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  1. /adds to Birthday Wish List
  2. My life has been made complete...
  3. But will it blend?
  4. Excellent, time to steal..I mean purchase one.
  5. great a hoverbike but when will they make robot servents....i want my android sex slave
  6. Psssh.

    I'm still waiting for all the REALLY cool stuff that comes out in 2015, like power laces, and hover boards.
  7. You guys obviously forgot the great creation of the power glove, now that was an invention.
  8. Watch that look all archaic and over sized ten years from now like cell phones from ten years ago. I'm totally looking forward to this for some reason. xD
  9. oh god dont remind me i found a old cell phone the other day and was shocked by how heavy it was -_- either im weak or that thing had a brick in it.
  10. I still want to have my Flux Capacitor and TARDIS, but it is a piece of cool news indeed. I am eager to see how this will continue!