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  1. on another website, someone was doing illegal things. (Selling, well more like trading Child Porn) I and several others reported them to the FBI and Interpol with the link to the thread. Now, before I was sure the FBI had read them, The thread was deleted. So now I'm really paranoid the FBI doesn't see them, and I'll be arrested for False report. What do I do about this?
  2. - Walks in like a boss before taking a seat - Relax Silver...I'm pretty sure if you and several others reported it, then you have nothing to worry about. They're probably the ones who had it taken off the site. However, if it's like you think and they didn't see them, then they'll review your accusations as well as the others that reported it and probably just leave you all with a warning. They'll probably even fine you for wasting their efforts but I doubt that you'll get arrested unless they felt as though that you and the others were trying to pull a prank on them so chillz. As for the fine amount, I cannot say but I'd assume it's around the amount of a speeding ticket. And you're welcome ^_^
  3. I told them to contact the mods.
  4. It shouldn't really matter as long as you didn't give them any reason to make them think of it as a prank.
  5. Also, I would've saved a picture of the first page of the thread before reporting it so that I could give the FBI actual proof that it was actually there.
  6. I'll do that next time I see one,
  7. Odds are the staff of the site in question have the ability to see deleted posts, and the ability to screenshot/copy said posts for the FBI to look at.
    Feds should know this.
    Considering you and several others reported it as well, they have every reason to take you seriously, and accusations of this nature are far more likely to be taken seriously than not.

    Relax, breath deeply, you did the right thing by reporting it.
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  8. That's what a Mod said. I also gave the person's email.
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  9. No matter what they did to erase the thread, shit stays on your computer. A good amount of digging is done on their part and they will find them for it, but you won't get nailed for it because you were one of the ones that reported it and it isn't on your computer. I understand your panic, I have anxiety attacks as well. That being said however i can tell you that nothing good comes out of a panic, like Clockwork said in through the nose, out through the mouth, three times.

    Put on music or something and try your best to distract yourself, you are going to be alright.
  10. Alright, I'm just paranoid about getting arrested/fined for false reporting, but I bet they'll dig.
  11. With these, they always do. They catch the real perp, you will be alright. You haven't offended, or done anything wrong. You reported them, and have nothing on your computer.
  12. Alright, thanks. I'm listening to music like you said.
  13. I'm pretty sure the FBI know the internet well enough to realize something can get deleted before they see it.
    I doubt they'll gonna go "Oh, the person covered their tracks. So now we're mad at you".

    More likely it's like others have said, they have ways to get the information anyways.
  14. What they'll do is give a phone call to the site admin to get any information about the person's account that they have.

    And that'll be it. o__o I know this from previous and RECENT experience. So you don't need to worry.
  15. Thanks, Diana! No FBI have contacted us, so I think we are good.
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