Razed Hopes (1x1 Arcadia/VanraMoonlight)

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  1. The Land of Gaea is peaceful. However, it's internal, societal core is at risk. Banditry is high and with that, the land has become afraid. The Bandit King, as he calls himself, rides with his Crows, his infantry, slaughtering and pillaging to his hearts content. However, he stumbled across a sacred artefact. The Armour of The Atronach. Pieces of magically powered stone merged into the form of two gauntlets and a chestplate that granted the already powerful Bandit King excessive power. This is the story of the village that he pillaged to get that item. And the two survivors who will do anything to get it back.

    History: (Optional)
  2. Name: Mitsuki Yorumichi
    Age: 168
    Species: Tanuki
    Personality: Mitsuki is shy and secluded, keeping to her forge on the miko's shrine as to make money from both commissions and donations to the shrine itself. However, if you can get the lass to warm up to you, she can be very friendly. It takes quite a bit of effort for her to warm up to you, often taking months or years before she would even consider you a close friend.
    Picture (open)

    Mitsuki, like most tanuki, is a healthy and short lass. She's only 5'0 and weighs about 160 pounds. Her fur is neat and groomed carefully after every use of the forge. Despite how well she takes care of her fur, her clothing is often covered in ashes and soot from the forge.
    Master Blacksmith: Mitsuki is a master blacksmith, but tends to keep this a secret by doing a half-assed job. However, even then it's impressive.
    Infusions: Mitsuki can infuse armor and weapons with an array of magical abilities to help out.
  3. Name: Leo Capricorn
    Age: 21 in looks, 169 in reality.
    Species: Chimera
    Personality: He is quiet in honesty, but acts boisterous and slightly hyperactive in order to hide the loneliness he feels inside from being looked down upon as the cursed being. However, true to his nature, he becomes literally venomous to anyone who has wronged him.
    Looks: Leo is a tall, slender man, his hair that of a literal lions mane, with two curled goat horns sticking out of each of his temples. He stands at about 5"8, well defined muscles also add to his masculine figure. However, his typical attire are black leather in the form of a chestplate, gauntlets, greaves and boots, as well as well as steel shoulder pauldrons made by his friend Mitsuki.
    -Poison Manipulation
    -Poison Resistance
    History: (I'll add it in later.)
  4. Mitsuki sighed and looked down at the ruins of her forge and the shrine. To know what they did made her heart race a bit as she gave a deep sigh and searched the ruins of the forge for any weapon she could find. The meek and unexperienced tanuki was now plotting the revenge of the whole town, grief and guilt making her heart heavy. Her small hands shifted through the ash to only find her striker's sledgehammer, her own fullerhammer, and some miscellaneous blacksmithing tools. She put the fuller hammer into a pocket of her apron and the sledgehammer hefted over her shoulder.

    Now all there was to do was to find any other survivors. She knows the shrine maiden did not survive but maybe her brother did. Her small sandals clap against the ground as she ran towards over to the shrine, hoping that Leo would be there. However, when she neared the ruins of the former building of worship, she halted to a slow walk, her blue eyes peering everywhere.
  5. Leo had fallen to his knees. His home. The Shrine. Burned to the ground. He was dark in expression. They destroyed his home. The only place he could get away from the vitriol and prejudice of the populous of the village. His snake tail coiled around his chest, the constriction giving him a limited sense of protection, he felt a teardrop drop from his face as his friend Mitsuki, the Tanuki Blacksmith, appirated behind him.

    "Mitsu..They destroyed everything. To take what?" He exclaimed, a sob in his throat, as constricted as he felt by his tail around his torso. "Who...why?" He choked out, his expression not improving at all.
  6. The tanuki had a horrified expression upon her face as probably the only other survivor tries to choke himself out. Her small yet tough hands pulled the tail away from the throat, hoping that he would start to breathe. A cascade of tears began to fall from her face if he lived or not, wallowing in her pain and grief. She fell to her knees and hoped that her friend would breath once more.

    "P-please get up! You need to live!" Mitsuki gripped his shoulders and furiously shook him until her arms got tired or he'd wake up.
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