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Okay. Here's Three Fandoms that just came to mind. Keep in mind, I've only heard of some and have limited knowledge, but for others, I know well. I'll list my knowledge of the series in rank.

1. Street Fighter (B)
2. Kampfer (D)
3. Avatar: The Last Airbender (C)

1 and 3 seem rather appealing.

3 is the best. hehe =D
I've got a couple ideas for 1. And then for 3, I totally need help there. XD
I can totally help! Anything specific you need?
I need an Avatar RP with a new, different kind of storyline.

Meanwhile though, for street fighter, I have two or three ideas...
Please do tell. What do you mean by new?
I want to take the characters, and put them into an adventure outside the canon where they have to beat the fire lord, etc.

As For Street Fighter:

Hadou Dojo: Basically a martial arts school storyline where they teach the Ansatsuken techniques to willing students, and maybe go against other dojo's and people. Like M. Bison could have a 'Psychics Anonymous' Club that's a front for his new evil organization of psycho power wielding munchkins.

Street Fighter Spirits: A Real life setting where random people reflect their favorite characters, and get Street Fighter moves to use. IN REAL LIFE. :O

Killer Crossover: Separate fighting games suddenly exist in the same verse? :O
Which characters? I do like the idea.

Any of the street fighter idea seem doable. Though I must say Scorpion ripping out Nightmare's spin would be bad ass. hah
Indeed it would.

Any of them. Generally after the canon series ends, and taking place before the upcoming Legend of Korra (which, they're taking too damn long for. DX)

Let me know which one is your favorite.

Now we need more peeps. :O
Wait...their is gonna be more of Ang? YES! They should hurry up.

I would be happy to try them all. xD I honestly sat here and could not pick one.
Let's start with Street Fighter Spirits then. :O

Legend Of Korra? it's set years into the future of avatar, and his most direct relation in the show would be his youngest son, and his kids.
Let's do it! =D

Close enough.jpg haha
Right. I'll make a sign up sheet when I can.

Avatar will continue to be brainstormed. *puts on thinking cap*