as she picked it up and kept a tight grip in it. Closing the drawer Faye quickly turned and headed to the door. It opened almost silently and her footsteps soft as she walked down the hall. She had one thing on her mind, to find Syn and see what he was up too. She blushed softly at the thought and stopped in front of his Study. There was a light shinning from under the door, which made Faye put the key in the door turning it quickly. She pushed the door open and peered inside, her smile fading. She gave a small sigh seeing he was there though her book still sat in the middle of his desk. Faye walked in and over to the book her soft smile returning as she flipped it open. Her blue eyes looked over the pages, slowly getting lost it its words. Suddenly though she froze at the sound of footsteps walking into the room. She turned back to look over her shoulder slightly startled to see Analya standing there with a bit for a smile on her face. "Hello Faye" She said in a kind voice walking over to her. Faye smiled a bit back dipping her head in greeting. "Hello Analya. Have...you seen Syn?" She asked softly in hopes she knew where she was. Analya shook her head as her smile faded. "I'm sorry, I haven't seen him since yesterday." Faye sighed a bit but nodded again giving her a small smile as she turned back to the book. Analya spoke softly then. "If I see him I will let him know you are here." Faye nodded once.” Thank you." She said kindly hearing Analya walk out of the room. Analya pulled her hood back as she walked over to the couch and sat down. She pulled out her sketch pad and started to draw.


    The moon hung low in the dark navy midnight sky. Clouds casting a thick shadow under the moons radiance as a silent assassin whipped through the dark of the night. He was close behind what he had assumed was another of his kind. Though catching up to him was giving the Master assassin a run for his money. Quick and swift like the eagle in flight the man would slip in and out of Syns sights. If he didn't know better he thought the unknown man was fleeing from him. Knowing how he and his kind worked he knew if he cornered this man he'd have to fight him. It was a risk well worth taking. The Brotherhood was low in numbers and they wouldn't be able to do much without more brethren by their side. This man was agile and fast with grace. His movements were identical to that of a highly skilled assassin. Syn knew this man was one of his own, and to catch him he'd have to cut him off. Scaling the building walls he lept up and dashed for the edge. In Syns mind he was treating this as case, a race against time. This allowed Syns body to reach higher speeds and momentum, making him far more agile then before. Seeing the tails of the mans coat he could identify the uniform. It was an assassins clothing, the image of their code. Unlike Syns this one wore the traditional uniform, white with red. He must have been around the same time Syn was alive or shortly after he had perished In those times the days were much darker and the revolution of the Assassins was on the horizon. The tides turning, making the Assassins the dominant group. Templars rain was coming to a close and peace was just beyond their reach. It was the time to where everything was on the line and the most lethal of the Assassins were born. Syn had a feeling this man was one of those few who stood out from the rest. When Syn was nearing the end of the street he say the man take a sharp left, leaping out of sight. Syn followed suit and lept around the corner. His body however lurched backwards as the sight of a blade lunging at him appeared. Syn moved swiftly to the right, avoiding the attack and following up with one of his own. A palm heel strike was launched towards the mans hooded face, his body leaning to the left to dodge the hit. Then slashing upwards to try to cut Syns stomach, bringing the blade up hard with force. Triggering his hidden blade Syn blocked, gritting his teeth and he shoved the sword back, making the mans balance waver for a moment. Syn took to the walls, running on the sides of them, leaping high above the man. Landing on top of him their blades clashed together and the men both displayed a hint of amusement Bunting the sword against his hidden blade Syn was blown back, his body flipping from the range of the mans sword. Darting forward the assassin swung his blade in three harsh motions, Syn ducking and blocking to evade them.

    When they clashed again Syn and the white assassin held gazes before Syn was firmly kicked in the gut, stumbling back from the blow. The assassin then lept back and flung his arm back, throwing daggers hurled in Syns direction. Syn was quick to gain his ground and run up the buildings side and back flipping off of it, landing right off to the left of the assassin. Syn then drew his sword quickly, blocking the next attack and countering with his free hand. His hidden blade was stopped dead in its tracks, the clanging of metal echoing through the night. Both men paused a moment, examining one an-others blades. Syn noticed the man only had one hidden blade, his finger missing. Syn spoke then, his tone like velvet on snow, "Let us conclude this sparing session for another time Brother...here you are among friends. There is no need for us to fight any longer." There was a slight hesitation in the white assassins decision an indication that he much like Syn had been traveling alone for a very long time. Stepping back he lowered his blade speaking in a cool tone, one lost of compassion and fear, "How will I be sure that you are a friend and not my foe?" Syns head tilted and he withdrew his hidden blade, retracting it as his sword clattered to the ground. "I leave myself open for attack, unarmed to show you my trust. I only ask for in return for you to do the same." Syns hands were up, visible to the mans sight. If he attacked there'd be little chance the Syn would be able to avoid the strike. It seemed the white assassin realized this and sheathed his blade, his hidden one retracting as he lightly took a step back, "There...we are both on even ground. Now what?" Syn smirked then and spoke, "Now...you follow your fellow brethren " Syns smile curved as he turned from the assassin in white, leading him to the hide out. They moved in unison with one another, the elegance a grace of true assassins danced through the darkness of the night. The river splitting the city guided them back and when they arrived the creeping dawn was approaching. Syn stopped before heading to the Study, turning to the silent assassin, "What is your name Brother?"The white assassins head lifted up with a grin of pride before he spoke, "I am Altair, assassin of the Creed. And who might you be?" Syns head tipped a bit before speaking, "I am Grand Master of this Brotherhood, I am Syn." The expression on Altairs face went still, hearing that familiar name. Immediately he dropped down to one knee and bowed to Syn in the out most respect. "I apologies for my comment earlier, no foe would go by this name. I am honored to be apart of your Brotherhood, Master Syn." Syn bowed slightly with the tip of his hood saying, "No, the honor is mine." Then he turned from his newest student, heading for the Study and opening the door with a soft touch.


    With a delicate touch, Faye lifted the book off the desk and cradled it in her arms. Her soft blue eyes read over its pages, taking in each word. With swift movements she move around the desk and took a seat in Syn's chair. She turned it so the back was facing the door and leaning back against the desk. The young Mage lifted her feet off the ground and crossed her legs on the chair. Looking through the door you would have never known someone was there. Faye let out a soft sigh, feeling content in this room. She felt safe and like nothing could touch her. Her gaze lifted from the book then, the sound of footsteps heading her way. Faye sat still, tilting her head to listen. There were two sets of footsteps..and muffled voices but she could not make them out. Ananlya had walked away...and from what Faye could tell these were males voices. Had someone found their hideout? This thought made her tense slightly, clutching the book tight. One set of footsteps had broken off from the other, the one getting louder as they made their way towards the study. Faye sat very still and silent as they entered the room.

    Analya sat back on the couch and stared at the black piece of paper on her lap. Her hand waved over it, not too sure what to draw. An image popped into her head then, has her hand begun to swiftly move back and forth. Dark and light lines escaping the led from her pencil as she drew. She stopped suddenly though yet continued to stare at the page. Rays of sunlight peered through the window, shining on her page. A smile played across her face as she lifted her head to see the sun peeking over the horizon. Analya closed her drawing pad then and stood walking down the hall. She headed towards the roof door and opened it slowly. The sweet scent of the outdoors hit her nose causing her to smile again. With a soft sigh she headed up the stairs, the sunlight slightly blinding her. She looked to the sunrise and spoke softly to herself. “Perfect.” She said, finding something to draw. She took a step forwards but stopped dead in her tracks as a voice came from the kazebo that had its home on the roof. “So…there is a novice among his ranks. I heard you coming…your stealth needs work.” Analya snorted as she walked over to the kazebo. “Excuse me?” She questioned coming along the side. She stopped, a red hue coming to her cheeks as she looked upon the man that laid there. His shit off, the sunlight gleaming off his perfect skin. Analya looked back to the sun slightly embarrassed as she stood there. “Who are you?” She questioned, glancing back to him.