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  1. It is 2044.
    Humanity has wasted most of its natural resources and now lays in a dormant, desolated heap with no hope of fruitful return to prosperity. The poor live in "Stacks", skyscraper-esque motor homes 'stacked' one on top of the next, supported by ladders and supports, making it somewhat similar to a poor excuse for an apartment complex. However, this is not a tale of post-apocalyptic woe. For, within this place, humanity lives it's days in what is the virtual utopia of the OASIS. A sprawling universal simulation with thousands of worlds, players live out their lives in peaceful bliss, roleplaying, teaching, or doing almost anything they can imagine. That is, until the creator of this blissful reality, Jim Halliday, passes away. A rich philanthropist, he leaves a challenge to all players of the game.
    Find the Three Keys, Copper, Jade and Gold, to acquire his fortune, which is billions in number.
    This is the story of the players of the game, where they will be hunting for the Keys, or just living out a peaceful life within the OASIS Simulation.

    Players will be required to write at an Intermediate/Adept Level, which will mean at least 5+ lines of prose with decent grammar, punctuation and spelling. There will be some PVP within the game, and whoever loses the combat will lose their progress as their character, as well as any items they have collected while hunting for the Copper, Jade and Gold Keys.

    « »
    Worlds of OASIS
    There are many worlds within the Utopia of OASIS. Before you write your application, make sure to have a read of all of them to ensure you know what planet is being mentioned and where it was originally created for.
    The world of Azeroth is comprised of four major continents, with a number of smaller islands scattered about them. Northrend is located in the north, Kalimdor in the west, the Eastern Kingdoms (aka eastern continents)[1] in the east, and Pandaria in the south. The Eastern Kingdoms are made up out of two large landmasses - the southern one includes Azeroth and Khaz Modan,[2] and the northern land of Lordaeron.[3] At one time, all of the four major continents (including Pandaria) were part of one large continent (known as Kalimdor), with a large magic lake known as the Well of Eternity in the centre.
    Advised Level for Entry: 10
    The Forerunner Hub [​IMG]
    The Forerunner is a place similar to that of Earth, before fossils fuels ran out and the climate was ruined. It is lush, with perfect gravity and atmosphere, with low level enemies to let new players become acquainted with the OASIS before they go offworld.
    Advised Level for Entry: 0
    Nirn is referred to by otherworldly beings as the mortal plane. The exact reasons and specifics behind Nirn's creation are largely not known for certain. However, all agree that the deity Lorkhan and the Eight Divines played pivotal roles in the creation of the waterlogged planet.[1][2][3] Two moons, Secunda and Masser, orbit Nirn. They are Lorkhan's sundered corpus.[1] Nirn is the center of Mundus, which itself is the "hub" of The Elder Scrolls universe's "wheel." The heavens beyond Nirn are star-filled. These stars are holes or portals through Oblivion to Aetherius, and carry magical significance due to the beings which tore them open, the Magna Ge.
    Advised Level for Entry: 15
    Cybertron was the adopted form of the lord of the light gods Primus, who trapped himself and Unicron in barren asteroids which they then shaped into their physical forms. While Unicron turned his prison into a transformable, humanoid body, Primus reformed himself into a vast Saturn-sized machine-world, home for a robotic race he created to fight Unicron with similar transformation abilities.
    Advised Level for Entry: 5
    Lumina: The Party Capital
    The Bloodworks
    The Bloodworks is a huge, roaming space sation with two purposes; Fighting, and letting people watch you fight. This is the OASIS's prime PVP Colliesum, where the best and the brawniest come to duke it out in tournaments to win Artefacts, which will help them in the quest for the keys.

    Alagaësia is a frozen tundra with hospitable land stretched in between. It is a haven for those who are skilled in the arts of Ice Magic, and beasts such as Drakes, and every Dragon under the sun.

    The Beor Mountains are a vast and incredibly tall mountain range in the south of Alagaësia. Within this area is the Az Ragni (river) and Beartooth River, as well as multiple dwarf cities. The city of Tronjheim is located inside the hollow mountain Farthen Dûr. Northwest of Farthen Dûr is Tarnag, the home of Celbedeil, a great dwarven temple.
    Du Weldenvarden is a dense forest which covers the north of Alagaësia. The elf cities of Ceris and Ellesméra are located within the forest, as well as the Gaena River and Lake Ardwen.
    "The Empire" covers the west of Alagaësia and is the area under the control of King Galbatorix. The area is populated by humans living in cities and towns such as Aroughs, Belatona, Carvahall, Ceunon, Daret, Dras-Leona, Eastcroft, Feinster, Gil'ead, Kuasta, Narda, Therinsford, Teirm, Urû'baen, and Yazuac. The Empire is split by an untamed mountain range known as The Spine. The Palancar Valley, a major valley of The Spine, is the location of Eragon's hometown and is thus where the Inheritance Cycle begins. Helgrind is a large bare rock mountain near Dras-Leona. South of The Empire is the country of "Surda" which seceded from The Empire while Galbatorix was learning to use the Dragon's Heart of Hearts. Surda includes the cities of Aberon, Petrøvya, Dauth, Cithrí, Reavstone, and Lithgow.
    The Hadarac Desert is a giant desert which covers the middle of Alagaësia.
    Northwest of the mainland lies the island of Vroengard, containing the city of Doru Araeba.
    Advised Level for Entry: 30
    Oerth: The Void
    [​IMG]Oerth itself is a planet nestled in the darkvoid of a black hole, many thousnads of miles away. Darkness is almost perpetual on Oerth, making it ideal for those of classes such as Necromancer or Dark Mage. Oerth's circumference is about 42,024 km, and its radius measures 6,714 km, about 1% more than that of Earth. There is no flattening of the planet sphere due to rotation, and divine power is again hinted at.
    Oerth has at least four continents, the largest of which is Oerik, lying mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. Southeast of Oerik lies the much smaller landmass of Hepmonaland, lying in the tropics. Hyperboria, also called Telchuria (after Telchur, the god of winter), lies at the north pole, while an unnamed fourth continent lies in the southern hemisphere. Oerth is thought to have four oceans, including the Solnor Ocean, the Dramidj Ocean that circles Telchuria, the Ocean of Storms south of Oerik, and the Sea of Thunder encompassing Polaria.
    Oerth also has a number of islands, the largest being Fireland in the northern Solnor, depicted on maps as being roughly half the size of Hepmonaland. Polaria is a chain of mountainous islands covered for at least part of the year by the southern polar ice cap.
    Advised Entrance Level: 40
    Krynn, located here next to it's moon known as the Pylon, is a high-gravity, desolate wasteland, with a dystopian feel, as many hordes of the undead roam it's sandy wastes. Krynn is divided into five main continents: Ansalon, The Dragon Isles, Ithin'carthia, Taladas, and Adlatum, as well as the subterranean continent of Chorane. The continent of Ansalon is approximately 1,300 miles from east to west, and 900 north to south.
    Advised Level for Entry: 20
    The Auction House
    [​IMG] If you need an item for a certain amount of credits, you'll come to the Auction House to buy it. Sales range from Artefacts, to moons and planets themselves!

    « »
    Classes of OASIS
    Within these slides, you'll find the various classes and class information pieces you'll need to fully design your character to be immersed in the OASIS experience.
    The Tank is a heavy damage dealer. They may be slow, but they will surely destroy their foes with heavy attacks, and ravage their defence with heavy weaponry.
    Starting Gear:
    - Rusty Warhammer: 12-15 Damage per hit.
    -Potion of Minor Strength: The player does +2 damage per turn. x1
    -Rusty Breastplate: Protects against 2 points of damage before damage is dealt.
    Bruisers are efficient damage dealers, who have no penalty to their speed, enabling them to be efficient and useful in battle.
    Starting Gear:
    - Rusty Longsword: 10-15 Damage per hit.
    -Rusty Breastplate: Protects against 2 points of damage before damage is dealt.
    Potion of Minor Indeterminate Acceleration: Player is more likely to dodge attacks when this potion is ingested.
    -Bellow of the Gods: (UNLOCKED AT LEVEL 10) Brusiers are able to increase damage output by +5 for two turns with this ability.
    Reavers are skilled in the wielding of both magic and swordplay, and have abilities that compliment their combat.

    Starting Gear:

    -Rusty Katana: 13-15 Damage Per Ht.
    Scroll of Stitched Lips: Reavers can use this to deplete 5 points of the opponents mana. x2
    Kimono of Cloth: Protects against 2 damage per hit. Protects against 2 magic damage per hit.

    For the cost of half the player's mana, damage can be doubled and +10 health can be gained for 1 turn.
    Silencio: For the cost of a quarter of the players mana, the player can decrease their opponents total mana by a quarter of it's original value for two turns.

    Warlocks have developed an ability to conjure mana into various elements. Darkness, Light. Fire, Water. Earth. Lightning. Any element in existence can be melded and bended by the will of the warlock.

    Starting Gear:
    -Novice Staff of Casting:
    Casts a bolt of magical energy toward the foe for 10 damage.
    Scroll of Stitched Lips: Warlocks can use this to deplete 5 points of the opponents mana. x2
    Potion of Mana Rejuvination: Restores 10% of the user's mana.


    -(UNLOCKED AT LEVEL 5) Familiar Conjuration: A familiar can be summoned to attack the foe with a similar amount of damage to that of the player's current weapon.
    Mana Bolt: A Warlock can cast a bolt of mana at the foe for 20% of their mana, at 1.5 times the damage of their current weapon.

    « »

    Artefacts of OASIS

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  2. I was thinking of making my character from Landfall, from the Saga graphic novels, since I've got a Landfallian character that I haven't been able to play as yet. Would that be okay? If not, I can use a different character, too.
  3. Sadly, I will not be able to participate. Life has beckoned.
  4. That sounds great :D
  5. Char Profile:
    (From Left To Right: EM_ver7.4.exe, Android, Combine, Gynoid, SF_ver6.1.exe
    The Top Is Obviously DennisDominator6x2Dragon.exe, Right??)


    (Combine Forme | Gynoid Form | Android Form)

    Character Name: Gemini.exe | SF_ver6.1.exe | EM_ver7.4.exe
    Name Meaning: Gemini.exe Is Formed From Combining SF6.1 And EM7.4
    Gender: Generic | Female | Male
    Species/Race: RO-807
    Age: NaN
    B-Day: NaN | June 1st | July 4th
    Zodiac Sign: Dragon, (Of Course, Gemini)
    Bloodtype: Reassembled Data Streams??
    Place of Birth: Virtuality Cyberverse Year 6174 Sector Coordinates x61, y74
    Current Residence: Nomadic Within The Digital Realm
    Occupation: Heroes Within The Digital Realm
    School/Grade: NaN
    Family: Chars Above And Also A Digital Pet Dragon Called "Dennis Dominator 6x2 Dragon"
    Gemstone: Glowsidian Stem, Eye Of The Pearl | Obsidian Gem | Glow Stone
    More: Seemingly Resemble Single Minded Siblings As Their Communications Are Very Strong And They Share A Very Strong Bond Between Each Other, Thus Always Being Able To Know What Each Other Has In Mind.


    Height: 8.07m | 7ft2 | 7ft2
    Hair: Check Photo
    Eyes: Check Photo
    Distinguishing Marks: Check Photo
    General Appearance: Check Photo
    Strengths: Has Both's Strengths Combined | Shadow + Formechanging Master | Electric + Metal Master
    Weaknesses: Has Both Weaknesses Combined | Brightness + Strong Air Turbulences | Electromagnetic Forces + EMP
    More: Check Photo


    Allies: Virtuality Cyberverse 6174 Speciality Net Patrol Department
    Enemies: Net Criminals
    Current Goal/Purpose: To Bring Back Peace In The Digital World
    Aspirations: Continue The Professor Who Created Them's Dreams Of Curing The Net Someday
    Hobbies: NaN | Win A Duel Against Her Brother | Win A Duel Against His Sister
    Likes: Peace And Order | Shadowplaying + Nighttime | Thunderstorms And Alloymaking
    Dislikes: Chaos And Havoc
    Talents: Superpowers, As Mentioned Above
    Inabilities: Weaknesses, As Mentioned Above
    Fears: Not Being Able To Fulfil The Professor's Wish Of Curing The Net
    General Personality: Cold And Reserved Towards Outsiders, Cynical
    Inner Personality: Tsundere
    Fondest Memory: When They Had Fun With The Professor Helping Noobs Become Masters Of The Net
    Biggest Regret: They Could Do Nothing About The Professor Dying Due To Old Age
    Secret: They Discovered That The Professor Actually Started A Project Before Death About A "Windows Frame" That Could Interlink The Realms Of Reality And The Net Together
    More: Try To See For Yourselves


    Special Items: Glowsidian Stem: If This Is Demolished, The Stability Of SF61 And EM74 Will Collapse And This Will Result In A Code Overflooding So Severe That It Will DDoS The Whole Net So That The Net-Servers Will Be Brought Completely Down. It Is Also Crucial For Code-Interlacing Into Gemini.exe (Combining Forme).
    Eye Of The Pearl: This Allows Space-Time Warping, And That's How They Got Back Here In 21st Century.
    Weapons: Aid From Their Pet, Dennis | ShadowForme; ViralStealth | MetaLectric; RoboticArmor
    Magics: Transcoder_ver8.7.util (Plugin Extension Format) | Ice Moveset | Fire Moveset
    More: Transcoder Is A Powerful Tool That Allows Editing Code Through Changing Orders Of Objects In The Other Realm So If Used From The Net It Will Mess Up Reality And Vice Versa, So This Is Actually A Very Dangerous Weapon.
    Ice Moveset Example: AppHang_B1 (Used On Opponent), Frost Defense (Used On Teammates)
    Fire Moveset Example: Code_rosionRtk (Used On Opponent), Rage Shield (Used On Teammates)


    General History: In 6174, Where Science And Technology Has Ground Breaking Fields Of Experiments, There Was One Codenamed Robrientist, One Who Will At All Cost Unite Reality And The Net, Has Created A Twin To Patrol The Net But In Reality, Has Created 2 Netmates, As In Real Life, The Scientist And In The Same Time A Technologist, Is Treated Badly In The Social Aspects Of Life, Just To Be Satisfied With Life. When This Professor Was Still Alive, It Spent All It's Time With Gemini.exe, The Twins, And Was Actually Also Developing The Secret Technology Called "Windows Frame", Which Connects Both Realms Together. When Professor Died Of Old Age, Gemini.exe Was Determined To Finish Professors Wills And Thus Embarked Upon This Journey To Bring Peace To...
    ...----Virtuality Cyberverse 6174----!!!!

    Present Life: On A Journey To Discover More About The Bonds Of Reality And The Net.

    Special Historic Notes: Check Background Story

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  6. Please excuse the "Too Much Info" post that I posted above. I am sorry that I did not understand instructions properly. Heres my choice:
    If I could do 2 characters (simulating 2 accounts in this RP??), then it's Reaver and Warlock.
    If I have to choose 1, then it'll be the Reaver.
  7. Is this project abandoned?? No replies already for a week. Where is the official website of this RP??
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