Real Board Games

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I'm not talking about that section dedicated to those random whacky games, I'm talking about games played on a board, ala Monopoly and such. Also, things like Jenga that are technically not board games can be mentioned too.

Which board games ones are your favorites and why?

I lean toward Monopoly personally, played so many epic games of it and I was the local champion. :P Just like it, even if there is a fair amount of luck involved it's about managing your cash and knowing what to buy and what not to buy. Sure it take a while but it's always fun when you've got a big group to play with.

Not many other board games continue to hold my interest like that though..Jenga also is amusing but eh, don't play it often or even have own it.
I've always liked the board games that have creative questions/answers or gameplay. XD Pictionary, Imaginiff, etc... You never know what you will get or what someone else will say/do. So it's always a surprised and entertaining.

But I do also love classics like Clue. >:3 Always loved Clue.
Monopoly FTW. I would always buy up the cheap property like a slum lord.
Monopoly, totally.
The classics are the best IMO, re-making them is a mistake :)
I'm less about Monopoly and more about Settlers of Catan. It's all fun and games until everyone else decides they don't like that you have an honest monopoly on Bricks and keep the Robber on your Hills tile. Look all of you have the build card, you know you need bricks! Don't blame me because I'm the only one to monopolize them! You could have put a city there! But noooooooo, now we have to sit around for a dozen turns because you'd all rather do NOTHING than let me enjoy my hard-earned monopoly. Not like I'm bitter or anything.
I'm really old school, I enjoy backgammon and Chinese checkers.
It's all about Clue and Life for me. I love doing EXTREME Clue, where we play multiple rounds and after the first round you take out the room, person and weapon and take them off the map and keep going until all the PCs are gone XD

As for Life, it's just fun, you never know if you'll end up having kids or being stuck with a crappy job. Plus if you play with family you can gloat about your pretend wife and your job as a doctor earning the coveted $100,000 salary card.
I've had so much fun playing Taboo. Despite being a certifiable introvert, whenever that game comes out I start screaming and jumping around like nobody's business. Great stuff.

There's a really cool board game/D&D hybrid called Descent which I've had a lot of fun playing. Monopoly, Life, Thurn & Taxis, and Mancala are good times too.
Gosh you guys need to get in on some of the new ones! Such as Quelf, (which basically you land on a color and pick up that color card and it makes you do something really silly) Bang! (which is like Mafia but card style, not to mention the word "Bang!" gets used inappropriately often and makes things hilarious) and Munchkin (which is like D&D but makes it a lot more fun with really funny equipment and monsters and such.)
I play all sorts of card games with the basic playing deck, some chess, checkers, and game of the generals. My gaming group at school ensures I never get bored even without a PC or handheld.

Oh yeah, I make board games and roleplay systems as a hobby, so meh.

Here's one I'm developing with my gaming group, lol. It's currently my fave because of the system's potential.

It's called chain-sword, it's a strategy board game that utilizes the 52 card playing deck. [I move away from dice nowadays.] You can create your own armies and commanders, which is one of it's selling points.
hm, Arkham Horror, a Touch of Evil, Race for the Galaxy, Small World, Twilight Imperium, the Red Dragon Inn.

to name a few, but I enjoy finding obscure games, granted some of these are not really that obscure.
Arab-isreali wars.

All else I've played is meh to me, though monoopoly is fun at times.