Rare Bonds (private)

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    Lady Luerso had finished her rounds around the large kingdom on her horse she called her sister. He was called forth from her duty to the royal family and smiling she walked through the empty halls and smiles as her armor clanked slightly. her sword stapped to her hip as well above her shoulder was her staff that was made from dragon scales and a piece of her dragons talons. She smiles as she came into the maine throne room and bowed her head to the royal family "you summoned me?" asked slowly as she was confused why they would want her.

    "Yes my fair Servant" the king said his eyes looking at the female knight like female that has been in the royal family for ages and it was strange . He said slowly "A kingdom has been found but they refuse to allow anyone to enter the place unless they wish to be killed. I would like it if you would advise one of our children to this kingdom" he said as the sons came in slowly and she raised an eyebrow and nodded her head slightly.

    "very interesting but would they be willing to ride a legendary beast ? I am sure they respect my dragon eclipse -" she was cut of as the king said sharply "enough with that dragon . We have not seen that creature in our lives and its enough with it. Now would any of our sons be willing to have her escort them ?" asked the sons in the throne room. she sighed hated how the king didn't like her dragon, just because they never seen the dragon didn't mean it wasn't real.​

    Prince Belenos couldn't repress a flinch when his little brother's excited screams rang loud in his ears. It was understandable that a young ten year old boy would want to go on an adventure, like the heroes his older brothers always told him about. But the woman standing in front of them was supposed to be a guard, not a baby sitter. He put a loose strand of hair behind his ear, and grabbed his little brother by the shoulders, preventing him from further screaming and jumping. 'I think Galgo, our honourable middle brother, is more fitting for this. Right, my King?'

    Middle brother, since he was younger than Belenos but older than the hyperactive kid. While looking younger than Belenos, he stood a head higher, and had a heavy build, compared to his brother's slender body. An enormous beast of a man. The court liked joking about him being a werewolf, while his pale but elegant older brother was his vampiric eternal rival. Galgo took one step forward, and showed the woman in front of her one of his lady killer smiles. Belenos rolled his eyes, when he saw the feelings in his brother's eyes when it came to that woman were far from respect.

    The King limited himself to nod his head in approval. 'Go as soon as humanly possible.'
  3. "Alrighty fine" she raised her sword to the air and yelled out "I summon you my dragon to the aid of the kingdom" she said as there was a massive blast of air as the roar shrieked from the forest and flying into the air was a monster of a dragon. it flew toward the kingdom and landed outside and she smiles as it landed the ground shook sharply in the wake of its power. She smiles gently as she sheathed her blade and smirks at them slowly "so lets go then" she said as she turned to the dragon that looked at them through the window and roared sharply at the middle brother fangs bared sharply , if he wanted to ride he had to be respectful. The dragon was massive stood at at least 34 feet tall with a build that could knock the castle to its foundation .

    The dragon growled and laid down and waited for the female to come out as a saddle was on its back . it laid there and waited for them to come out it was a beast that you had to show the most respect to its rider and itself if you wished to ride it. The female smiles and turned slowly looking at them slowly as she said "yes king that is my dragon just because you have not seen him doesn't mean he never exsisted" smiles and waited for the brother to fallow her . Its talons where as long as a human being its scales glowing in the sunlight as the day glows around them slowly.
  4. Upon hearing the arrival of the legendary beast, and feeling the ground moving under they feet, the three princes, the King himself, and all of the people in the surrounding area, went to take a look at what was happening, with varied reactions from fear to admiration.

    Galgo gulped hard when the dragon bared its fangs. 'D-d-dearest brother? I remember you saying a dragon was barely an overweight lizard?' he trembled as he spoke to his brother.

    'It was a joke.' was Belenos' only reply, and he stared at the beast with his mouth hanging open, casting a shadow over his eyes with his hands when he tried to look at the dragon in the eye and the sun blinded him. He was fascinated. His littlest brother, on the other side, was deeply afraid of the dragon, and had hidden himself under Belenos' robes, hugging his legs.

    Galgo tried walking up to the dragon, unsheathing his sword with a false smile, trying to show his people he wasn't afraid.
  5. Lady Luerso smiles as she cooed to the dragon softly and then saw its eyes had turned to the male that apporched it with a sword. "Hey i wouldn't do that" she said as the dragon fangs bared sharply as it's tail wrapped aroundthe males legs and lifted him off the ground slowly so he was upside down . it snarled deeply at the brother fangs bared and then roared powerfully standing up fully towering over him like a tall castle high above him. he was merely the size of a dog to the dragon.

    Lady Lureso ran out and got between the brother and her rather defensive dragon and smiles "shhh shhhh its alright he just doesn't know how to approach you . you are fine my beloved dragon shhhhh" she said softly as she pets the scales on its legs as it growled lowly and slowly lowered the prince to the ground and for good luck it gave a snarl and snap of its jaws to him to scram.

    She smiles gently looking at them "You just need to know how to approach her and how to treat her and the rider she is devoted to" she said slowly to the group as the dragon mellowed down once more and laid down and lowers its head gently to the rider and licked her face and she laughed gently. The dragon started to purr slightly like that of a cat as its whiskers make from scales and skin twiched happily as she smiles and kisses the dragons snout smiling gently.
  6. Galgo couldn't even scream in terror when the dragon lifted him from the ground, his voice was caught on his throat and he felt like he was going to have a heart attack at any given moment. The bystanders who were looking from the sides screamed enough for him.

    When he was left on the ground, Belenos made his little brother let go of his legs, and went to check if Galgo was alright. He relaxed when he saw it was only a scare. He looked up at the dragon, glanced at Lady Luerso, and then looked back at the dragon again. 'So it's a she?'

    'That unholy beast tried to kill me!' Galgo whined, as he hid behind Belenos.

    'Y-You're supposed to be the warrior, don't hide behind of me!'
  7. Lady Lureson smiles at the young one and said "Yes this is my dragon eclipse she is a very rare creature now a days" she smiles at the young child as the dragon looked at the little boy and purred gently to him as it looked at him with ghost firey blue eyes as it was content around being those who are small and young. it laid its head down and looked at the princes sharply but with understanding as well as its tail lashed side to side sweeping over the dead ground.

    The Lady smiles "well someone needs to come with me , your father wants to nagotate with these people someone will have to step forward. You do not have to be respectful to me but my dragon as well. She may be a beast but just like everyone says she has a heart that is nobel and true as anyone as well. Now will one of the brothers please stop being a coward and stand up " she said annoyed that this was the reaction, she thought they would be all ready to go but apparently not. She sighed and leaned against her dragons side slowly.
  8. 'I can go.' Belenos said with a smile, all of his attention captivated by the shine on the dragon's scales.

    'I'll have to advice against it.' Belenos turned around when he heard the familiar voice of the court's mage, a dear friend of his. The mage walked towards him, glancing to his side where the King was giving hima menacing look. 'My prince. Your health is delicate, specially since today we've renewed the seal on your powers. A journey this long might be dangerous, we could lose our heir to the throne.' Belenos smiled softly at the mage, who was showing such warm worry over him.

    'Also, if this magnificent creature is to be treated with respect, your long tongue will be your doom. You're quite rude at times.' Belenos' smile faded away when he heard the mage's next words.

    'I'll be alright. I only need to take some medicines with me for the way.' Belenos turned around in order to face Lady Luerso. 'Unless you'd prefer someone stronger and less prone to illness. I leave it up to you. You'll be the one taking care of the person who goes, after all.' He explained with a calm voice, looking into her eyes.
  9. She looked at the prince, the oldest son, interesting this was going to be. She looked at eclipse and smiles as the dragon rose its large head and looked at the prince and crooned its neck gently toward him and nostrils flared slightly but it slowly rose to full high and reared up and gave a roar once more and then landed.

    Lady lunerso smiles gently "Eclipse is more then happy to take you along for the ride" she said smiling as the dragon then streached and laid back down slowly as its scales glowed brightly in the sunlight. The Knight smiles gently as she nodded to the mage "No need to worry, I got magic with nature that will help with anything that might come into play with the heir" she said in a friendly tone and smiles gently as she looked at the prince and then to the dragon that was antsy and then it flew into the air and away into the forest.

    "Now go get your medications . i shall be waiting at the gates of the town on my horse" She smiles gently, to rise the serpent was a different story then meeting it. To ride was to be one with everything around you, nature, people the air, the earth everything. Once you learned how to do that then came the fun part of being thrown off a large cliff and the dragon divebombing and getting them. But that was for later right now small steps at a time/
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