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  1. Chapter One ::: Part One
    "Storm Clouds"

    Rain engulfed most of the eerie forest around Pinewatch. The sun was shrouded out by thick, grey clouds, and droplets of liquid feel onto the stone pathway that surrounded the manor. Rain for others was a prison, a warden that confined you to your home, but for Vampires, it was freedom. The sun was their personified enemy, the force of nature that could kill them after only 5 minutes of exposer. Not even the thickest cloaks could protect the creatures of the night.

    And thus, the yard inside of the fences of Ravenswood were occupied with vampires, either enjoying the rain, or training. The Vampires here had rarely trained, relying on their feral instinct in the minor fights between the werewolves. So here they were, readying themselves to fight based on only suspicion.

    Davis was inside, preparing himself for his own test. Today, he was summoned to the Elder Chambers. Here, he, as the closest advisor of the old leader of the clan. would speak with the oldest vampires in the clan, and discuss possibly electing a new leader. He stepped out of his chambers, walking firmly and steadily down the duel stairwell and onto the main floor. Here, he would turn, knocking on the chamber doors of the Elder Council.
  2. Destiny stood at the window of her small inn room watching the town below become streamed in the pouring rain. It distorted the people walking down the streets and carriages riding by into a runny blur. "These people..." she said in a low voice, "they take nothing but fear seriously. It's sadly one of the few things they would actually kill each other over." She walked from the window to the small bed sitting against the back wall of the room. Only a single candle lit the room now in the grey tint of the outside rain clouds. She had been staying there instead of with her family for a number of reasons. The innkeeper knew her and he owed her quite a few favors anyhow.

    She looked to her bow and quiver of arrows leaning against the wall with her short swords. Destiny wore her light armor at all times, even then, when there was no immediate threat. She had come a long way from where she began, things were different. She closed her eyes and focused on the rain pelting her window. After a moment of silence to gather her thoughts she put on her cloak and strapped on her weapons. She couldn't sit still for too long.
  3. Violet walked along the edge of the roads, her hood of jacket pulled tight over her head to deflect the rain. Her armour clanked softly under the jacket, hidden to anyone who wasn't paying too much attention. Her sword bumped her leg every other step, the hilt tied to her belt, her dagger set safely in its hilt on the opposite side of her belt. She left her bow at home, not having anyone to specifically go after. She let out a long, but quiet sigh. She'd been empty on chases lately, and was hoping to find someone soon.
  4. Mib had put on her white priestly robes. Today she decided she was to go outside, whenever that time would come. But for now, she walked intimidatingly through the halls and down into the main corridor downstairs. On her way down the stairs, two children, young teenagers perhaps, ran past her. They looked back to apologize, and their smirks quickly fled their pale faces. Instead of saying anything, they bowed their heads quickly, and ran off out of the mansion. Mib continued on down the stairs, and finally reached the bottom. She turned towards a familiar and young face across the room, Davis. She stared intensely at him for a long while, then walked his way. She passed him slowly, almost brushing against his side, and stopped at a window.
    Outside Mib watched the many vampires training, playing, or laying around, yet she focused on Davis behind her.
  5. Davis had turned at the touch of another vampire. His first reaction was to tense up, but when he saw that it was Mib, his nervous smile shifted into a warm one. She was much older than him, probably more qualified for the job. He opened the doors of the room, and remained for several minutes. After a short trek of time, he emerged, wiping off his plaid shirt. He was made the leader effective ASAP, at least until they recovered the true leader. He stepped next to Mib and gazed out the window, seemingly counting the raindrops on the window. "You do realize half of them are going to die..." he spoke in a soft tone, his face remaining stern.
  6. Mib continued to gaze at those outside. "You do realize half of them are going to die..." Mib thought about what he said for a brief second. She knew what was coming, and she also knew about his meeting he was to attend. Without moving, she said in a quiet, low voice,
    "Of course." She paused for a second. "But changes happen where we least expect them." She turned around, but her head faced Davis's. For another long while, she stared at his face with indifference, almost an expression of boredom. "You're so young..." She said in a hushed voice. Her head snapped to the front of her. "It is time I go for a walk." She began to walk slowly again towards the mansion's large doors.
  7. Finding nothing interesting yet, she wandered over to the town square, sitting on a spare bench and watching the people with searching eyes as they passed, her face hidden by the shadows of her hood as not to raise suspicion.
  8. Another night, another hunt Marcus thought as he arose from his trance state the night before. Placing his hand on his head hoping to stop the throbbing. He still couldn't get use to the transformations as he made it up on his own to feet. The forest was deserted and it seemed that he was alone. A cold chill ran up his spine and Marcus noticed that he had tore another set of clothes again. Staring down at his slender half naked body he had one victory. At least parts of my pants stayed on he thought as he noticed that th bottom half were completely torn off.

    Where..am I? He surveyed that land some more and the smell of blood was near by as he stumbled over to see the remains of a large rabbit on the ground. "Must have been something I ate." He said as stared down at last nights meal. He brushed his now filthy dark hair back and decided he couldnt stay there any longer.

    There was another smell that flooded his nostrils and he soon knew that it was himself. I maybe a beast but that doesn't mean I should not bathe he thought as he headed towards the direction of pineswood. Oh and grab some outfit as well.
  9. A cooled wind blew under Destiny's hood, flaring it from her face and pulling her dark colored hair out a little. She fixed it once the breeze passed then looked around the town. She was bored with the inn room and she did not like to socialize very much. The town was fairly lively with people still tending to their daily business despite the rain. Destiny clutched her bow where it rested across her chest. It was comforting to have at any time. Her weapons had become the only physical comfort she had. She learned early on that people were not stable enough to lean on.
    Destiny continued through the town aimlessly until her stomach growled angrily at her. She sighed at the thought of having to go into a tavern for food, regardless of how good it was. Pinewood was not such a bad place that she avoided crowds at all costs, but it did get rowdy at times. The tavern was only a few feet from her. She grimaced when her stomach growled a second time. It had been too long since she last ate if it hurt that much. She decided to suck it up and go to the tavern; she could always find a corner to eat in. It was close to the end of town and for a moment Destiny thought about venturing there instead of the tavern. Her stomach commanded her otherwise, sending her toward the open doors of the noisy building. Besides, if she ran into trouble she wouldn't do much good on an empty stomach.
  10. Violet stood up after a little while and wandered towards the outskirts of the town. She was getting bored, but kept her guard up, every passing person inspected quickly. The rain hadn't let up at all, so she kept her hood up, the jacket soaked on the outside, but dry on the inside as she walked. She still didn't see anyone suspicious and was starting to get very annoyed that all the creatures decided to hide the one time she wanted to find one.
  11. Mib had left before Davis could say anything else to her. In her right arm, she carried a bible. Her white hood was pulled over her head, and her very long hair was wrapped into a neat bun that extended into a shorter ponytail. Around her neck was a golden cross strung with beads. After a while of walking through the forest, she stumbled upon the small town of Pinewood. She did nothing to hide her face; The only odd thing about her were her white eyes that made her look blind. Other than her eyes, all of her vampiric features and suspicions were hidden by her lips and priest robe.
    Not long after entering the town, she already spotted one of them. A girl with black hair and a bow across her chest.
    Mib walked to a nearby wooden bench and sat down on it. There, she opened her bible, covered the pages with her sleeve, and pretended to study it.
  12. Limbs and appendages hung from the tree's as the fest of yesterday was a gruesome one, he had slain 3 men who were on an camping trip for the rumors of the forest. Their wishes came true and they found their answer...to bad they could not spread it further. Sitting in the tree tops his legs crossed and arms placed on his legs so that they hung a bit was Skoll or what most call him Sev the gruesome...or just Sev, other animals had begun feeding on these severed parts and had dragged them off to different areas. He lept down from the tree and landed on the ground the wind kicking up around him and causing leaves and pines the spray about in the air, His body completely naked he picked up on of the pairs of pants the men had on before. Sliding them on he chuckled rolling the waist up the pants so that they fit a bit better on his waist. He smelt the air and picked up on different creatures around and the one he picked up on the most was Marcus who also probably had feasted tonight. He began walking back towards the undergrounds.
  13. A new scent came riding up Marcus's nose. He stopped in his track and slowly got down on one knee. It was a familar scent as he stared into the distance. The rain would not help but try to throw him off. His sight had prevailed as he saw another of his kind leap down from the tree completely naked.

    He got back on his feet and continued walking towards pineswood. He wasn't the only one out the night before for a feast. The only difference was that this one had murdered three humans. Marcus did not feel bad for his prey but he knew that this would stir up some problems. He shrugged, maybe they were just tourist and no one would miss them.

    Marcus walked on til he saw one of the entrances of pineswood to see a young woman in a hood watching others as they passed. His home was not far and he needed to grab a new set of clothes before he began his daily routine down in the undergrounds.
  14. Davis continued staring out of the window. In a moment, all looking at him would see a shadow in his place, a wisp as he disappeared. He was actually running, and he stopped when he caught the scent of blood. Flowing blood, coming from town. He turned on his heel, and moved again, and slowed at the gates. Two guards had attempted to stop him, pointing crossbows at him, probably thinking he was a vampire entirely because of his skin. They had told him to stop, and he had ignored them. The scream of a crossbow bolt about to hit him caused Davis to spin around and catch the incoming projectile. He threw it back at the shooter, watching as it lodged itself inside the throat of his target. Blood splattered, and his partnered had just mustered the beginning of a scream, perhaps a high pitch that only a vampire could hear, before Davis found himself behind the man, twisting his head all the way around until the mans face was eye to eye with Davis, who was behind the now dead body.

    Still, the scent of blood, not the blood of the guards he had dispatched, but of another, someone who's blood he was sure would be filling him in the next few minutes. He walked off, leaving the body in his wake. His dark hair was wet from the spring rain, and the cool touch of precipitation on his skin bothered him. It wasn't that he hated the cold, it wasn't that at all, there was just something about the rain on his skin. Ignoring the smell of another vampire over the smell of cheap alcohol, he entered the tavern, sitting in a shady corner near where the bartender had got behind the bar.

    From his pocket, Davis produced a small envelope. A single claw tore the thing paper open, and he unfolded the letter that had sat within it. His careful eyes quickly scanned the paper before his folded it up again and put it in his pocket. He sighed. "Why me."
  15. Destiny plopped down at the bar and ordered something small; a hearty stew with a thick slice of cheese, flat bread and a glass of wine. She turned around to look for somewhere else to sit that was farther from the commotion of the bar. There were few empty corner, what with the rain, people had come in to escape it. She spotted one corner she had noticed was empty at first but now there was someone in it. He looked troubled...and inhuman. Destiny hadn't noticed her food approaching until the bowl hit the counter with a heavy thud. She took her food, nodding her thanks and paying the girl who had brought. Luckily there was another corner farther into the tavern with less people around it. She took it gratefully seeing as there was a decent view of the vampire.

    She ate quickly, keeping her eyes on the prey- as he was now under her radar. What is he doing in here? Not that she would bother to ask him. She was a hunter and her only concern was the hunt and money. The hunt- the chase- defined her life. It was literally what she lived to do. Destiny finished her stew and now took a bite of the cheese. She was in a hurry to finish up now that a vampire had entered a place full of humans. It wasn't necessarily new but it was a little unnerving when it happened. She had no intentions of hurting humans so fighting in town was always something she wanted to avoid. Compensating money hungry civilians was not on her daily to-do list. She kept her eyes on him as she ate, knowing he'd have noticed by then or eventually.
  16. Seeing someone enter the town, she scanned them a few times. The man seemed..off somehow. Her hand slid in her pockets, but she turned around, looking completely inconspicuous. She glanced down the road at the other people milling around, but none of them seemed interesting. Not as much as the man who entered. He didn't look as if he was traveling..but neither camping too.. She held a long sigh as she turned back around and stepped towards the edge of the street, waiting for it to clear a little before crossing.
  17. Davis stood up once more, heading to the back exit of the tavern. Outside, he found himself in a narrow alley, beggars littering the sides every few yards. He began to walk, searching for his next prey. His head tilted back slightly, and he sniffed around for something tasteful. Beggars were generally known for dirty blood, and although he was younger, he preferred the finer things. His hair was heavy from the rain, and he became a bit more irritated. He had lost the scent of blood that drew him here, but he wouldn't leave without a meal. He shifted back into reality and he found his way out of the shady alley way, now away from both the square and the slums. The only district left was were the rich people lived.

    He continued his trek until he was onto a small street that was inhabited by a single man. That man was about to be down on his luck. Davis silently approached the man from behind, claws extending on one hand. He tapped him on the shoulder, and as soon as he turned, Davis embedded his claws into the man's face. Blood splattered onto an exterior wall of a house close by. In another moment, he silenced the man by placing another swipe at the throat, causing even more blood to flow. Seconds later, he was feeding. After the man was pale and dry, he dragged the body to a sewer opening, lifted the grate, and disposed of his leftovers.
  18. Unlike many of the others in her pack, Aliona had stayed underground this night. Her small, slim frame sat bunched up on the bed of animal furs, and grasses that she had accumulated on her own hunting trips. She was comfortable, eyes closed, breathing even. The young wolf could hear the soft patter of rain just above her, and vaguely she wondered whether, or not any of the pack would be returning soon. Running about in the rain was nice, but it got tiresome....especially when a wolf's coat got drenched. Not only this, but it was dangerous to be out during the rainy season. The vampires could freely step out of their precious manor, and walk about their own grounds without the threat of UV rays. If one vampire saw one of her pack mates, things may not be so peaceful.

    Sighing, Aliona shifted her position, legs crossing before her in an indian style, hand clasping together in the cradle that her legs created. Opening her mind, she allowed the mental link to her pack to open, and she could feel them, two were close. She could vaguely sense the rest, but she wasnt quite sure where they might be. They seemed to be fine though, she'd never rush out to help unless she knew they couldnt handle something on their own. With another sigh, Ali shifted once more, her body laying back upon the furs that sat beneath her. She settled there allowing her body to relax a bit more. The soft drumming of the rain drops above her threatened to lull her into a light slumber, she could feel it, the way her body became light, yet her eyelids became heavy. This wouldnt last for too long, if one of her pack mates returned to the Ground, they'd surely wake her with noise, and so she expected it. Soon...
  19. Adam was sitting on a makeshift headstone in a small clearing where his father was buried. The same spot where he had killed his father, where he had become what his father had hunted for so long. The entire scene had kept running through his mind every night since it had happened. He never got much sleep because of it. The pain of the wolf's bite, the pure rage and utter serenity he felt as his inner beast took over, the sight of his fathers shredded body sprawled across the ground, the crusty feeling of the man's blood caked on his hands and mouth.

    The rain only made his memories stronger, and he kept hallucinating he saw the silhouette of the wolf that originally attacked him against the trees. He was certain it was Marcus he had seen that fateful night, but he could never be quite sure. Until he found out, however, it would haunt him the rest of his days.

    But enough dreary thoughts for now, it was time to see if any humans had gone into the forest. He dropped down from his little perch and walked into the ominous shadows of the forest.
  20. When she entered the chamber, she expected to be late. She was surprised to find it completely empty.

    "I thought there would be a meeting of some sort," Charlotte said impatiently to no one in particular, looking at the heavy rain outside. She realized that the excellent weather must have drawn out the residents of the manor to a late day hunt. They were usually asleep at this time, anyway. She shrugged and left.

    The night had given her good prey which was unusual, five wanderers lost in the forest. Travelers were always the easiest of prey. She had enough energy to stay up for the day and it was raining hard enough to pretend the sun didn't exist. She didn't like getting stains on her clothes, nor getting them wet so she decided to wait indoors for a moment.

    She sat in one of the common rooms, stretching out lazily since she was alone. Mib and Davis weren't around and the younger vampires were a little rowdier than usual.
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