INTEREST CHECK Randastic RP fights

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  1. So this is a short thread, but 'tis the interest checker I need to know just how out of the loop I am in forum based RP.

    A Jump-in, possibally invitation only, thread will be posted within a week assuming neither Gorror town or 1016 Orchard Ave. generates enough interest to see just who's got balls of steel. It will be a simple T1 MP format, mind you there's like four different subdivisions, posted that allows potential combatants a full work out of their imaginations. *Imagination hands*

    Rules will be posted again prior to the opening post, but just for funsies I'll put them here. Again I'm rusty on the different formats.

    Style - T1 MP (Moderate power) example: Naruto or Bleach

    Not allowed - Auto's, metagaming, godmodding, catastrophic powers and most importantly trolling!

    Allowed - Being a fantastic writer and a good sport. I never claimed to be the best and am looking for a challenge.

    Post minimum/maximum - Two to seven paragraphs to prevent over zealousness. This isn't T1 Novella.

    Post time - Whenever you can post. Real life is more important.

    Characters unallowed - Anything with over 50% technological engineering. Cyborgs and androids in other words.

    Weapons - Of course! But please don't have a ginormous freaking arsenal just chilling in your pocket. One weapon will do unless it's like a daisho, or daito which utilizes two swords in a single set.

    Character sheet - Yes please. One will be posted prior to the initial introduction.

    Misc. - The site that I come from is chalked full of arguments and issues on what is and isn't allowed in a fight. Needless to say I'm hoping to find some good sports that may run me in circles. You're allowed two moderate powers. I'll use my character's passive ability and technique as an example: Perpetual force (Tech) and Crystal Method (Passive). Perpetual force is perpetual energy and Crystal Method is the ability to turn carbon based beings into diamonds. Simple right?

    Please feel free to comment if you're interested and on a side note don't be afraid to kidnap me for your RP's if you need members.

    - Nix