Rats learn to walk again after spinal cord injuries.

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    Swiss scientists have made this happen via electrochemical therapy and training the rats into walking again. Of course, it goes without saying how fantastic this is for humans suffering from paralysis caused by spinal cord injuries.
  2. Neuroplasticity is a fascinating ability of the body. We use it frequently in our special education classes rooms to help people with learning disabilities overcome cognitive obstacles.

    I'm pleased to see that scientists have begun to find ways of assisting people with extensive nerve damage to other areas of the body.

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  3. I am pleased to see such an advance in the field of science. In the long run, this will undoubtably improve the lives of seriously injured people, and not just the ones with spinal injuries. Nerve connections will be able to be re-constructed in all limbs, and maybe even restore functionality of a lost limb, or a transplanted one. I look forward to seeing developments in this area of science.