Random Irritations and Peeves

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  1. What is the point of having friends when they are hardly ever there when you need them?

    Why bother talking to anyone if they are just going to ignore you? Sure if you are busy then at least fucking say "I'm busy ATM we can talk later."

    Why pretend in a group chat that you still care or love someone when they've known you've been ignoring them for months?

    The complete lack of respect towards game masters, and always having to bargain with them to get what you want. If they still tell you no you make up some convoluted plan to still get what you want.

    Blatantly attacking a comment directed towards everyone and yet IM the rude one.

    Studying for an exam only to not have that exam. The rescheduled date does more harm than good.

    Asking someone what is wrong, then they tell you, and you say nothing after or didn't want to know. Why the fuck did you even bother asking in the first place?

    People who think making fun of another person is okay and that its just " a light joke". And people who agree with that person. You are a fucking douche bags. There is a difference between being rude and being funny.

    Making a group chat with the intentions of it being full of people you consider close friends and they invite complete strangers. People thinking that there is an equal amount of authority in the chat you made. No, I MADE the chat. It is MINE. I will do what I want with it.

    Doing something then trying to justify why you did it by comparing what you did to something else when both actions are not the same.

    Being an ungrateful and unappreciative friend.
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  2. I just wanted to say I felt the first couple up top before...though frankly I've filtered my friends since thing, making sure to have people whom I really like around and who care for me. It takes time but ya can find them. ^.^ They are the ones that will always be there even for the little stupid shit that only bothers you and you alone.

    Finally the group chat thing...I fully admit I have something like this going and got into that very argument with one of the people I added who pushed me to add a bunch of other people while I knew them didnt really know them as well as the others. I dont really know what to say to make it better other then to sympathize with your plight. I know that sorta stuff can suck :(
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  3. Yea, I can feel you on a number of these.

    Though with stuff like group chats have you tried expressing you want it for friends only?
    That might just be a lack of communication between everyone.
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  4. I mean, I do have those friends. They just live in different time zones so they can't always be there for me. Which is understandable, I was being incredibly moody when I wrote this. Figured if I had no one to listen this was the next post option.

    As for the chat. I've had someone literally try to tell me what I can and can't do in my own chat. I wasn't going to out up with it, and I'm still not going to put up with it. XD
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  5. This is highly likely. I already explained to a few and most agree that the new group chat I made is much better. :3
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  6. Here are my irritations and pet peeves:

    People who call my name and then when I come to them, they say nothing. DON'T SAY MY NAME UNLESS YOU TRULY WANT SOMETHING DAMN IT!

    Misogyny and misandry. Enough said.

    People who judge one thing based off of the radicals. For example, condemning all Christianity just because of Westboro Baptist Church.

    Elitists in the gaming community. Console wars anyone?

    People who present their opinion as fact. No bitch!

    SJWs. Tumblr I'm looking at you.
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  7. Well those a pretty intense. Hahaha. I think out of all of those the one about people who present their opinion as fact. I absolutely hate those, and statements like that make me want to go binge researching just to prove them wrong. In the end I wasted like an entire afternoon trying to prove someone wrong who isnt going to change their opinion. xD
  8. That's when you simply say "Bye Felicia" and just keep on moving
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  9. People who get their 'facts' from the internet.
  10. The internet is actually a great source of information if you know how to find it properly via databases and scholarly journals. Although, encyclopedia's and informational reference books you find at the library are probably much better ^^;
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  11. [​IMG]

    Hahaha hope these made you laugh. xD
  12. LMAO they did XD
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