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  1. Character List (open)

    • Fallon
    17, PA Shaylee
    Lady Cordelia

    • Sephiria
    19, PA Spectra
    Lady Anneliese

    • Viveca
    17, PA Cassandra
    Lady Kathleene

    • Icarus
    18, PA Brine
    Lord Izana Kunigiri

    • Luka
    18, PA Ido
    Lord Eric

    • Rylen
    18, PA Brisk
    Kale de Marcus

    • Anneliese
    16, PA Anais
    Princess Sephiria

    • Cordelia
    17, PA Fleur
    Princess Fallon

    • Kathleene
    20, PA Mystique
    Princess Viveca
    @The Creator 8

    • Eric
    16, PA Chocolate
    Prince Luka

    Kale de Marcus
    16, PA Morozko
    Prince Rylen

    • Izana Kunigiri
    20, PA Makoto
    Prince Icarus


    Uniforms & Dress Code (open)

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    • Students can wear what ever color shirts as long as its button down,has a collar, and they don't have to be tucked in.
    • Buttons on shirt must be buttoned all the way with the exception of the first two at the top or bottom (girl in middle).
    • Ties/bows are either black or school colors (Royal Purple and Mint Blue).
    • Vest, suspenders and jackets are recommend but are optional. However if he or she chooses to wear any of these it must be provided from school with the schools emblem.

    • Girls can wear pants/shorts twice out of the seven days they attend school, color must be black.
    • Girls must wear black heels/ wedges or Mary Janes flats.
    • Skirts can be as long as an inch above the anckle or as long as mid thigh, roughly five inches from knee.

    • Guys can wear shorts twice out of the seven days but they must be dress pants/shorts and the color must be black.
    • Guys will wear dress shoes which are also black.

    Any questions or suggestions let me know.

    "Every year, people from around the kingdom gather in front of the castle gates or at home in front of their televisions to observe the famous "Royalty Procession" or Royal parade, where princes, princesses, and others among the highest nobility from all across the land gather to enroll in Royal Charm School. A modern yet magical place which teaches how to properly interact at social gatherings, how to dance with elegance and charm, and general proper etiquette to these royal people in order to lead them to discover their full potential as rulers. In addition, each semester two commoners -- one male and one female -- are also allowed enrollment if they are selected from the "lottery" that awards them a full scholarship, as well as the chance to become a "Lady Royal" or "Lord Royal" -- a prince/princess's most trusted adviser." Smiles the Head Mistress of RCA.

    She stood tall infront of the potum with her long brown locks neatly pulled out of her face. Her golden brown eyes glistened with excitement for the new semester. She easily pulled off the skirt suit she wore with a small scarf tied around her neck and wrist. "I'm pleased to welcome everyone back to Royal Charm Academy. Now we will see who was lucky enough to win our 'lottery' this semester." She says as a barl spun around and around before it stopped and she pulled out a small slip of paper folded neatly. "Our female winner is, Kathleene. (@The Creator 8 ) Congratulations, my dear!" She smiles brightly. Next another barl comes and spins a few times before she pulls out yet another slip of paper. "And our male winner is, Izana Kunigiri.(@FireDrake150 ) Congratulations! To both of our winners and I hope everyone has a wonderful year!"

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  2. Sephiria
    Sephiria waves ever so slightly to the other students that envied her. Her long raven hair fell naturally down her shoulders and back. The so called 'Lady Royal' wore a deep red button down with the top and bottom two buttons undone with a black mid-thigh skirt, black mid-calf lace up boots and a loosely worn black tie. Hanging on her rolling luggage handle was her jacket. Her beautiful blue, purple orbs twinkled in the light of the room. Spectra who had her hair braided that day flew over to Sephiria with joy. "Seph!" She called running into the young woman. "I'm so glade your back! How was your break?" She asks. Seph smiled. "Everything was fun. Its a shame you couldn't have come Spectra."

    Luka wondered the halls aimlessly just exploring for no reason seeing as this was not his first year. For some reason or another this was one of his many habbits when he was bored. He wore his white and black uniform with professionalism, well other then his tie which was loose but not overly loose. He hated tight things around his throat and rather just wear the shirt. Because he didn't do tight thing even his white button down wasn't button to the very top but it some how still showed his properness of it all. Ido causally sat on his shoulder slightly head banging to the music Luka was listening to.
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  3. RylenRylen exited the royal limo, and looked upon the school. His black hair seemed to flow in the wind perfectly, causing for young princesses to fawn over him. Brisk floated up to him, and Rylen looked at the small fae man. "Hello, your highness! Welcome back." Brisk said, taking a seat on Rylen's shoulder. No matter what the two felt towards each other, which was many emotions depending on the day, Brisk always took a seat on Rylen's shoulder and Rylen allowed him to. Rylen flashed a small smile. "Thank you Brisk, it's nice to see you again." He told the fae.
    Walking forward into the building, with three servants carrying his belongings behind him. Rylen went to his room, however he made sure to say hello to the occasional prince and princess he saw. Once at his room, he let the servants take everything in. Rylen found himself looking at his uniform. A royal blue button down shirt, the first two buttons were undone, and a black tie. He wore the standard black slacks and his black dress shoes. and Rylen then found himself wondering to the courtyard. As he entered the courtyard, he took a seat on a stone bench and let his mind wonder on the relaxing feeling that the outside brought to him

    FallonAfter arriving early that morning, Fallon found herself roaming the hallways with Shaylee flying next to her. Shaylee had always preferred to fly next to Fallon unless she was tired then she would slept on the female's shoulder. "It's nice to have you back at the academy, princess Fallon!" Shaylee gleams. Fallon looked over to the small fae. "It's nice to be back! Especially to see you, Shaylee." Fallon said. She did in fact miss the school.
    Looking over to the hallway, she continued to walk around in her maroon colored button down and black tie. She had on her black boots, with gray tights under her black plaid skirt, which was raised five inches above the knee. She continued to walk through the hallways.
  4. Sephiria
    "I wonder where Princess Fallon and Vivica are. I figured I would greet them seeing as we share a room." She says walking out of the coordor with Spectra flying next to her. "I'm sure the three of you will meet up sooner or later." She says to Sephiria. Seph nods making her way into the court yard where she ran right into Princess Luka. "I'm sorry!" She exclaimed bowing her head. The male however nods "Its fine."

    Luka was wondering the coordor of the court yard listening to his music before spotting his roommate, Rylen. He wondered over to greet the male but turning off his music. Ido had already flown over to the two and was messing with Brisk. "Brisk!" Ido whines. Luka rolled his eyes. "Good morning highness, Brisk." Luka greets the two with a smile before glaring at Ido who by that point probably started a fight with Brisk. "Your a pain in the ass Ido." He says grabbing the fae by the shirt. "Don't make me put you in a jar." He threatens the fae who was throwing a fit.

  5. Kathleene arrived at the prestigious Royal Academy with her eldest brother, Colin. He was the one that was chosen by the family to make sure that Kathleene was safely taken to the Royal Charm Academy. The family still did not understand why she wanted to be there but accepted her decision since she was the odd one in the family.

    Kathleene got out of the car, she inspected her calf length dress. It was in a deep forest green with Irish lace around the neck and sleeves. Her black boots were well shined and her grey stockings were pulled up straight. She had what she thought was a very chic green jacket that everyone else felt was unnecessary. She had her hair done in her normal fashion- sides pulled back into a ponytail and trailing down her back.
    Colin got out of the car and took her suitcases out of the trunk of the car, he made a comment of how much 'stuff' she brought to the Royal Academy. Once everything was out, Kathleene took two of the suitcases while leaving Colin behind her as she spoke.

    "Colin, we have been over this several times. I bet that most of the students here have quite a bit more than what I have. I only brought what little I had time for buying. And six suitcases is all I brought and I thought that you could carry them all. Or at least you said that you could back home.
    Now according to the map, we go down this hallway......" Kathleene spoke as she lead the way being eager to find her new room.

    I should have kept me mouth shut too." Colin grumbled under his breath as he hoisted a suitcase under each arm and pulled the last two along until finally Kathleene spoke up

    "Here is my room. There is a small sign on the door. And the key fits so lets go inside." Kathleene spoke as he door opened into the most beautiful room that she had ever seen. It was done in pale pink and baby blue roses with silver edgings. The carpet was done in a deep green. A desk and so much more.

    Colin stood at the door with his mouth threatening to drop open.
    "Kath, are you sure that you wish to stay here? I know that you have a maid arriving here for your personal use but this room is way too fancy for the likes of us......" he spoke in a near whisper.

    "Yes, I am staying, Colin. Tell Mother and Father that I have arrived safely and that I will be fine. " Kathleen spoke as she walked towards her big brother.
    "Thank you for driving me her, Colin and have a safe trip home. I know that you are very uncomfortable here....." Kathleene spoke.

    "You are right, Impette. Enjoy your Royal stay. Write often and take this. Put it away somewhere safe. We all pitched in and decided that you can use the extra money. Be good and stay out of trouble." Colin said as he pressed the envelope into her hand as he kissed her forehead.
    He quickly walked away as Kathleene watched.

    Kathleene started to close her door when as young maid walked up to her.
    "Good day, Lady Royal Kathleene. I am your maid. My name is Molly. Please allow me to unpack your things for you." she spoke as she took the suitcases inside, two at a time.

    Kathleene walked back inside her room to oversee the unpacking and wonder what she had gotten herself into.
  6. izana Walks to the academy, having little trouble finding his way, bringing what little he had. coming from a small town, mainly filled with Herbologists, he was well aquainted with both plants, as well as bilingual, fluent in both Japanese and common, something that could indeed play to his distinctive advantage, should the need for it arise. Walking his way to his new room, he turns the key and opens the door, getting everything set up and organized, before admiring the distinctly japanese appeal and the sheer size of the living quarters. Turning his head to take in all of the detail he can grasp, it seems that they had indeed done the research on him and his like and dislikes to set up a residence in which he will be satisfied. Once sufficient work has been completed, he heads to the assembly that had been marked as a mandatory occurance, dressed in a long coat and scarf, glasses on his face, not due to needing them, but due to his own impressions of self-appeal, simply preferring the way he looks with them. Wearing his usual frown, he sits in the audience towards the back, mainly to observe and listen, not quite expecting to win, and half-thinking that this whole thing isn't more than a dream. Once he is called up, however, He proceeds to join the Headmistriss as required, marginally shocked, having no idea what exactly he will need to say.
  7. Kale liked rules. They were always so full of holes, sometimes it felt like they made the loopholes just for his benefit. Black dress shoes, button-up shirts, and ties that stuck to the colors royal purple, mint blue, or black. None of the rules said anything about not dressing like the opposite gender. So, as he stepped out of the black car and across the threshold of the prestigious academy, the boy known as Kahlia was smartly dressed in a loose, pastel pink shirt, with a thin black western tie, a short, black and grey plaid skirt, and high-heeled dress shoes with ankle straps. His nails were painted a pastel pink that matched his shirt, and his naturally olive-tanned skin glowed unblemished by leg or arm hair. Fake breasts, make-up to soften the harder edges of his face, and a long wig the same shade as his natural hair completed the illusion. Normally, he was moderately attractive (with a mother as beautiful as his, his being completely ugly had never been very likely), but when he was all dressed up like this he turned heads and he knew it. Not that he cared. As if to purposefully defy his delicate appearance, he hefted a large dufflebag over one shoulder, rolling an absolutely enormous piece of luggage with his other hand as if neither bag weighed anything. An older woman popped out and grabbed another, smaller suitcase, helping him bring it to the Lord Royals' quarters. Once she dropped it onto the bed, the older woman brushed off her hands and spoke. "Kal-"

    "It's Kahlia here, Mrs. Greeves." The voice used was a flawless imitation of a female. Not just his looks, but the expression he wore, the way he stood and moved, they all screamed "cheerful, peppy girl."

    The woman shuddered. "Ka-" She caught the look on his face and corrected herself with a sigh, "Kahlia, that is extremely creepy, would you do me a favor and quit that?"

    Abruptly adjusting his posture to his normal slight slouch, Kale speared her with an uncomfortably dark stare that immediately made her breathe a sigh of relief. That was the Kale she knew. His voice switched back to normal: distinctly masculine, though not perhaps the lowest or roughest. "Alright, but only for you, Mrs. Greeves. Anyways, what was it you wanted to say?"

    She gave a huff and spoke in a slightly nagging voice, "Again with the girl's dress, and this school for princes and princesses. I can't say you're ordinary, but you're not like these people either, Kale. You don't need to pander to their whims. Aren't they everything you despise about the life your mother leads? The notoriety, the wealth, the selfishness. I really don't think-"

    Kale shook his head with a short laugh. "Is that what your problem's been? Don't worry. I'm not going to follow either my mom's or my dad's footsteps. Trust me." He grinned at her, and she gave him a long look, before sighing and shaking her head back at him. Before she could continue her protestations, however, the Lord Royal leaned forward and kissed the woman on the forehead. "Anyways, thanks for seeing me off and helping me bring my things up."

    His home tutor and good friend these many years smiled slightly, knowing she was probably the only person Kale would ever thank sincerely for something so mundane. She gave him a soft hug. "Don't be silly. As usual, you insisted on carrying most of it yourself, even though that ruins the outfit you spent hours on this morning." Her words were sly, a quietly pointed attack on his rather random decision to cross-dress for the school.

    His reply was equally sly, as he gave her a soft hug back, then let go. "Well we wouldn't want an old bird like you straining her back, would we? Now, are you planning to stay to mother me forever?" One delicate eyebrow rose.

    She punched him lightly and protested, "Mid-30's is hardly old, but yes, yes, I get it, I'm going now." She was almost out the door, when she made a quick turn on her heels, an elegant motion that Kale had used as a basis for his role as Kahlia. "And Kale." He looked up at her and saw she was looking straight at him, a knowing look in her eyes. Her next two words were sharp commands, not the least bit rhetorical. "Play nice."

    He simply smiled and said again, "Only for you, Mrs. Greeves." Apparently satisfied (enough) by this response, she left without another word. The minute she disappeared around the doorpost, Kale felt the familiar weight of a tiny pair of feet landing in his hair. "It's nice to see you again as well, Morozko." He said softly, requiring no response from the delicate blonde fairy standing regally atop his head, feet together and hands clasped behind his back. The alert, militant little creature offered none, which was pretty much as expected from him. Kale arranged his trunks under and around his bed precisely so, continuing to be amused by the fact that no matter how he turned his head, the fairy didn't fall off, but that took very little time. As soon as he was done, he stood, brushed himself off, and waltzed out of his room, searching for his first priority in this school - his prince. As he passed others, he smiled and waved at them, calling out greetings in his feminine voice, a natural at remembering names. He had once again donned his personality as Kahlia, back effortlessly straight, each step light and elegant, even in heels. He made it no secret, especially from his fellow Lord Royals who roomed with him, that he was not the least bit female, but the minute he played Kahlia, he became Kahlia. No one, not even himself, could make the distinction. And, as Kale had learned early on in life, the line between reality and fiction became difficult to see when fiction was reality. Wasn't that what made it fun? As he walked through the halls he passed the Lady Royals' quarters, the door wide open and the new girl apparent inside being assisted with her unpacking. He'd dismissed his servant from day one. Popping his head inside, he addressed the girl, "Hi! Are you the new Lady Royal?" He spoke cheerily, all welcome smiles.

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  8. ~Prince Icarus~Icarus had just arrived, avoiding much fanfare with his entrance. He'd chosen to come in a perfectly-average limo, driven by a perfectly-average servant of his family. When the limo pulled in, his family servant got out to open the door for the prince, whose elegance in exiting the car was perfectly average. His uniform was perfectly average, as well, as he wore a white button-down shirt with the top button undone and a silky royal purple tie, all tied together with perfectly-average black slacks and black dress shoes.

    At least, this was how he saw it. This is how the others in attendance at RCA would view the scene. To common people, he was the picture of elegance and sophistication, with perfect posture and soft features. All this was in spite of his unimpressive height of 5'6".

    As a few other servants of the prince picked up his cargo and brought it inside, he felt something 'plunk' onto his head and struggle through his fine platinum-blonde hair. "Icarus!" a happy voice cried out. The figure that was now lying on his stomach on top of the prince's head was none other than Brine, a little male fairy with shaggy blue hair, aqua eyes, and no sense of pride in his apparel.

    "Ah," Icarus replied happily, his matching aqua eyes twinkling. "How's my little Brine Fly?"

    "I'm a fairy, goof!"

    "I know~"

    Icarus turned to enter the building, scouring the crowd for friends he'd made in the past and for new arrivals that might be fun to get to know.

    ((Oh my gosh, I think that's the longest post I'll write for the next 20 pages.))

    <Lord Eric>Eric had been taking a comfortable nap, unseen, on the school roof. He woke to the sound of a bird's talons landing near him as it rested from its flight. The Lord Royal cracked one of his dark brown eyes open to look at the creature. Apparently, the little yellow bird had grown quite accustomed to all of the "Snow Whites" and "Cinderellas" and didn't seem to find the young man particularly threatening. Well, that worked for him.

    He sat up slowly and looked to the bird with a kind expression. "Good morning," he said, grabbing its attention before suddenly shouting "BOO!" and pretending to claw at it. The creature let out a terrified call and took flight again, leaving Eric laughing heartily. He nudged the fairy beside him awake. "Hey, Cocoa, what time is it?"

    The fae's rich red-brown eyes opened pomptly, but not in a panicked manner. "Time to head down and greet the others, I'd say," he replied. The well-mannered fairy had always had a good sense of time. He rose to his small feet and ran one little hand through his sleep-ruined ivory hair.

    "If you say so," the Lord Royal shrugged, sliding down to the edge of the roof and fearlessly jumping off, to the surprise and/or disbelief of several of the nearby students [your character could have witnessed this].
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  9. ~ Lady Cordelia ~

    Cordelia entered through the large iron gates as she shifted her bag with ease over her shoulder. Another year it was here and another year to serve as a Lady Royal. A smile lit softly against her rose tinted lips as she watched her cart be driven forward with her luggage mainly that of her riding equipment. Cordelia nodded to the man to bring her things to her room. At that she made her way down the long stone pathway as her heel's clicked against the floor. Many a stare was received especially from the male student body as she all but smiled softly to them as they grinned like silly fool's. It was in that moment that she saw a poof of pink smoke appear as a lyrical voice scolded one of the boys. Cordelia all but laughed with an amused grin as a voice echoed in the air." Cordelia!!! Your at last here! I have missed you so very , very much! Those boys were staring at you again which is unacceptable miss unless your to marry them!" Cordelia's hand rested light against her lips as she chuckled softly at Fleur." Oh come now, Fleur.. In order for me to one day supposedly marry I must meet boys correct? We both know none truly can catch my interest so we're good." Fleur all but nodded with a smile before landing lightly atop Cordelia's shoulder to take a seat as they entered the building as the hall's all but buzzed with constant talk." Cordi , I told one of the Royal Maid's to alert Princess Fallon to your arrival so she can see you when she wishes!" Cordi all but nodded with a smile as she gracefully walked down the hall's as she nodded kindly to the other's as she pressed on and went to go to her room to settle in before going to present herself back once more at Fallon's side. With that she entered her room and began to unpack her bags for the time being as Fleur and her chatted away.
  10. F
    allon walked through the hallway when a maid ran to her, though she said nothing at first. Looking at her, she paused. "What?" She asked, kind of confused why the maid ran to her and no sound escaped her mouth. "Oh, sorry princess Fallon...um, I was sent to inform you that your Lady Royal, Cordelia, has arrived." She said, bowed and left. Fallon sighed, she figured she would find her in a little while. Continuing down the hallway, she spotted someone she recognized, Sephiria. Walking up the dark haired individuals, she smiled. "Hello, Seph." She said.

    ylen sat quitely and peacefully with Brisk, until a familiar fae floated up and annoyed Brisk. "Would you stop it, Ido." Brisk said, trying to get the fae to leave. When Ido pulled on one of the, highly sensitive, branches in Brisk's hair, Brisk became slightly mad and punched the other fae in jaw. "Ass wipe." He growled, as he rubbed his hair. "Brisk, play nice." Rylen warned. Brisk sighed and sat down on Rylen's shoulder, as the human himself stood. Looking at Prince Luka, Rylen smiled. "Hello, Prince Luka." He said. "How was your summer?" He asked.
  11. Princess Sephiria
    Hearing the sudden call of her name and clicking heels Sephiria turns to be confronted by none other then Princess Fallon. "Oh. Good to see you again highness. How was your break? Anything eventful?" She says as Spectra cursted. The fae flew around the young Princess. "Oh! Have you grown over the summer Princess?" The fae asks. Seph chuckled at the fae. "Don't pay any mind go her you know how she is. Anyways. I found invites to a welcome back party tonight for us. Supposable only a few actually got the invite." She says handing Fallon her invitation.

    Prince Luka
    "Come now. No need to be formal when we know each other." Luka chuckles softly before shoving Ido in his pocket. "It was fine, I suppose. I honestly didn't do anything eventful other then horse back riding with my mother." Says the male running his fingers though his blueish hair. Ido seemed to throw a fit in his pocket and flew out. "Your so mean!" He yells at Luka who simply grabbed him. "I'm mean bug your a pain in my ass." He glared at the fae.

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