Reality Slipping Away

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  1. Akira sits under a tree and stared out into the autumn fields. Life was flurishing not to long ago and now death has came to take it's toll on mother nature. Sorrow flooded the land, and her hazel eyes. She sat there, watching the world around her slowly die as winter will soon role in and cover the resting land with a white blanket.
    "I wonder where he is. I'm tired of waiting for him to come walk me home. Watching time pass it just too.... disturbing." she complains under her breath as she patiently waits for her friend to come meet her out at the gate of the school yard. If she gets late to home one more time she could kiss her freedom goodbye. Akira checks her watch and then sighs.
  2. "sorry I'm late. Times to precious waste waiting on me"
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    Akira looks over her shoulder and smiled warmly.
    "Don't worry about it. I think father would feel better if I was late with you than to be early without you protecting me." she said with a sense of sarcasm in her voice. She stood up and brushed off grass from her blue plaid skirt. She stepped towards him and grabbed his hand.
    "Let's go home. I'll make some lunch when we get there." Akira told him and started walking down the stone path through the woods, slightly dragging him behind her.
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    Smiling back "I think your father would be more than happy if i never showed up again" Akashi mumbled half laughing " lunch sounds great though."
  5. Akira jokingly punches Akashi in the arm and laughs.
    "Father has nothing against you. As long as you don't do anything stupid." she informed him. The sun starts to set and a cool breeze lightly brushes Akira's cheek, sending a cold chill down her spine. She clenched onto Akashi a little tighter trying to find warmth. They approach her house and she skips up to the front door and rand the door bell.

    "Dad! I'm home!!!" she calls out as she knocks on the door lightly.
  6. Akashi laughs "Me do something stupid? Never." He states bumping against her playfully.

    "he is gonna kill me one day" he mutters to himself.
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    Akira's father opened the door and sighed.
    "You're two minutes late you know that. Go inside and get changed." he told her. Akira looks back at Akashi and then to the ground. She started kicking at the dirt and asked her dad, "Can I make some ramen for Akash....." "No." her father said, cutting her sentence short. Despare and defeat overshadowed her and she sadly looked back up to Akshi. She mouthed the words , "I'm sorry" then walked into the house. Her dad slammed the door shut behind him.
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    Akashi stares at the ground for a second " man I am stupid" he says near a whisper, " Its my fault she was late, now shes in trouble" turning around and walking off slowly " well tomorrow is another day maybe it will turn out different" Akashi's stomach growls "man I wish i could have at least ate though."