Rapture Re-do:A story chain based around bioshock.


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._. No char sheets. What-so-ever. NONE.

Ok. I'm wanting to do a story chain based...loosely...on Bioshock and the world of Rapture.
The only reason that you should be posting in this occ is if you are writing the next part of the story, this is a place holder (DUH). Please don’t pop up with a post without checking here first to see if someone is working on something, that would suck balls and WOULD BE RUDE. :/

Have fun, write the next part of the story as you will and let it take whatever shape it wants. I don’t care how far away from the video game you take it or what you change, I want a story!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE CORVUS WHAT SHE WANT!



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I thought givinf Corvus what she wants is my job.
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Ok, So I wanted to play, but I know nothing of Bioshock.