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  1. It's been 4 years since that metal skinny freak took your little sister Sally and dissapeared in the ocean without a trace. Has it really been 4 years?

    Officer Kenny slapped his clip board on the desk. "Shit," he sighed. "We lost five more soldiers in that damn place. How am I every going to learn about Rapture if every one of our men keeps dying in there?"
    Secretary Susan Swan walked up to Kenny "sir, the men you requested are here about Project Delta" she stated and Kenny sat in his desk. "Bring them in" he sighed and watched as 5 men entered the room. You were one of them. Next to you was your leader James Whitmen. He was always quick on his feet and very smart. You two ended up becoming best friends because Walter introduced them to you which was the man that happened to be next to James. Walter Kiser was sweet and generous, but what lacks up for him in fighting he makes up for in his specialty in equipment and technology. Joe Swanson was a man of brute strength. The toughest in the team. Then there was you, the man who could piece together a puzzle. The investigator.

    Kenny asked Susans to close the door on her way out. She nodded as she closed the door. Kenny slid a folder across the table towards James. It was a tan folder with a red stamp on it that stated CLASSIFIED in big bold letters. As the leader opened it up Kenny started his explanation. "My friends, welcome...I have an assignment for you...the assignment is called Project Delta." He stood up and stared out the open window. "All over the world there are children being dissapearing towards the ocean and I think I know the reason why..."

    James opened up the folder. In it was a picture of what looked like a man in a old fashion diving suit. The picture looked harmless until he moved the first picture out of the way and saw the second one. It was a man who looked like he was screaming in pain. The left side of the mans face was bloated along with his arm. He looked in pain but held a gun nonetheless. Dead bodies were around him. The third picture was a regular looking woman. She was gorgeous and wore a dress that had a 1960 look to it. "The woman in the picture, her name is Anna, she was the one who sent us these pictures. She has been living in this God-awful place ever since she was a little girl." Kenny continued as he kept staring out the window. "She was a former scientist developing unGodly creatures until her morality kicked in, she has been helping any person she could get out of Rapture with a woman named Tennenbam. I want you guys to go and help them in any way they can and find out about what happened to the girls that dissapeared."

    The men left and were escorted to a weapons room where suits and weapons of their choice were provided for them. As the men put on their suits James looked to you and asked you if you were okay.
  2. Paul Reece looked up as He slipped a small .38 revolver into his boot. "Ya, of course James, why wouldn't I be fine." He said only half heartedly. Of course he was still upset that he was going to a place that thing had taken his baby sister. Though it had been 4years, he still had the same nightmare over and over again, that...beast ripping Sally from his arms while his folks watched in horror. After she went missing, Paul went onto graduate from Yale with outstanding honors. Instead of becoming a lawyer like his father, Paul went into the Private detective business. He was determined to find Sally, no matter what it took. He looked up to James and gave him a determined look. "You ready?" he asked, He grabbed the 12 gauge shotgun on the shelf nearby and pumped it. "Let's Go"
  3. James nodded, he knew that his buddy Paul was having a hard time with going to this place but wasn't sure why. After studying his friend for a while he closed his eyes and sighed for a moment. "Let's move out men!" he shouted, his eyes opened with a determined look as well. The men left the place, walking out to a landed helecopter. "Sweet ride!" Joe smiled.

    The men hopped on and the helecopters blades started slowly picking up speed until it lifted in the air and flew towards the sea.

    Up ahead there was a tower. With double doors, completely closed.

    "Alright we are here!" the pilot shouted and hovered over the small staircase leading to the entrance. Joe grabbed a ladder from a hook next to where he was sitting and hooked the ladder to the plane before one person at a time started climbing down. The pilot told them that he will be back within a month to pick them up and left before they could say anything.
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  4. The men stared at the door in complete and utter shock.

    "I always thought that Rapture was a myth" Walter began then turned to Paul. "Except for you..."

    "We don't know what to expect, remember our mission is to collect information, pictures and find this woman that wants to help us" James said then walked up to the doors and grabbed the handle that was on it. With some force, he pulled the door open and the men all went inside, James being the last.

    It was dark, complete and utter darkness filled the room with the smell of seawater.
    However, before anyone could even think about pulling out their flashlights. The main light to this room flickered on. Two staircases were leading to what looked like a mini circular submarine of some sort. Just below the light was a statue of a mans head all in brass, below the head was a red cape with a quote that stated:

    No Gods or Kings only man.
  5. After the helicopter took off and they walked inside what appeared to be a lighthouse and Paul pulled out a cigar and light it up. He glared up at the statue of the man who founded Rapture. "Andrei Rudinski gentleman, AKA Andrew Ryan. He was the one who founded Rapture, and also who ran into the ground." He said as made his way down the stairs towards the submersible. Before they entered the sub, Paul turned to Walter and told him, "And Walter, what I said about this place.... We're done talking about it." and with that, the group crowded into the sub and then plunged into the depths.
  6. Suddenly a white sheet lowered onto the window of the mini sub, blocking anybody from seeing exactly where they were headed.

    "My name is Andrw Ryan and I am here to ask you a question. Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow? No says the man in Washington, it belongs to the poor! No says the man in Vatican, it belongs to God! No says the man in Moscow, it belongs to everyone! I rejected these answers...Instead...I chose something different, I chose something impossible...I chose...Rapture!

    The screen flipped up diss appearing, revealing a gorgeous 1960s style utopia with some signs broken here and there and tunnels connecting to each building.
    The men gasped in awe and amazement as the voice continued.

    "A city where the artist would not fear the sensor, where the scientists would not be bound by petty morality!"

    "Petty morality...oh God" Joe said and James hushed him.

    "Where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city as well. The voice went off and the sub kept floating throughout the city. A huge whale passed by the buildings as well as a great white shark. Tunnels from each building were shown as well as what someone in an old fashion diving suit was fixing part of a tunnel. James then turned to you "be ready for anything" he said then the sub connected to a railing that pulled the sub in and finally brought them down to an entranceway.

    Suddenly there was a voice in the sub, a woman's voice.

    "Hello, hello? Can anyone hear me?" James looked around and saw a radio, it sounded like a woman on the other side. He picked it up and looked at everyone before answering the woman. "Who are you?" he asked.

    "My name is Anna and Im here to keep you alive, so do what I say and you won't end up dead or worse..."

    James looked at the radio confused before answering. "What could be worse than death?" he asked.

    There was a moments pause before a static like answer.

    "Living in a place like this" the woman answered coldly. The men looked around.

    The submarine lifted and revealed a dark room. "Wheres Andrew Ryan?" James asked into the radio. "Won't he hate intruders?"

    Another long silence before the woman answered again. "You don't need to worry about him, he's been dead for 20 years now...killed by Atlases experiment who ended up killing Atlas in the end."

    James looked concerned for a minute "where's the experiment?" he asked.

    "Long gone, he freed the girls and left to start a family with them" Anna said.

    "Girls what girls?" James asked confused.

    "You will see" Anna said coldly again sending shivers throughout the sub.

    "Petty morality" Walter began "this place shouldn't even be for little girls"

    The sub door opened and everyone stepped out. "Okay, split up, see if we can find a map" James said and then handed Paul the walkie talkie "if Anna says anything then tell us, do whatever she says and dont get killed" he said as everyone went into different rooms. The room that Paul ended up in was a huge kitchen for a diner. These golden vents were everywhere among the walls of every room. Suddenly there was stomping that shook the ground and a loud moaning. A creature in a huge diving suit, twice the size of a normal human stomped towards the vent and slammed his fist on the vent three times before a child climbed out of the vent. She wore her hair up in a bow and wore a purple baby doll dress. She looked around with her bright yellow eyes and then was helped from the vent by the monster.
    "Thank you mister bubbles" the child said in an alien like voice.

    "Don't attack the monster and don't go near the child...not unless you wish to die" Anna said over the radio.
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  7. Paul quickly ducked behind a table in the kitchen and held his breath, careful not to alert that beast or the strange little girl to his presence. He peered over the top and saw that the creature sported a massive drill . He sank down and hit the talk button on the talkie. "Anna right? The name is Paul and I'm in dire need of your help, That thing and the little one are headed my way, give me a hand will ya!?" he said as the monster drew even closer to where he was.
  8. Static buzzed before she spoke. "The big daddy is what the children call the creature that follows them. That big guy won't bite until you do, so just don't hurt the girl or him in any way..."

    The little girl skipped holding a syringe with some red liquid already in it. She then saw a dead body next to Paul and pointed to it. "Mr. Bubbles! We found it! See the light glowing from his belly?" the little girl kneeled down and stabbed the course sucking up even more red liquid. Suddenly Joe walked down and saw the big daddy. He gasped in horror. "What the hell is that thing?" he shouted and grabbed his machine gun out, getting ready to shoot at the thing.

    Before Joe could shoot out a single bullet there was distant screaming heard across the room. A man, who looked disfigured and bloated came running out of the shadows. He grabbed the girl and she screamed on top of her lungs. The big daddy roared, shaking the building.
    "Daddy help me!" the girl begged and the monster rammed the man against the wall and grabbed the girl who giggled as she was thrown on top of the daddy's back. The creature then drilled through the mans stomach. Killing him instantly. The monster then bashed the mans head against a glass window until the window broke. There was no way that anyone could beat that thing, not unless they knew more information about it.
    The girl looked around, still on top of his back. "Is it okay to come out and play again Mr. B?" she asked with a whimper. The creature answered by picking her up and putting her down in front of him. The girl skipped ahead of him and he followed into another room.

    Joe just stood there amazed. "We need to find Anna" he said.

    Right on cue Anna spoke through the radio. "There's an elevator a room called The Doohop! Take it and you will find me...and hurry those crazy people who looked disfigured? They are called splicers...they saw your sub, or at least I'm pretty sure and they are headed your way"
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  9. Suddenly the room shook, some debri from the roof fell. Distant crazed screams were heard as the building shook. James ran in "guys this place is falling apart, we need to leave now! I found an elevator! Let's go!" Joe grabbed you and ran. The men ran following James when the building shook again. Everyone looked around as the sound of metal creaking run through their ears. A metal skinny creature appeared before them and shrieked violently, the same thing that took Sally. The thing laughed and sliced a big hole in the window between the room and the water. Water crashed in and the creature disappeared.
    "Hurry! To the elevator! James shouted and they ran. Unfortunately there was another metal creek which came with something else. A pile of concrete, about to fall in them. James saw that Paul was about to get crushed from it and quickly pushed him to the other side towards the elevator. James didn't make it and the other men couldnt get through. Water leaked through the rocks as James layed there dead. The sudden screams of the helpless were gone now, nothing but silence. The elevator was waiting for Paul and the rocks were giving in from the flood. It was now or never.
  10. Paul was some sort of trance for a moment, before hitting the any button avaible. The doors closed and the elevator descended into the unknown. Paul slumped against the wall and, realizing he was all alone in this place, began to sob. James, Walter, Joe, all of them gone. He put his head in hands and tried to control himself, but he failed. The sobbing turned into wailing. "Damn, Damn, Damn" Paul said as he punched the wall in anger and fruastion. He grabbed the talkie on his belt and hit talk.

    "Anna.....Anna!, It's Paul ,I'm on my way down, The rest, they didn't make it." He said as he ran his hand through his smokey black hair.
  11. For a moment there was only silence, then static before she spoke.
    "I'm so sorry...I hope you end up making it as well...after the elevator you will see the Atlantic train station...take a ride to Ryan Amusements...I will be at the ticket booth, good luck she said.

    With a cheerful ding the elevator opened to the huge train station underwater. The huge train was
    Held up by a railing attached to the roof.

    Sudden crazed laughter was heard throughout the room then the train snapped off his hinges and fell, shaking the ground. Three splicers chased you with blunt objects.
  12. At first, Paul was startled by the three splicers, but his shock quickly turned to anger as he charged the trio.He let out a cry of rage as he tackled one of the splicers and proceed to beat what he belived to be a guy. After he was done with that splicer, he turned the other two. One of the splicers, armed with a rusty pipe, took a swing at him.Paul caught the pipe in midair and threw it aside. The splicers looked back to him and then turned tail and ran away.

    Paul walked over to the splicer he killed and gagged in revolsion. He picked up the talkie.

    "Anna, what happened to these people?" he asked the talkie as he noticed a second train heading to Ryan Amusements.
  13. Static came from the radio, then the sound of gunshots. There was more static then Anna. "There's no time to explain right now, get to me as fast as you can and I will tell you the rest" she said and the raidio went silent. It was obvious that some splicers must have jumped her as well.
  14. Paul hopped into the train still running and pulled the lever to Ryan Amusements. The train gurgled and sputtered and pulled of the platform. Paul sat down in the front car and closed his eyes and tried to catch some zzzzs.

    A few moments later, the train screeched to halt and Paul hopped out and found a sign for Ryan amusements. He followed the signs until he found the desolate park and he saw a ticket office. he walked over and knocked on the glass.
  15. "Press the ticket booth, so we may speak face to face" Anna said through the radio.
  16. Paul slicked back his hair, made sure nothing was in was in his teeth and calmly pressed the button, unsure what would happen next.
  17. Paul was shocked to see the office full of those strange little girls that he had seen earlier. He looked around to see if he could find Anna, but was unable to do so.

    "Anna, Anna?" he said, lightly knocking on the window.
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