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  1. By having stupid things happen to you that you find funny but others find childish.

    Like this happening to me today.

    420 blaze it.JPG

    Hue Hue

    What other things have happened to you that others think are childish but you think as funny?
  2. Too bad you were one day short of being 420 on April 20th.

    I like to tell people who are all about 420 that they're really celebrating Hitler's birthday. Hilarity ensures when they get fuhrerious.
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  3. "Your mom" always cracks me up like it did back in Junior High.

    It's a great way to defuse any serious arguement or situation.
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  4. "your mom" jokes
    "that's what she said" jokes
    any mention of the following words

    People falling down
    people falling down into/onto unfortunate things
    People getting hit in the face with things
    Cartoonish reactions like eyes bulging out, literally jumping in the air when startled, etc.​
  5. [​IMG]

    0.89 ratio of likes to posts. This means, rounded up, 9 out of every 10 posts of mine on average someone will like. This amuses me to no end, because I'm a grumpy, elitist ferret sensei astronaut that just as often finds himself on the opposing side of popular opinion as he does with them. :ferret:

    Oh, and if you're wondering the kinds of posts that generally warranted the most upvotes... In order of most to least:
    1. Guides. You get an initial burst and then over time, if it's a good guide, people will keep giving it upvotes.
    2. Siding with popular opinion on a controversial issue in a manner that is galvanizing or patriotic. (Group think. It's real.)
    3. Shitposting. Specifically, if I can gather about 5+ other people to theme our avatars and what not around something and spamming a single thread with nonsense jokes. (Ex: Sunny D thread.)
    4. Siding with unpopular opinion on a controversial issue in a manner that is placating to the sensibilities of the more popular side.
    5. Counseling people on topics that vex several individuals, in a manner that gives them an easy out. (If you tell the truth that most aspects of life are hard and you just gotta deal with it, you may even get screamed at. Leave alone upvoted at all.)
    6. Roleplay posts. (This fluctuates based on the group you're in. Some people spam likes on every post imaginable, some never hit likes at all. Consider this the wild card.)
    7. Posting something informative, but fairly dry. (Logos statements aren't popular. Pathos statements that at least sound like they have logos built into them at some level will be popular, even if they're total nonsense upon further examination.)
  6. I think it's hilarious to make dying chicken sounds when chopping up chicken body parts and gizzards & livers at work. "BA-GOK! BA-GOK!" Oh, but some people have vocally said it's annoying or just casually laugh at it. In one instance the district manager mentioned that it may bother customers. Bah. It's funny!

    *wields butcher knife and chops a chickens head off* "BA-GOK!"

    That and I think it's fun to slide around the street corners when it's icy out during winter. A slow slide but some people say it's stupid if not childish. Going to go with the notion that the two are synonymous with each other.

    Oh. And the joke,
    "Guess what?"
    "Chicken butt. Guess why?"
    "Chicken thigh. Guess how?"
    "Chicken brow. Guess the rest?"
    "....what's the rest?"
    "Chicken breast."
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  7. I was close. SO EVERY CLOSE, to posting this same thread when I had 69 replies. But now I know I should have posted it.

    You are a sick individual, therefor I love you and you get a cookie.

    I am not here to have upvotes! *secretly writes them all down* It is a different thing that you find amusing but still as weird!
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  8. Any kind of joke or humor that made/designed to be offensive.
    May I be the one making the joke or be hearing it from someone else.

    The fact I have my own Iwaku Cult is also a great source of entertainment. :3
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  9. WHOA WHOA WHOA? YOU HAVE A CULT? I want in. Now. Ill bring cookies.
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  10. Indeed I do. :3
  11. Dear Diary: I join a cult today. I also made a thread having people admit childish things that we all find funny. Today was a good day.
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  12. puns.

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