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  1. Seventh Sanctum [an awesome site] has a generator for crazy alignments! Give it a spin and make a character or an in character quote based on the alignment you get.

    Trust me, it gets crazy.


    Name: Cass
    Alignment: Chaotic Sexy
    Age: 25
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    Personality: She's full of kinks, double entrendes and she lives for sex and has never been refused. Just by using her appeal, she can get anyone to do just about anything. She mostly likes it rough, pain gives her pleasure.

    Freaky Good- Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt anyone. I just like waving this knife around. Want to try?

    Lawful Smug- Ohhhh, look at me, I'm a good citizen so I don't have any problems unlike you.

    Narcissistic Evil- I just killed a person and I still look so goddamn hot. Hell yeah.

    Unambitious Evil- I don't know, I'll take over the world I guess. I mean I love controlling and killing people as I please, so.

    Poetic Evil- Roses are red, violets are blue, your loved ones are dead, the next one is you.

    Okaaaay guys you try!
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  2. Poetic Good
    "Sings uplifting prose to inspire any warrior with the case of the blues." (Sounds like a Bard)
    "The hero vanquishes the evil of the world in poetic justice tailored to each villain." (Gotta know your villains well for that one)
  3. Lawful fashionable

  4. Chaotic Depressed- "My life sucks so I'm going to run around in a crowd with a chainsaw because I don't care anymore"
    Chaotic Hyperactive- "Ijustshopliftedlikeagazillionmonsterenergydrinksanddrankthemallandnowi'mplayingtagwiththecopsandwinning!"
    Lawful Irritating-"Hey! Hey you! Stop that! That's bad! I'm telling *poke* hey *poke* stop *poke* it *poke* Bad bad bad *pokepokepoke*

    Oh, and these aren't mine but I loled:

    Chaotic Bored - "There's nothing evil for me to do in this city!" 3rd world villain problems.
    Fashionable Evil - "Ugh, is this who I'm pitted against! Those shoes like totally don't match your shield or this palace!"
    Helpless Good - "I know we got a princess to save, but I'd much rather terrorize these chickens instead!"
    Lawful Boring - "My job is to make sure those 3rd world villains have nothing evil to do in this city."
    Neutral Unlucky - "Runs through multiple realms, including hell itself, to save a princess from the clutches of evil... gets friend-zoned"

    Chaotic Flamboyant ~ "I'm going to change all the soap dispensers in the boys bathroom to pomegranate soap instead, that way they'll all smell *~FABULOUS!~* Oh, I'm so naughty!"
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  5. Ikr the comments are epic. XD
  6. Hehe that last one especially just made me die!