Ratchet and Clank: The Unspoken Truth (Need someone to play Ratchet)

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  • Last we heard from the heroes of the Universe Ratchet and Clank! The Lombax has heard that more of his kind are alive...somewhere in the vast emptiness that is known as space!
    As this creature searches for answers to where his own species are...his friend Clank has been visiting the clock...a place made by intelligent aliens called the Zoni meant to fix the rips of the space time continuum!

    As the hero continues to search he ends up crash landing on an island full of what seem like savage bear like beasts! When he thinks he's about to be killed he sees another Lombax among them...a beautiful female lombax who turns out to have lived here her whole life!
    Finding out soon that these bears have protected a Universal orb for generations, it had turned out that the orb is a key to the universe and in order to survive it must be protected in it's host....a body to carry it to the clock!
    A ceremony is held every year (on the day that the orb was dropped off) hoping that the bears would choose a temple for its journey sadly it has never done so...until now...

    As the ceremony took place, the orb chose the female lombax and with the Bears only understanding primitive technology they begged Ratchet to take her to the clock!

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