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  1. 1) FxF; One girl is in a bar drinking away a breakup. One of her best friends comes out of the closet to her- that is, by asking if she wants to have sex to distract her.

    2) MxM; Basically two guys are just chilling out. One is openly gay and the other is a bit secretive about himself. Then the secret one gets desperate for a bit of attention.

    3) MxF; Two people are totally best friends with benefits. One person has normal fetishes and sex desires; however, the other has very strange fetishes. For one night they decide to act on the wierder side.

    4) MxM; Just two guys who just recently met deciding to "get to know eachother".

    If you have any other ideas feel free to express 'em BD
  2. I could roll with #2!
  3. Number 1 is awesome, but I'm a heavy sub...
  4. @Nightshade - Yay! Who do you want to make the thread?

    @BionicBrony - Ah, that's alright~ I can work with anything!
  5. Do you mind making it at all? ^^;
  6. Well, I wouldn't mind being the friend who asked but again I always fall into a submissive role.
  7. Number 1 and number 3 if we can do both
  8. I have a very humorous idea for #4, if you're interested. BD
    Includes a fabulous gay guy, the weird brother and an otherwise odd family.
  9. I'd love to discuss a separate MxM with you in messaging, as none of those ideas really catch my eye, but you do.
  10. 1) how do we do both, @TheGirlOnFire?

    2) @MiNaGi, I was kinda hoping I could be the gay one---

    3) @Midnight Skye, message me your idea!

    Sorry I missed all this! I forgot to check it... Oops!
  11. You can always be the gay one! It's not necissarily my characters (although I would like to claim the "weird brother" side character xD)
  12. Yay for gay people

    Heh, you can be as wierd as you want. All you have to do is take a peek at my other Threads and you'll see I'm far more wierd than I come out as. XD

    Do you want to start the Thread?
  13. Uhh... I would like to work it out a little more. I've only established that my character has a weird brother xD
  14. Ah, but that's the fun of it! I like not knowing what the other character is like. It adds a bit more fun B3
  15. Ok! I wouldn't mind if you started, then. I need to make up something in my head first. xD
  16. Um two separate roleplays
  17. Do you think you could start the thread? xD
  18. I already did. I think I tagged in it xD
  19. I haven't gotten anything xD