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  1. The year is A.D. 2655. At this point in time, technology has taken a huge leap forward. Personal Computers have been rendered useless, and access to the internet is accomplished by Augmented Reality Glasses. Crime is at an all time low, and the last major war was hundreds of years ago. The world is elated, and it looks like it is going to stay that way.

    Because of the advanced technology in the time, most of the population have lost basic survival skills. They are given food for free, and all jobs are practiced through the internet via AR Glasses. The world is not a textbook dystopia, there are no flaws.


    On New Years Eve, a Cyber-Terrorist attack was carried out that rendered all technology on Earth useless. Because of the malfunction, anyone who was wear AR Glasses died instantly because of the high voltage shock given out when the internal battery overcharged. Only a select few weren't wearing the glasses, and now they must fight to survive the hostile reality that have never embraced.



    You will be playing one of the few who was not wearing glasses during the attack. The Cyber Terrorist took advantage of the technological destruction to level major cities around the world. One day you are listening to a ham radio, and you hear a distress call coming from the Statue of Liberty, the last standing monument of your home city, New York.

    The survivors are not accustomed to surviving a harsh environment, so they will have to live and learn. None of the characters will know how to react to the new situations around them.

    POSTING EXPECTATIONS: I would like players to post once a week. I would like posts to be at least a paragraph (Five Sentences) in length.


    Character Template

    History: [ Include your former job, and your first reactions to the attack, these should be at least a paragraph ]
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  2. Name: Violet Acer
    Age: 16
    Appearance: [​IMG] Jet black hair, brown eyes, sleeveless navy blue shirt and black shorts.
    Personality: She's kind and loyal, but that is counteracted by her shyness and insecurities. She is always too hard on herself, and she tried to make everyone else happy.
    History: She was learning to be an architect and a carpenter. She loved the aspects of building. She had only taken the glasses off because she wanted to look at the outside of them. She had set them down, and they sparked. When she turned around, no one was moving. Fear boiled in her veins and she ran out of the classroom, hoping it was just a dream. She was scared, afraid, and she needed someone else really bad. She ended up running to her house, hoping for the comfort of her family, but she was wrong. They were all dead. She sat in the door, staring at the sky and shaking for a long time before deciding she needed to move, there had to be someone else alive. She took some food and water with her in a small backpack and decided she could go on a picnic at the park later today.
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  3. Heya! Thanks for applying for my role-play. I don't think I was clear with my explanation of the History part. I meant include that. I would like about a paragraph ( 5 Sentences ). If you need help writing a paragraph, please PM me! Ill be glad to help.
  4. Name: Chloe Johnson
    Age: 24

    Personality: Chloe is a very open honest person she tell it like it is she doesn't sugar coat anything, She can be fun to be around but a few people have found her rude and uncaring, but that is simply not true she cares about everyone she just don't like to get peoples hopes up if there really is no hope for them.

    History: Chloe was a surgeon before everything went to rat and ruin, she loved her job she liked to make people better and help where ever she could. Chloe was a very much sort after surgeon she had been the top in her class from a very early age and had even been moved up years few out her school life. Never having really had many friends and her family lived back in England she spent most of her time at the hospital she worked at, so it was of no surprise that she was working the night of New Years Eve when everything died.
    Chloe had just done open heart surgery with her AR glasses on but due to some difficulties the operation had taken a far longer time then was normal, but once she had finished and closed the wound up she took her glasses off as her eyes where sore from all the intricate work she had been doing, Placing them on the side she saw a flash and all the lights went out she couldn't hear anyone or see very much so she felt her way out of the room to find there was a splash of light. looking down as her foot hit something she saw body after body just laying on the floor. It took her awhile to work out they were all dead, not know what else to do she found her way to the exit and smashed the door open as that to had locked and wouldn't open. Once out on the street she bent over double and was sick just to look up and see more dead scattered around.
    Chloe finally made it back to her apartment and locked the door she had been tinkering with what use to be called a ham radio she had seen pictures of one and had found away of making the components herself well as best as she could, as she walked into the main room she noticed the ham radio was on her coffee table she had no idea why but she walked over to it and tried to get the thing to work.
    Nothing was happening so she twisted the knobs and dials still nothing, with a sigh Chloe got up and went to the kitchen to have a drink of water but as she was just about to take a sip she heard a voice coming from the radio.
    The glass slipped out of Chloe's hand she couldn't believe it, not knowing who it was she just listened to the message, it was what sounded like someone needed help at the statue of Liberty Chloe had been in New York for just a few months and had spent most of her time at work but she was sure she could help.
    With out another thought she packed a few items including her kit bag with medical supplies some food and bottled water, As chloe left her building she tried not to look at the dead littering the street.

    Appearance: 58800-anime-and-manga-sad-anime-girl.jpg Chloe is 5 ft 3 inches her hair is long and never in a pony tail unless at work she always wears her holed jeans and sweater.

    ((I hope this is ok))
  5. okie dokie, fixed it =) Is it okay?
  6. [MENTION=4880]Eve lilith Angelson[/MENTION], The writing is solid, but the idea is flawed. Because of the environment, Doctors aren't really needed, everything is regulated. I suppose you could keep the job title so you don't have to change your history, but in the roleplay I think it would be a bit more suitable if you were a Medical Rgulator, meaning you take care of people while they are in AR Glasses.
  7. [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION], Much better! I can't wait to see how the characters meld.
  8. I'am ok with that I will work around it, so basicly making sure that they have no problems while the people are in use of the AR glasses. That type of thing? I see what you mean yeah if you want and give me a few rough idea's as to my role I have no problem's with changing my history to a degree.