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  1. Good afternoon. ^•^
    My name is Rayne, as I'm sure you could have guessed. CX
    So, as I'm new to Iwaku, I will use the lame, archetypical "I'm new to the site but not new to role-playing" line! I've been role-playing for quite a long time now, going on probably four or five years now.
    My profile picture is me, and I use myself as a face claim often but I also use anime, and other actresses and musicians and such for face claims.
    I'm into everything from horror (oddly, the thought of having my throat slit during sex, or sucking a dick until my prey's soul comes out arouses me, I dunno why O0O) to the highest of high fantasies.
    It would be nice if my partner(s) could play multiple characters and are into longer plots and subplots, but that's not nessesary.
    My characters range from the dude, bitchy, cock sucking whore of the school, to a space-neko Princess who just wants to save her people, to a shy but secretly perverted girl, to a cold hearted Queen, to a high elf priestess who wants to preserve the magic of the land.
    Post length varies for partner, it would suck to have a partner ditch because I write a novel each post when he only writes a paragraph!
    I try to reply and post as often as I can, but that can be difficult. But I will reply a minimum of three times a week, I can promise that.
    Turn Ons
    (So nobdy needs to ask)
    Giving oral
    Body worship
    Cock worship
    Forceful and pushy characters
    Three ways
    Treating me like a pet
    Daddy fetish (sometimes)
    Being eaten alive (zombies, generally. Cannibals and monsters too)
    Kissing, fucking, ect. And then killing the character
    Being watched/spied on
    Getting completely dominated
    Pity fuck (the popular girl fucking the nerdg guy, generally says rude things before, after and during sex)
    Large cocks
    Large amounts of cum
    *Note: If any of these make yoiu uncomfortable, let me know and we can avoid them*

    Plots and Fandoms to explore
    Avatar the Last Airbender
    Friday the 13th
    Guy going to all girl's school (harem)
    Girl in all guys school (reverse harem)
    Rise of a dark overlord who wants to enslave mankind and use women as slaves
    Rise of a dark female overlord with a vice versa plan
    Creating a Neko planet and role-playing on of their roles
    The new girl in school
    Witch x Witch hunter
    Employee x Employee
    Best friends
    Literally anything you can think of, let me know. I will add more as I think of more.
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  2. Aside from murder and cannibalization, I'm willing to RP most anything. I'm most interested in the Dark overlord and harem ideas. Would you rather work out details here or via PM?
  3. I like the idea of playing a psychotic cannibal.
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