INTEREST CHECK Rapscallion, a tale of grandeur and mishief

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  1. Prelude

    The thrill of adventure, the glory of freedom and the opportunity for world-wide acknowledgement brought you to the Floating Opera, the airship of the Ignatio Traveling Troupe, a still small but promising traveling band of performers travelling the world of Gaia to bring joy to their public and wealth and glory to their name. Donning an elaborate mask, you will be given a new name, a new life, in this troupe of roguish jesters, learning the trade of acrobatics, acting, dancing, singing, thieving and bluffing as you learn the trade of both the entertainer and the outlaw.

    The Opera is stationed over the rooftops of Mimosa and will leave tonight, there is no time to lose!


    Set in a world of magic and wonders called Gaia, Rapscallion is set in a world halfway between Medieval Fantasy and Victorian Steampunk, where you take the role of a new member of the Ignatio Travelling Troupe. There you will learn the way of the world from this gathering of outcasts, from how to captivate to how to survive outside the law. In this world your sense of observation and your creativity will be your greatest allies and weapon as you strive to better yourself and also make sure that the world notice.

    Now, there will be some game-like elements to this, yet it is merely a way to gauge your character's abilities, not a do all, end all as even with good 'stats' can you fail, and you also can succeed impressively while barely reaching the initial requirement, so strive hard and never admit defeat! Such abilities will be separated as Shadowy and Troubadour, each with three areas of expertise of your choice so you may not be all the same as far as abilities go.

    The goal will always be to enjoy ourselves and make a good story, however, so don't agonize over the mechanics too much, it's just there to make things more realistic, that's all!

    Available Character Slots

    1 - HecateProxy
    2 - LittleRedPanda
    3 - Aberrant
    4 - Shardbearer
    5 -
    6 -
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  2. I'm very intrigued.
  3. Good! Feel free to send me your questions, then.

    Shall I add you to the list?
  4. Please, please do.
  5. Great, there still is a need for another interest but it looks good so far! :)
  6. I am very much interested(:
  7. Excellent, I added you to the list and will start the OOC in a day or two.
  8. Very interested.

    I can't lie, though - the Final Fantasy IX music brought me in even more. =P
  9. I had an idea of a former law enforcer who grew tired of the system, and ended up joining this crew as a way to get back at them. He could be somewhat of a guide on the different laws of different cities or what have you.

    Maybe. I've yet to expand anything beyond that.

    That said, I am interested.
  10. Excellent! I'll try to put up something soon!
  11. Woot Woot. I'm excited.