Rastaman Flyer

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Wat ?

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  1. Hello there black community of this site ! Fear me , i'm the one lion Zion sent to clear you.*jk i'm a random rasist* , one love ppl !
  2. Well, Hello there random racist guy and/or terrible at making jokes guy? I am sure you're going to be a bucket of laughs! ....or you'll get kicked in the face.

    Lets find out, shall we? >:] Welcome to Iwaku.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Satire's supposed to mock those on top, not those on the bottom who been dealing with that type of bullshit.

    Tsk all over your life choices.
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  4. We can see your deleted posts, Numb-Nuts.
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  5. Get a better grabber, because the opening does NOT help any.
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