Really Funtime Adventure Friends!

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  1. So this is a sort of game that should be checked out.

    Per the rules of the "game", which two characters would you bring, and why?
  2. 19. Rori and 75. Gladiae

    *Raises Eyebrows*
  3. But why Rori? I know keeping your team in good spirits is important, but for the first year, you're pretty much defenseless.

    (You also get to choose your designated rival, by the way.)

  4. But fine, if you want to be efficient...

    9. Cantelo and 27. Narwolf

    or Alternatively

    73. Queen Belz and 92. Villagers cause a crowd could be nice.
    48/20. Lilium for not Survival group
    65/24. Grendolf for Survival group.
  5. Efficiency!!

    As for my choice, I've prepared a few combinations, though the best must be 55. Sprocket and 66. Mumba Mumba.

    Also, whatever you do, don't pick Xemiel.
  6. Crystal Max (91) and Johnny Sparks (17). We aren't going to survive long, and I know for a fact that we'll get right fucked by any players that happen to cross our paths, but god damn are we going to have a hell of a time until that happens.

    Except we won't.

    Because Johnny Sparks' power level is directly proportional to the amount of hype we got.

    And I and Crystal Max are going to be MAX HYPE the entire time.

    We're going to be unstoppable.
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  7. You are the future.

    ...and the future is groovy.
  8. Ok, that one is pretty good I'll admit it. ;A;
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  9. As some Reddit/4chan user speculated, have Xemiel give Bones strength, then have him build a cave with some fruit trees or something. Then, as he dies, wait a day and repeat.
  10. Murray and Bones. If Murray accidently kills bones, no worries!
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  11. Everytime I try to say Gladiae's name, I end up somewhere around "And I say Gladiaaaaeeyeeaayeeeeheey".

    On another note, do you think that "game"/CYOA could be the base for a good roleplay?
  12. I can't find Murray. ;A;
  13. Far left, row two? Three?
  14. Oh, thanks! XD
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  15. Fordee + Mildred + Rabekka is the reason we only get two adventure friends.

    Fordee copies Mildred, conjures infinite food without disliking you, and stores it all in Rabekka.

    Edit: Fordee can't copy wizards or witches. But then there's always Lylhat and invincible Fordee.
  16. Protean Lylhat is an anagram for "Lethal party on". So that's a thing.
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