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  1. This is where I will post my character and nation sheets. I will add more in later. There also will be character/nation sheets that aren't for Iwaku, but a different site.

    For now, here is one.

    In short,

    Dark green means that the roleplay is active
    Dark red means that the roleplay is dead or inactive
    Dark orange means that the character/nation sheet is a work in progess.
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  2. Warlords of China
    Warlord of United Kingdoms of China (open)

    A picture of Dai Minsheng at London in 1900

    Dai Minsheng (Dài Mínshēng/戴民生)



    Military Rank

    Government Position
    Emperor of Jiangsu

    Just a few details on their psyche and leadership style; one paragraph is fine.

    Being an only child was helpful in gaining his parent's love and attention. His mother and father were loyal to the Empire of China as they lived in Nanjing. However, the Empire of China fell and it was replaced by the Republic of China. His family gather their stuff and ran towards the British colony, Hong Kong. WIP

    Any special quirks that don't fit in anywhere else

    United Kingdoms of China (open)

    The Yangtze River - Charlie Elliott, 1896

    Province Name
    Jiangsu Province (Jiāngsū Shěng/江苏省).

    Nation Name
    United Kingdoms of China (Zhōngguó de Liánhé Wángguó/中國的聯合王國).

    United Kingdoms of China is located near the nation of and its' coastlines touch the East China Sea. It houses the Yangtze River (Cháng Jiāng/长江) and it's connection to the East China Sea and the entire world. The River is the life source for many land-lock nations in China as they depend on the trade for the foreign colonial powers (The British Empire, French Republic, etc.). It's the reason why United Kingdoms of China is viewed as a threat to many land-lock nations in China.

    15.2 million Chinese.

    Major Exports
    The major exports of United Kingdoms of China are: Cotton, soybeans, peanuts, rapeseed, sesame, ambary hemp, tea, rice, wheat, maize, sorghum, silk, and coal.

    Military Forces


    Size of Army:
    1.7 million soldiers

    Standardisation and Professionalism:

    General Arms:
    Weapons used. In the beginning mainly simple bolt actions imported from third-rate suppliers, but that can change over time.

    A rough outline of your Army's organisation, such as unit numbers/names and where they are deployed. Does not need to be an exhaustive list.


    Size of Navy:
    1.2 million sailors

    Standardisation and Professionalism:

    Number of Capital Ships:
    One capital ship

    Number of Escort Ships:
    Two destroyers, two corvettes, three submarines, three light cruisers, and six transport ships

    Same as Organisation for Armies, but include every ship/squadron.

    Anything that doesn't fit in above.
  3. This is Our City
    Bryson Kelly (open)

    "Putting on the mask changes me into a completely different person. A person that finally can do something good or bad."

    The Hacker

    Bryson Scott Kelly



    230 pounds

    Bryson deeply cares for the people and he is willing to protect them for the thugs. You could say that having a 'kind heart' for people is one of his weakness. That is true; however, he believes that having a cold heart would not win over the peoples' hearts. Bryson wants to know anything before going into an abandoned warehouse, even if it take a couple hours to tell about it.
    Thanks to God, he deeply believes in not killing someone for justice. That's one of the main reasons why he hasn't turned into one of those dark vigilantes. He is also willing enough to listen to both sides of the story.

    You may think that Bryson has a sad background, where his parent died at a young age and he became a hero. But, that wasn't the case. He was born into wealth and lived a good childhood, with the ability to get what he wanted to satisfy him. As the only child of his family, he went to the best private schools in America in order to get the education he needed for a successful life.

    After graduating from high school, Bryson immediately signed up for a class in Computer/Electrical Engineering. He traveled to the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and soon attended classes for that. Bryson began to get interested in hacking things soon as some of his classmates showed him how to during the weekend. He began to hack into servers for video games to make him the best player in those games. He did it for fun.

    However, he grew tired of doing that and decided to improve his hacking more. When he told his friends that he wanted to improve, they told him to join Anonymous—a loosely associated international network of activist and hacktivist entities. He agreed with his friends (after thinking about it) and soon became an active member of Anonymous. He didn't do much, other than hack into a couple websites and chat with other members.

    After finishing up with the university, he moved to Crown City for a 'better life experience'. The city that's infected with thugs and corrupted cops was the best spot to improve his hacking without getting caught. During the time in the city, his hacking skills improved so much that he was able to hack into cameras and the traffic lights on his computer. Realizing that he had enough power to help, he decided to help the city by hacking into cameras and other useful things to bring down the thugs of Crown City.

    After a couple times doing that, he needed to get away for his computer and hack closer. He went to his friends (for Anonymous) and asked for their help to develop a phone with the ability to hack things. It took a couple years to make the phone; but, he soon got it and he now had the ability to hack close.

    To make such that it worked well, he went to a busy intersection and messed with the traffic lights for a bit. It worked as cars began to crash into each other and soon after, he ran from the intersection. When he got him, he heard for the news that none was hurt or died in the 'freak accident' at the intersection. Bryson now knew that his phone and hacking skills could harm or even kill people. He decided to put that skill to the test and become a hero to the people of Crown City—the poor and the rich.

    Bryson then paid for a gun instructor and he was taught how to fire a pistol. After being taught for almost a year, he quickly brought the Walther P99 and a police baton. He practiced how to use the gun and the baton out of Crown City to make such that he was going to live or die in a fitting manner.

    He has his reliable smartphone that he uses to hack into traffic lights, ATMs, other smartphones, gates and garage doors, bridges, road spikes, steam pipe, and transformers. He also has the ability to create a city-wide blackout that can make in the matter of seconds. Of course, it's only fifteen to twenty seconds long; but, he only uses that ability in case of emergencies. Of course, the phone can be damaged or broken if it's dropped or fired at. That's why Bryson is overprotecting of his phone more than his life.

    He also has a Walther P99 that he uses in firefights and as a means of defensive. It has no modifications to speak of. It's just a normal weapon that wouldn't get tracked down by the cops or by other hackers, who overthink things. He also has a police baton that he uses to beat the thugs up and bring them to justice.

    He believes in God and wears a cross necklace to show that he does.
    Bryson still believes in the system and he is willing to bring the men to justice rather than kill them. He keeps the pistol on him to fight back with armed thugs, if he has to; however, he has never used it because of his phone.
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