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  1. Her slender finger traced the edge of the glass as she stared vacantly at the clear liquid, her thoughts drifting to unknown places; burying amongst her imagination. This happened all the time. Her mind would always wander when she was bored or alone. Amongst her vivid imagination and often over thinking things that had happened. Or just creating possible scenarios in her head of what could happen in the future and what she would do if it did happen. Her eyes drifted shut, indicating she had completely vanished from the current world. However, before she could stress herself too much, her nail accidentally dragged against the glass, grating against her ears. She was very sensitive, so it hurt them. Flinching, she gasped in surprise and quickly stood from the seat, sending it tumbling back on the ground at the sudden movement. Her eyes widened slightly as she realized what she had done and she looked down at the glass of water before she bent down and righted the chair with a sigh. Her silver hair fell over her shoulder and she looked at it. Impeccably straight and she never had to straighten it. It was a mystery even to her why it was so straight, and why it was silver in colour and not blonde like it technically should be.

    Looking at the glass of water once more, she turned and walked to one of her room to look in the mirror. She had fair, bordering towards pale skin with a rosy touch with no blemishes at all, not all that uncommon. However, she reminded people of a porcelain doll more than a person with her oval face, small, petite nose, full lips and large almond shaped eyes the colour of red diamond. Lifting a hand, she ran it lightly through her silver hair, feeling it. It was soft and silky to the touch. She smiled slightly before she pulled it all over her left shoulder and let it hang. Turning away from the mirror, she walked back over to the chair and sat down silently, picking up the glass of water and taking a sip. Her thoughts once again started to wander, but then she heard the door opening. Glancing up, she looked up at a fairly large middle aged man with tanned skin and strong features. Along with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. He shut the door behind him as she put the glass on the small table and folded her hands neatly in her lap.

    "Hazel," the man said with a gentle smile, "how are you today?" he inquired as he strode towards her, his steps careful, almost cautious. She merely smiled and looked at a painting of a green field dotted with wildflowers which hung on one of the walls. "Rather well, thank you, Isaac," she replied before she stood and looked at the man. "Are we going anywhere today?" she asked him as she walked towards him. He watched her for a moment before glancing at the door. "I can't go, but you are allowed to go out if you want to," Isaac told her. A slow smile spread across her features and she trailed a nail lightly against the grove where his shoulder and neck met. "Excellent," she murmured before she opened the door and wound her way through the hallways. She had to get out before Isaac caught up to her and said she had to take someone with her. However, it wasn't even Isaac. It was a young girl, probably 10 or so with cropped black hair and dark, almost black eyes; obviously of Asian descent. She rushed up to her and Hazel stopped and looked down at her. The girl's lips trembled and her whole body shook with what anyone could clarify as fear.

    Cocking her head to the side, she watched the child, "yes?" she asked and the girl flinched. Sighing, Hazel crouched down and ran a hand through the child's hair with a gentle smile, "it's alright," she told her, "I will not harm you." The young girl clearly relaxed when she said that and stopped shaking. "U-um, Lucian wants you to take Rahva with you," the girl stammered out, eyes wide before she quickly scuttled off. Hazel stood up and stretched with an audible groan. Rahva? Why him? Snorting, she walked off and shoved open a set of heavy metal doors and sunlight instantly bathed her. Squinting at the light, she moved a hand to shield her sensitive eyes before she became accustomed to the light. Stepping outside and letting the heavy doors slide shut behind her, she looked around with a huge smile. However, a sound caught her attention and her smile soon faded. Looking to the side, she saw a large canine shaped being. It was completely black, legs over a meter long with feet more like a bird's talon's than a canine's paws. The body was thin and lithe, obviously for easy maneuverability. The ribs were clearly seen, as well as its hip bones. However, when it moved, there was a vast amount of concealed muscle underneath that thick, tough skin. It's tail touched the ground, only skin and muscle barely covering bone. Its shoulders were wide and powerful and its head... The ears reminded her of a Doberman, tall, erect and looking like they had been cropped. The head was all canine, except that it was almost twice as long as wolf's head. It was fairly wide set, but it was long, almost 50cm in length and the mouth went back at least 3/4 of that along with 3 rows of long, jagged teeth and deep bottomless black eyes.

    "Rahva," Hazel spat at the demon and it stepped forward with agonizingly slow steps. He was obviously trying to taunt her. "Hazel," he drawled out with a throaty chuckle that someone could mistake as a growl. The young woman turned around with a huff and strode off. "Don't bother following me," she ordered him and she heard him scoff. "No can do. I have orders from Lucian to keep you out of trouble," the beast told her. She turned and glared at him before she sighed thickly and kept walking. "Do as you please, but it won't work," she warned. The demon made no move to reply and simply followed her as she walked where ever she was headed.

    Glancing back at the back, red eyes watching him for a second before looking away. He was a truly hideous creature. Hazel knew exactly why Lucian had chosen him to escort her around today. She hadn't been able to lose him once yet. He was always on her tail; she could never shake him. All the others she had been with she had managed to out smart or outrun. But Rahva, the cursed demon had both speed and intelligence. Which put her at a stalemate. Groaning at the thought, she soon saw a town and grinned. It was still about an hour or so walk down the mountain she stayed in, but that was no problem for her. That was an easy feat. She wouldn't even break a sweat.

    An hour later, like predicated, they arrived in town. It was a port city and bustling with life. Smiling, Hazel ventured through the city; she hadn't been to this city yet, so it was all new and exciting for her. She wasn't accustomed to the smell of the ocean or how loud and open the people seemed. Though, she could tell people were staring at her, wondering who or what she was. Silver hair? Red eyes? The sort of looks a doll would have? She knew they thought that there was no way she could be human. Though she stood at 5'8'' with a small almost petite looking frame, it wasn't that that caught people's attention. Nor was it the red eyes at first. It was always - always - the silver hair. It was unheard of among humans. Most might think that it was Rahva that would catch people's attention, however, animalistic demons were a common thing in this world. Good and bad. It also wasn't uncommon to see a humanistic demon in cities or towns either. They lived amongst humans rather commonly. However, they were male. After all, 90% of demons were male. Female were rather rare. But they would always have hair colour like a human. After all, for humanistic demons, 8% were female half breeds. They always mainly looked human, with possibly a few things different. Like eye colour, a horn here or there, a tail. Only 2% - if that - of the population were female pure blooded demons. An extremely rare being. It was a mystery why females were so rare and pure blooded even more so. Actually, they were almost unheard of. And apparently they were incredibly strong when thrown into a rage; which hasn't happened to Hazel yet. According to everyone, a female pure blooded demon's power makes a male's look like a small candle next to a bush fire. But she didn't believe that.

    Looking around, Hazel ran a hand through her hair and went to look at one of the ports, raising a hand and shielding her eyes against the glare off the water. This place was so bright. She wasn't used to it. Glancing across, she saw Rahva watching her, sitting on his haunches. Scoffing, she looked back at the water before she turned and walked along the water front, wondering what was going to happen to her today. Would she meet someone? She could only hope. Looking at the water, she walked for an hour before she turned and walked off again, now way out of the port city. She walked through the trees and ambled around, no destination. However, within a few hours, a large building came into view. A castle? No more like a palace of some sort. A short distance away from the palace was a city or town from what she could see. Eyes lighting up, she moved into a jog and within half hour, she stepped foot into the city. She noticed that nearly every one was a demon. Half or pure. Only the odd female demon dotted the place, most were human females. She walked through and noticed eyes turning to stare at her, a range of emotions in their gazes. Surprise, confusion, disbelief, terror, lust, greed, envy, hunger. She wasn't used to just an array of emotions and it excited her. She smiled and then looked up at the palace up ahead and strode towards it, almost bouncing with excitement with every step. She hadn't seen a palace before. And she wanted to get there and check it out.

    However, a group of 5 male demons, mix of pure and half alike stopped her in her path. She halted and blinked at them in confusion and tried to go around, but they moved in her way. She had managed to get out of the city and was about half way to the palace. She was so close.. But now she couldn't go anywhere. She sighed and glanced back. She had lost Rahva in the midst of the demons in the city. The scent probably overwhelmed him. Great. She looked back at the men and tried to walk past them, however, the largest man grasped her arm tightly, almost crushing her arm and she gasped in surprise and tried to pull away, but she just squeezed tighter. he yelped in pain and froze, knowing he could quite easily crush her arm. If that rumour about pure blood female demons being stronger than males when in a rage was true, then it sucked. She wished she could call upon that rumoured power right now. "Let me go," she demanded, but the men laughed and another reached towards her, but she slapped his hand away. "Feisty, aye?" one sneered. Her eyes widened as one grasped the material of her white dress. She wrenched her dress out of his grasp and stepped back again. The man holding her arm tightened his grip again. "Ah! Let go!" she ordered, a pleading note to her voice, trying to hit the man holding her. However, he simply caught her other arm in his other hand and leered at her, stepping towards her. She stepped back until her back hit the bark of a tree. The man pinned his arms above her head in one hand, as his other hand slithered down the front of her dress and groped her chest which could be counted as average size for her build. She gasped, eyes widening and tears welling in her eyes. "Stop.." Hazel pleaded. She took a deep breath, "Someone! Help!" she screamed and another man quickly covered her mouth harshly as tears streaked down her cheeks.

    (Okay, I am looking for a pure blooded male demon. Maybe a prince? [​IMG] First prince? Second prince? Maybe a knight? Maybe a knight who's a prince? O_O I dunno hahaha. Feel free to pm to work out a plot if you wish [​IMG]
    Hazel is still a work in progress and has a lot more growing to do, so she will change through this RP, and little surprises and mysteries shall pop up <3 and she's around 195, which would kind of be between like 19-20 for demons <3 )
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