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  1. Random idea I'd like to try out. Opening post will be below:

    Everyone thinks they know me.
    They think they understand that the worst thing a teenage girl could go through was a bad break up or some serious cramps once a month with a couple of mood swings.
    No, they didn't understand at all. How could they after all?

    Because Cynthia was different, even from the freaks she'd read about in the horror and romance novels she loved so much.
    The books were more for research then actual story but every once in awhile she lost track of her search as to what she was and just got lost in the enjoyment of being somewhere and something else.
    Now was one of those moments but the only problem?
    It was in the middle of trigonometry and the teacher was not one to forgive reading a non-textbook in his class.
    A ruler slammed down on her desk, jolting Cynthia out of her daze.
    She gasped quietly and blinked bright brownish-gold eyes up at the man.
    "I-I'm sorry...it won't happen again."

    The teacher nodded, not having to say how angry he was because believe me, it was more than apparent in his eyes.
    As the other started walking away his ruler suddenly refused to budge from Cynthia's desk.
    Oh crap!
    She glanced around in panic and noticed all eyes were back on her as the teacher swung around, smirks and snickering coming from the students behind him.
    No no no no no!
    She hadn't meant to have done that!
    Heck, her hands couldn't have been near the place where the ruler slapped more then a few seconds, if that!
    But there it was. The measuring tool was stuck good and firm to the desk for all to see.

    Walking back over the man glared and crossed his arms over his chest.
    "I know you dislike not getting your daily joy reading done in my class but your disrespect for school property and Blatant! disrespect for me and my class have left me no choice but to give you detention."
    Of course.
    It wasn't bad enough that she had this problem where if she touched something, sometimes it would leave behind something invisible that things tended to stick to but now she had detention for something she didn't even understand!
    No wonder all the kids at school called her Cyn instead of her real name.
    Everyone thought she did it on purpose but seriously, why would she want to glue random things to her desk or the railing, or get kid's hands stuck to hers when she shakes them?!

    That last thing was why she now had no friends and tried her best to distance herself from any possibilities.
    Cyn was alone in this until she figured out exactly what was going on.
    Well, at least she would be able to get a bit more 'research' done in detention.
    Her closest guess as to what she was right now was a vampire because she had some serious cravings for the iron stuff, but that didn't explain the awkward sticking thing.
    Vampires couldn't just go sticking things to things.
    So, when she overheard students talking about a new spiderman movie coming out she thought maybe she was just a weird spider thing. Then maybe spiderman was real and met a vampire and they got busy...
    She didn't really have much to go on.

    So, with a straight back and steady gate Cynthia pulled herself together after a good class laugh, at her, not with her mind you, and headed off to her next period...

    Must be able to write paragraphs well!
    Must not be strictly passive in playing!
    If you're interested toss me a PM, need a male who will be what she is and eventually figure out what she is and it goes from there...
  2. Hmm I'm thinking of a new teacher that is her guardian and has been looking for her for ages? I don't know what I'm writing anymore.. lol
  3. Heh a teacher would be good.
    It's basically an idea where a vampire mixes with something akin to spider man. She basically has webbing in her finger tips but has no idea how to control it.
    The vampire thing she's got a bit more hold on, hence not biting random students during school.

    You can make up how to control the webbing thing and whatever else you wish her to know.

    Have any questions?
    If you're okay with it I'll post up the above post as the starting one.
  4. So how did the spider mixes in with the vampire stuff? Hahas. I'm thinking of the teacher been way older than he appear to be. Like those guardian of the race. Sorry most of the time I've no idea what I'm talking about. lol
  5. that's fine and I think they should just be like, a side evolution of vampires?
    Like they just happened to have developed a webbing instead of a lot of strength?
    Still had some strength but not nearly as much as regular vampires.
  6. Or maybe because she is "unique" from the other vampires that she was abandon and got adopted by her parents? Is she aware of her status? Ermm.. I'm thinking as the teacher having signed a pact to her when she was a baby (which was unknown to her)? Like he was suppose to guard the "strongest" vampire in the family history.

    The side evolution causes her to have that ability and it suppresses her other vampire ability? I don't know.. lol
  7. Hmm, I kind of want him to have at least a little knowledge or ability of the webbing stuff because she's gonna need help, a teacher or something of that sort.
    Perhaps he's studied the webbing condition in rare vampires and had done the pact thing for the next spider type vampire and then finds her?
  8. Maybe he's a butler and he only awakes when the "strongest" vampire is born and that having webbing condition is one of the attributes for been the strongest?
  9. That could work, as long as he could explain how to control it.
    I'm gonna go pass out, its almost mid night lol if you get an idea to post you can copy and paste the starting post about to go by and I'll reply tomorrow, if not I'll post up tomorrow :3 night
  10. Sure I'll let you start since it's your idea after all. Just tell me when it's done.