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  1. I posted this in the bugs thread, but I still haven't received any word back, so I'm also posting it here.

    At some point in time after making very minor edits to my original post, several of my BB tags in the lower half of the post randomly got made several times over, and it broke the format. I never even modified those sections during my edits.

  2. This has been a problem with the rich text editor for a while.

    In my experience, it tends to occur when you apply formatting in conjunction with using BBcode at the same time. That is, when you click the format buttons at the top of the editor, but still are using manual BBcode in the body of the post. I think the text editor doesn't like it sometimes because it will try to close open tags for you when you post, but including the formatting throws it off and it ends up looping a close tag for something over and over and over and over and over @_@

    The easiest way to PREVENT it is, always preview a post before you make it. If in the preview something looks wrong, click on the BBcode editor button in the top right of your text editor. It will convert all the formatting into BBcode so you can clean it up.

    Cleaning it up if you're trying to fix a mistake already made is the same process, but it can be more time consuming depending on how bad it is.
  3. Thanks. It looks like I'll be keeping back-ups from now on since this problem is a thing.
  4. So. Irony... The problem just happened again in this thread. Or is that just how reply works?
  5. That's a weird problem that's been occurring with the quoting system, yes. I'm 99% sure that's a separate issue from your wacky BBcode tag issue though.