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  1. Thoughts can be fickle things. Sometimes all it takes are a few words to spark an idea and those same words can have a different effect on everyone.


    What do these words inspire in you?
    Write whatever comes to mind, be it poem or prose. It doesn't even have to include the words if you don't feel like it!



  2. "Bump in the Night"

    I awoke to a smell, like something had gone rotten in my resting place... But I knew the true meaning behind this very smell; it was here, the black mist... I couldn't waste anymore time sitting around, I had to secure the small storage shack I had hunkered down in before it was too late! Thinking quickly, I found some tarp near the back, and quickly secured it to the only window in the room, the only place they could see me... The mist would only last until morning, but the smell might linger for longer than that. I quickly pulled the bandana around my neck over my face; I could still smell the putrid stench of the black mist, but now, it was at least bearable... I settled down for the night, I was restless, after having slept away most of the day after my long treck to this lone shack. My supplies were plentifull, they would last me a few days in this location, but... I knew I couldn't keep still for too long after tonight; the mist was spreading.

    Then, I heard them outside... Approaching my loan shack, the ground shook with every step, until I could make out the faint silhouette of a burly figure, followed by many others striding past my window; I was safe... For now. They wouldn't be interested in my if they couldn't see me, or smell me. I closed my eyes, trying to imagine myself in a better place... In a world where things weren't this way, where these creatures didn't prowl the dark, llonely nights... Where this dreaded mist didn't exist, where there were still people around to keep me company. I was losing hope that the Military would come to fix this, as they said they would... Almost a week ago.

    The little radio I had didn't get any more transmissions after that, maybe it was broken? Or the mist was somehow preventing it from transmitting anything? It had gone quiet outside after the creatures passed me by, deathly quiet, and that rotten smell had grown alot stronger. Even if I had wanted to, I knew I couldn't risk venturing outside... The few that had dared, had never come back, after all... Lost, to whatever abominations lay within.

    All I could do was wait, and hope that I could fall asleep again, even if it was merely to make my time pass here just a little faster...


    Suddenly, I could hear something, or someone, pounding on my window, they were calling my name, begging me to let them in... Nothing I've seen, nor heard in that black mist, had ever been able to speak, at least not that I've known from the moment this mist had begun to appear. It had been nearly six days since I had seen anyone else in this desolate place, so the possibility of having company once again made my heard flutter... I had never dared to stay near any uncovered window at night, let alone risk peeking, incase whatever monstrosities lurked outside would come for me.

    Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take a peek, and see if there was someone else out there?

    I must have known them... As they knew my name...

    The pounding continued, louder, more desperate, and whatever was behind that window continued to call my name as I sat there, wondering what to do.

    Eventually, I gave into my temptations, and pulled out a few of the nails holding the piece of tarp over the window... And slowly began to lift it...

    Just a peek wouldn't hurt... Right?

    The end
    (sort of)

    Inspired by:

    The Mist

    Brookhaven Experiment

    Possibly other sources I can't think of right now >.<

    Iunno, this was a quick short story I figured I'd right up, with a few inspirations in my recent memory of course... Sorry for leaving it at a cliff-hanger, didn't want it to drag on for too long xD

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  3. He walked along his line of "troops". Well even in quotes that'd be a stretch for anyone to honestly believe a couple of shambling corpses were formidable enough to stand against someone trained more than a few weeks. Positive thinking, though. These things will defend him from the deserters. These things will protect him from the deserters.

    Oh who the fuck was he kidding?

    He was going to die. He's been trapped in this cave for almost a week now and his provisions are gone. The deserter troops figured they'd just wait the necromancer out. He should be glad they're superstitious. Five minutes of mumbling nonsense and dancing in a circle was all that was needed to convince them he cursed the cave system. Might as well be considering they're just waiting for him to die and take the amulet he took great pains to get. There were six of them.

    All he had was four corpses he found dumped in the corner.

    It could be wworse though. It could always be worse. The leader could be a burly mountain with a club as thick as his skull and the necromancer was low on magic power

    Oh no wait, sorry that part is also true.

    There had to be a way to get out of this though. As he thought that, he noticed one of his corpses sinking. It had per chance stumbled upon a tar pit after it realised he wasn't caring about the standing in a line order.

    Wait a second, wasn't tar flammable?

    . . . . .

    Unlike what conventional superstitions stated, the dead are incredibly resistant to elemental magic. The only worthwhile magic was frost. You'd at least slow them down. Fire mildly weakens them if they still had flesh, reducing their strength to skeletons, but there is a certain terror being chased by flaming corpses. A terror he exploited fully.

    For such bravado, the burly mountain man screamed like a girl. He piled the corpses on top of him so that there was roasted human along the winds.

    Now to get home
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