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  1. Hello there, welcome to my search post, I am so glad you have found your way here. Please read below, if you see something that takes your fancy PM me but please read what I am looking for in a partner and what I am like then we can make sure we will be compatible to start.

    Things I like rping:

    Mass effect
    Harry Potter - have an basic character idea for this.
    Animal based (Wolf, lion etc)
    Romance plots (As in romance is part of the plot not just there for the sake of it)
    Last of us
    How to Train your Dragon
    Lots of animes
    + Many many more things. I am always happy to see if we can work something out, so please either reply here or pm me and we can discuss ideas.

    Person I am looking for:

    - Preferably someone who plays advanced level.
    - Decent spelling and grammar
    - Someone who can write about 2-3 good sized paragraphs.
    - Someone who likes posting in the forum as I don't like pm rps.
    - Lastly someone who is friendly and understand that we are real people who normally have busy lives and jobs to go to and who doesn't stress if a post takes a little longer.

    What I am like:

    - I am a slow roleplayer, it may take me 2 weeks to post sometimes. BUT I never abandon a rp, I won't just let it die, I can keep it going even with long wait times. As lets face it we are all real people, who have jobs and home life.
    - I will write at least 2-3 paragraphs with depth and description.
    - I write in word docs first to keep mistakes to a minimum
    - I like to get to know the person I am rping, so if you're looking for a friend as well as a partner I'm your gal ^^

    That's about it for now, might add more later and please feel free to get in contact with me :D Have a great day.
  2. I would like to do an last of us RP. Shall we discuss the Rest in pms?
  3. Oooooh I would love to do am Last of us or mass effect rp (:
  4. Still looking for partners, feeling quite romantic so searching for someone who can help :D
  5. Still looking for other players at an advanced level. Please see resume for more information on preferences.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.