Re-Kindling Friendship

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  1. Kassius, or better known as 'Kass', is encouraged by his family to attend his High School Reunion. It's been almost seven years since he graduated, and though his teenage years were not necessarily the best years of his life, he decided that it was worth a shot.

    Kass wasn't the most popular guy in school. He had a few friends he used to hang out with up until graduation, but they never really stuck around afterwards. However, Kass finds himself happily reunited with a distant acquaintance.

    Their friendship was short lived in high school as they had only met during the last six months of their senior year, and they didn't spend a whole lot of time together outside the classroom, but they did seem to enjoy eachother's company.

    After they went their separate ways for college, they never really spoke to each other. Not once, until this fateful night when they find themselves enjoying the re-kindling of an old friendship. And perhaps a little romance would ensue as well. ;)

    -Spelling and grammar are important
    -No oneliners
    -No godmodding
    -Try to be creative with your character, I don't mind Mary-Sues, but they can get a bit boring if they're too stereotypical. I understand though if it happens, 'cause I tend to do it sometimes too.
    -HAVE FUN!!

    Kassius Wynter (open)

    Kass (me) x her (you) <3
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