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If you couldn't tell already, I'm new! My name is Isis, but sometimes you'll see me refer to myself as Maya... I'm trying not to do that any more, but habit, yeah... I'm a senior in high school at the ripe age of seventeen! Female, also. No creepers, damn it! D< I tend to abuse smileys, especially this one: XD

I've been on a bit of a hiatus after the last site I was on seemed to have died, so I'm starting anew! I'm not too picky about my genre of rp, but I love fantasy the most. And being the somewhat hopeless romantic I am, I also like romantic rps. >w< Though I do so love horror/survival, and I'm not tired of cliches. :3

I may seem like a crazy person, but... well, I may be. Just a bit. Okay, a lot. But not the bad kinda crazy, I promise! On that note, I also like asylum/crazy people rps. I've been in some pretty interesting ones. Back on topic! I'm usually very friendly and nice, if a bit eccentric [yes, I'm really silly, goofy, and a dork, but I'm a lovable dork!]. And I freakin' love accents. Seriously, you don't even know, man. I really love music and reading, too.

So yeah, Imma end my babbling now before it gets out of hand. I look forward to getting back into the rp groove!
Hello, Maya (yep, i says it), and Welcome to Iwaku, the role playing community that will not die a horrible and painful death! :D

My my, aren't you interesting! ^^ Interesting is fun! If you like fantasy/romance there is a group rp in the making now called
[S P E R O] - Our Last Hope

In any case, enjoy Iwaku and all it's crazy peoples in it! I mean...MEMBERS. XD (Iliana used the face!)

Yaaay, no dying! :DDD And thankee for the welcome and suggestion~

Your siggy cracks me up. Just... the look on his face. XD -saves-
Yay! Another smilie abuser like me! :D Maybe we should start a smilie abuse club... >>;;

Anyway, welcome to Iwaku! >:3
Only if it's not like AA for smiley abusers. :P
I love your profile picture.
It cracks me up :D

Welcome to Iwaku! :)

Fantasy and hopeless romantic ~ sounds like we'll be seeing a lot of each other!
Thanks. ^^ I look forward to seeing you all around. :3
Welcome to Iwaku! I feel like I'm a bit late to this but my previous night was a little hectic. (and now I feel bad)

I'm Hiro, it's nice to meet you ^^ I enjoy your user name, it's fun to just say. It's also nice to meet a fellow hopeless romantic.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your stay here!
Is kay! Better late than never, right? And thanks, Hiro~
There is such a thing as abusing smilies? Well I'm screwed. XD

Welcome Isis! I don't think you're crazy, just a normal teenager. :P Welcome to Iwaku! People are pretty friendly and the roleplaying games are pretty active, so I think you'll fit in. Have fun!
Hi there, fellow Texan! I'm Ozzie. Nice to meet you. :]

Fantasy, romance, and horror? Awesome. *Gives you all kinds of gold star stickers* We actually have a Horror Group that you should check out.

Let me know if you need anything!