Razilin as done it! He has attained Nerdvana!

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    I have achieved Enlightenment, Transcendence, that state of being that combines the power and insight of the Avatar State, Super Saiyan level 3, Final Drive Form, Super Sonic Mode, Limit Break, and Guyver Gigantic....all at the same time!

    I have attained Nerdvana.


    Someone transcribed the Batman Animated Series leitmotif into piano. And put up the sheet music. Took 30 minutes to learn, but it provides a lifetime of awesome.


  2. Oh Raz... you hopeless nerd. XD

    ....I seriously wanna learn how to play nerd stuff on piano, but I am SO lazy. c___c
  3. I'm going to get Angel to play this for me! *__*
  4. He's gone past the fabled 15th level of nerdgasm!
  5. if i had sheetmusic i'd possibly learn how to play this sounds fun...i just am terrible at trying to transcribe by ear aka can't do it! ^^;;
  6. if you go to the actual youtube vid, the link to the sheets is there on megaupload or whatever.

  7. Cool got it thanks Raz : D