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  1. Discounting liberteen (because that's just... wrong to discuss), how do people feel about reading other roleplays that they aren't personally involved in?

    I've tried several times in the past to make roleplays that involve outside members into the plot (like having others vote on an event or something), and I've seen some people that follow along with roleplay's their friends are in, but how many people actually will read along a roleplay for enjoyment even though they aren't in the roleplay itself?

    I personally tend not to- if I find a roleplay good enough for me to want to read it, then usually I try and hop onto the train and tag along- but what about everyone else?

    & btw thanks to everyone that's responded :P
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  2. I used to do it quite often, but recently with all my schoolwork and work-work, I haven't had the time.

    I've actually fallen so far behind that I'm four or five cycles behind on reading posts in one of the roleplays I am in. (However, it's a mission-based RP, so it ends up being effectively multiple RPs with a switching cast. I make sure to keep up with my mission.)

    When I read roleplays I don't intend on joining, it's usually because I would like to, but it's either full, closed, or I want to give someone some space. I end up joining roleplays with a lot of the same people and GMs, so I try to leave each at least one Holmi-free RP.

    So far, I've read RPs by @Brovo, because I like the structure and tend to be friends with a chunk of his player-group-thing; one by @Elendra, because I was helping her with "objective opinions" or something; and one by @Atlas Child, because everything in it was just so impressive, though the roleplay died off pretty quick. I also planned on reading one by @Kestrel, having heard great things about a lot of the characters, but never got around to it.

    Atlas's was actually the first I read primarily for my own amusement, with Brovo's coming long afterwards. Before then I had read a lot of roleplays under the policy of "don't join until I read the whole IC", by which point I usually either lose interest or find the RP to have died.
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  3. The closest I've ever come to reading RPs I'm not in is when I'm on the fence on whether to join or not. Beside's that, not really. Depending on the size and style of the RP, it can easily become quite the time sink just to stay on top of the ones I am in.
  4. I sometimes do if I know people in the game and my own games are going slow. Typically, I stick to my own games, however. I should read more games for entertainment.
  5. Turns out I absolutely hate GMing and the massive amount of writing that comes with it.
  6. I DO! :D

    Most often it's Libertine roleplays and One on One roleplays. The first one because I am a perv and the second one because two-player roleplays tend to have more developed stories than the group ones. (Group ones tend to be chaotic or get stuck in a scene).

    Ignoring the admin-reasons for reading them, I like to read them cause it's great for inspiring ideas!
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  7. Did somebody say... Roast? No? Well then I'll say it. ROAST!

    Step 1: Gather a bunch of people on Skype.
    Step 2: Pick a target role play.
    Step 3: Tear it apart Lisa! Deconstruct it as we read it for comedic and educational purposes.
    Step 4: At least give it an admirable shot to say something positive about it. Enjoy reading. Move onto next target.

    @Dervish @Razilin CHARMANDER!

    Also, next roast will be on SUNDAY! ALL DAY SUNDAY! I mean I was gonna warn y'all later but since now is a perfect opportunity ROAST. ON. SUNDAY!
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  8. Personally I don't like reading roleplays I aren't part of. It probably has to do with that I don't like reading books or lengthier texts on a computer because it makes me tired very quickly. Reading something for more than ten minutes at a time gets my brain all wobbly. When I roleplay myself I always get to take a break from the reading while I'm writing, so it doesn't have much of an impact even if I have five roleplays to reply to in a row. When reading a book (or if I were to read roleplays) I want to at the very least sit a full hour without a break, which wouldn't be possible if I read it on my computer. So I'm not very interested.

    Then there is the fact that the narrative changes and might jump slightly backwards in every post to tell from the other persons perspective the things that already happened in the last post. That's completely fine when I write with people, but when I read something to get a good and entertaining story, I want it to go fluently and be put together well. It's kind of hard when it's two people posting from their own characters perspective and the perspective changes once every 1-3rd paragraph. So I can't really get into it very well.

    Then we have the problem that most of the roleplays started will die. If I read a story I want there to be an ending eventually. It can be a short story or it can be 50 books of 1000 pages each, but somewhere it needs to have a proper ending. If I ever were to read roleplays, I would definitely go for the ones in the hall of fame, the already finished ones, because otherwise I will most likely just read a lot of stuff that will die and I will lie awake at night wondering what would have happened if it had continued. I'm already doing that with my own dead roleplays, I don't need a lot of roleplays that aren't mine added into that empty void of that which never was o.O
  9. Sunday? REALLY? WOHOO, I'm actually home this Sunday :D Gonna tell the starting time in the old Planning a roast thread?
  10. Ja! Just make sure to send me a message over Skype so I can make an invite list in a text doc. Conversely when I get the timing down, you can let me know in the roast thread. Just trying to get a couple of core group members together, which involves syncing British and Central American time to a nice starting timer.
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  11. I like to read RPs from time to time like, during summer break or on weekends.
  12. If all goes well, I should be there!

    Charmander gonna Char.
  13. I read RPs that include other writers I love, even if I'm not in there with them. I'll confess to skipping the heck out of the people I'm NOT fond of. *L* But I get attached to certain writers' styles and enjoy seeing what they're up to.
  14. If the theme or the character cast are interesting, I read other roleplays, sometimes. It also helps me learn the roleplay craft more and sometimes I remember what works well on those other ones.
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