Reality shift- a hero role play

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  1. (The people who have signed up know the plot and have made characters.)
    The sky was gloomy in New York today, and Reese's expression matched that. He tried his hardest not to create any electricity, and it hurt. Really bad. The blonde haired boy stood in an alley, away from sight. He was afraid he would hurt someone again. Today is the 5th of May.
  2. Looking around at the darkened sky, Lauren felt the urge to move things with her mind come on strong once more. It hurt more than anything to deny it, but there was little wind that would actually help hide her power, so she had to hold it in until she got home. Each day always ended as such: pain all throughout the day, and then she had to release it in one large explosion of energy. She chanced upon walking by that same alley and seeing a boy inside. She had to look at him and say, "Hello." Talking would help keep her mind off her power.
  3. Andy was out wondering about, since he now lived on the streets. Living on the streets was a lot harder than living in a house. Becuase just about everything outside was made of metal. He had to try and advoid places that had great deal of metal objects, for they would be drawn to him like a magnet and stick to him. Just the other day, he had a hot dog cart following him like a little lost puppy. "Damn powers." He mutters as he walked down the sidewalk with his hands in his pockets. The only time he had some pain is when he had a splurge of power, which occasionally happened. And this usually cause certain things to either go haywire or try to stick to him. He was near by the two, when a metal trash can began to skitter across the pavement towards him. Great... He says and then darts down the alley that Reese was in, but soon regreted it for there were more metal trash cans and even a metal dumpster and they were starting to move toward him. Great getting pinned to the wall by a dumpster, could this day get any worse? He thinks.
  4. Reese sees the boy coming, along with the dumpster. shit! Reese thinks, and pushes the girl out of the way, along with himself.
    A loud crashing loud is made, and Reese doesn't feel like turning to face it.
  5. The girl had her hands out and she expended her power on the object, telekentically moving it away, "Boy, get out of the way!" She shook with the effort of using her power to hold it still, "BOY MOVE!" She called, looking at Andy.
  6. Andy moved out of the way and the dumpster smashed into the wall. He looks at Lauren. When the dumpster was coming at him, he could see that she was holding it back. "Thanks for trying to stop it." He says. Then a trash can stuck to his back. "This is just great." He mutters as he reaches for the trash can. Once he got it, he threw it aside. "Any ways it will just follow me like the other trash cans do." He says. "It's not my fault actually it is." He says, trying not to lead to the fact that he had powers. He was just hoping for one moment that he wouldn't have to dodge something metal trying to stick to him.
  7. Reese cracked a smile at Lauren, who he thought was pretty, but wasn't going to get emotionally close to her, or this strange boy
    He released a crackle of electric on accident, the energy going straight into the dumpster. "Oops," he mused, "that wasn't supposed to happen..."
    Reese looked at Andy, then back at Lauren, then back at Andy again. "So," He started to ask, "do you two have... this curse, too?'
  8. "Curse is the best way to put it!" She hissed, while letting the dumpster stick to the wall, "Ever just been walking down the road any you suddenly go flying up into the air and make your friend lift off the ground before? These things are exactly a curse!" She hissed once more, hitting the wall, "Screw these powers!"
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  9. Andy looked at Lauren, “You call that a curse, try being a human magnet. Everything that is metal is attracted to me! Just the other day a friggin hot dog cart was following me around like a little lost puppy. These powers are more than a cure than you'll ever know.” He says. He was glad that Reese's electricity was holding the trash cans back against the wall, for if not, then they would be sticking to him. Other things that were metal, that were fastened down by something, seemed to rattle and move as if someone was shaking them. “See what I mean.” He says as he points as the fire escape in the alley way, it was connected to the building that Andy was standing near.
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  10. "...I killed a person." Is all Reese says, starting to walk away, really not wanting to stick around long enough for him to hurt---or kill--- any of them.
    He thought of his dead friend josh, and the burns that were over his body. Wasn't lightning supposed to be quick and precise? Guess not. Especially when it wasn't a normal bolt, it was a blast. He sighed and moved faster, his feelings making his power surge.
    Then he erupted, and lightning blasted out of him form all sides, even destroying a building.
  11. How long is a fraction of an instant?
    Enough time for her to drag tow large containers over to block the electricity from literally frying her to death and making her a baked corpse. She hid behind them and looked out, shaking and praying she wasn't dead. The explosion had been so sudden she couldn't even begin to think of what was goign on.
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